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HolistaPet Reviews – Verified Customer Feedback

At HolistaPet we strive to showcase our CBD oil for dogs reviews from our customers as they are a vital aspect to our business. Here we’ve obtained some of our favorite CBD oil for dogs reviews from real verified customers. Read reviews on CBD Oil for dogs, and CBD dog treats reviews.  We pride ourselves on great customer testimonials so if you have tried one of our products and would like to give us an honest review. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know your feedback.

Helping him so much…

My dog, Bear, has been on these for several weeks now for his bone cancer. They are helping him so much. My oldest dog, Jack, had a stroke on Tuesday. We have started him on these...READ MORE

Bella made it to her 11th birthday…

Bella has been on her cbd oil since March. A hail mary because her lymphoma was progressing and she developed a form of skin cancer. To date the lesions are gone and she had been so...READ MORE

Our dog had about 60 days or less to live…

Our 12 year old miniature schnauzer was diagnosed with oral melanoma in February and had a huge tumor removed from his gum.  Our vet and the oncologist both told us because it was the most aggressive...READ MORE

He is able to walk on all four legs…

I have a red nose pitt who is approximately 8 years old. About a year ago Dave tore a muscle in his back left leg and has been on 3 legs most of the time. He...READ MORE

He loves his CBD and is MUCH better…

We use the CBD mainly for Arby (dog) who we rescued at the age of 10, he’s now 12 and has severe separation anxiety, cancer, and probably a number other ailments. Getting a picture with this...READ MORE

He is the happiest and healthiest he’s ever been.

And this is Geppetto! He’s about 6 years old and only receives a few drops a day for general wellness but he is the happiest and healthiest he’s ever been. I almost had to put Geppetto...READ MORE

Her arthritis is barely noticeable…

After using Holistapet for over a year now I wanted to leave a couple of reviews. My 14 year old Lab Mix was dealing with arthritis and was having problems with stairs and had become noticeably...READ MORE

Using these for his pain and inflammation.

These treats have helped my dog that has neck pain. He was on medications that had negative side effects so I decided to try these. He would often yelp jumping off things or touching his neck...READ MORE

I do not have to give him pain medication…

Three months ago I decided to try the CBD Oil for my Pit Bull Memphis. He is 12 years old with arthritis, elevated liver enzymes and has Hypothyroidism. He was on a myriad of medications for...READ MORE

I’m convinced the HolistaPet is making a difference.

When the holistic vet muscle-tested various holistic remedies for my beloved 13 year-old gentleman's invasive small cell lymphoma, HolistaPet emerged as the most effective of the bunch. My guy has had a daily dose of HolistaPet...READ MORE

Our 15 year old cat had a heart issue and two masses in her lung

We were told that our 15 year old cat had a heart issue and two masses in her lung. Due to her age we didn't want to do anything surgical with those masses. The vet didn't...READ MORE

It has made a tremendous difference in his daily life.

Our dog has cancer and has been having chemo treatments, which we have spent over $3500.00 on up until about 3 weeks ago. I am on fixed income and couldn't afford anymore, so we did some...READ MORE

You saved my baby boy

Raj is a 4 year old pit bull dachshund mix. I call him scrappy because just like the cartoon he is all bark and no bite. Hes my rough and tough cream puff. He's undoubtedly the...READ MORE

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HolistaPet Reviews – Give us your feedback

We know how important customer satisfaction is when it comes to our products, therefor we have allowed for open reviews and feedback to be created from verified buyers. These reviews can also be found on each specific product pages. Feel free to contact us for any inquires of products or if you are a review site or entity and want to your own HolistaPet reviews!


As an additional resource, we’ve created this comparison chart that displays some of the top leading CBD brand and their pricing structure. Be sure to review the information before making a purchasing decision to avoid overspending if possible.


CBD oil for pets price comparison chart

HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats Reviews

If you are a website that specializes in CBD Dog Treat customer reviews or CBD for dogs reviews, then please let us know as we can arrange to send you product in exchange for honest reviews, No questions asked! We are confident that our CBD pet products will not only become your CBD pet products of choice, but we’re sure you will want to show how much you love it by giving us real holstapet reviews!


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We welcome you to contact us so we can arrange to get some product out to you for a quick review. We’re very pleased when we hear from pet owners that you want to try and review our products and even more happy to hear what your pet’s think. We are confident that our products stand in front of all the other dog & cat products. We stand by all our products with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Give your HolistaPet review today, we welcome new feedback!

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