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HolistaPet Reviews – Verified Customer Feedback

At HolistaPet we strive to showcase our CBD oil for dogs reviews from our customers as they are a vital aspect to our business. Here we’ve obtained some of our favorite CBD oil for dogs reviews from real verified customers. Read reviews on CBD Oil for dogs, and CBD dog treats reviews.  We pride ourselves on great customer testimonials so if you have tried one of our products and would like to give us an honest review. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know your feedback.

My dog loves these peanut butter green apple treats

Our girl Kiki is getting older and she's been feeling a little under the weather lately. My husband and I decided to look into getting her some CBD doggy treats for her overall health and wellness.…READ MORE

Your oil has lessened the severity..

Your oil has lessened the severity of my cats seizures and made them go from daily to maybe once weekly. The one weekly only lasts under 10 seconds and isn't as extreme. To save money I bought a 30ml bottle…READ MORE

Really helping with their mobility…

Using it for two elderly dogs and is really helping with their mobility and overall sense of being.

This product is amazing…

This product is amazing. I have two dogs, both age 11. One has a growth in her stomach which made her extremely thin. After starting the pill her appetite changed and she now is back to…READ MORE

His attitude has improved so much..

I have been giving my two cats CBD oil for a few months now; I have seen a very big difference in my cats. One of my cat’s Patches is on the older side she is…READ MORE

She was taking 34 pills a day…

Our St. Bernard Daisy had a head injury as a baby right before we adopted her. We adopted her anyway and long story short she ended up having brain surgery. A few months later the seizures…READ MORE

Great company, Great products!

My 3 kitties really enjoyed these treats. They would’ve finished off the bag if I let them! I gave 2 treats each to my 12 and 13 pound kitties, and 1 to my 6 pound kitty.…READ MORE

Ever since I started giving him CBD he’s been seizure free!!

This product has been the best for my dog who sadly suffers from seizures. Ever since I started giving him CBD he’s been seizure free!!

CBD OIL daily is helping him…

My Howie (15 in Nov!), started his 600 strength CBD Oil this last Monday, (he is a corgi catahoula mix with 4” legs but weighs 70 lbs) so we are 4 days in. I am giving…READ MORE

We were at the point of putting him on Prozac..

Awesome product. One of our cats was randomly attacking us – scratching and biting – and we thought it was due to anxiety. We were at the point of putting him on Prozac, but decided to…READ MORE

He’s walking a lot straighter …

I have a Maine Coon that had his hip joint removed and has a sore back from walking funny. He walked around like a Halloween cat with an arched back all the time. After being on…READ MORE

He loves the taste of it…

He loves the taste of it he takes it straight from the dropper . We do not have to force him to take it at all!!!

Honestly, his abscess is shrinking!!

My boy is a 12 year old Pitbull who has had arthritis for about 4 years. He has been on Novox for that time period. About 5 months ago he was diagnosed with liver disease. I…READ MORE

With the CBD treats, its no problem.

I am so happy that I gave Holistapet a try! It use to be a nightmare to try to trim my cat Ziggy’s nails and now, with the CBD treats, its no problem! No fuss, no…READ MORE

He’s now back to his crazy, energetic self!

Amazing! My 3 year old pitty, Guffy, was diagnosed with Degenerative Joint Disease in January. He has stage 2 (out of 4) arthritis in his elbows. He was limping pretty badly. The vet put him on…READ MORE

Lots of options, but still prefer to buy from HolistaPet…

I give HolistaPet CBD to both my 12 year old husky who has joint problems and hip discomfort from an old injury before we adopted her, and my 4 year old husky who has a severe…READ MORE

It’s really helped his appetite and mobility!

I recently started getting the 300mg tincture for my Jack Russel so I only have to use half as much as I normally give him. It’s really helped his appetite and mobility!

I have noticed that my dog is less reactive..

I have been using the 300 mg CBD oil for about 5-6 months now. I have noticed that my dog is less reactive, her anal glands are less inflamed and that she is tolerating the wind…READ MORE

Now I give him the CBD treat and he’s able to Enjoy Life Again!

CBD has helped my Dog immensely with his digestive issues. He usually shacked in pain after eating, suffering from IBS… Now I give him the CBD treat and he’s able to Enjoy Life Again!

Now he is playing and running around like he used to…

I cannot believe how well this has worked!! I have 5 cats and one who is a bully and one who is so skittish a sneeze will scare him off. I gave the skittish one the…READ MORE

Spent thousands of dollars in vet bills…

I am so grateful I found these treats for my cat. I adopted a 1 yr old female domestic shorthair. She has a number of health issues including irritable bowel, teeth and gum issues and ear…READ MORE

Coco was up and running around…

My 12 year old dachshund CoCo was suffering from arthritis really bad. She was just laying in her bed crying and wouldn’t get up. I came across an ad in a magazine about HolistaPet CBD capsules…READ MORE

He’s 3 months past what the vet suggested and doing great!

My 10 year old Cairn Terrier, Ozzy, was diagnosed with Lymph condition just before Christmas 2018, six months ago. I decided to not do any traditional treatments and chose to use Prednisone to try to keep…READ MORE

Seems to be helping her arthritic knees…

After one month of a trial for my 11-year-old German Shepherd, it seems to be helping her arthritic knees and she doesn’t seem as stiff. It also calms her down so she isn’t as crazy as…READ MORE

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