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Dog Leashes

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+dental stick mint flavor
This item: Dog Leashes Starting from $49.95 Starting from $49.95

Dog Leashes

Starting from $49.95

Broad Spectrum
Broad Spectrum
  • Soft yet durable, long-lasting, and suitable for use in any weather
  • Made using hypoallergenic PVC for you and your pup’s comfort
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Adjustable design features zinc alloy snap hooks at both ends 
  • Carbon-coated steel D-ring for high pull resistance
  • Available in assorted colors
Fit & Sizing Small:  Width: 3/4“ Length: 63” Medium:  Width: 3/4“ Length: 71” Large: Width: 3/4“ Length: 78.5”
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Frequently Bought Together:
+dental stick mint flavor
This item: Dog Leashes Starting from $49.95 Starting from $49.95

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Product Description

Our premium leashes combine a soft feel with rugged performance so you and your canine companion can enjoy your adventures in comfort and style! Zinc alloy snap hooks on both ends allow you to adjust the length of your leash. Available in various colors and sizes, we make our leashes from high-quality PVC sturdy enough for use in any weather. This naturally hypoallergenic material is water and odor resistant for easy and efficient cleaning. Practical, effective, and convenient, get your pup a leash that you’ll both love!


Materials & Care 

  • Our leashes use high-quality PVC, zinc alloy snap hooks and carbon-coated steel D-rings for the best combination of durability, comfort, and convenience. 
  • To clean your HolistaPet Leash, hand wash using warm water and dish soap. 
  • Dry with a towel or let the leash air dry and you’re all set!


Product FAQs  – 

  1. Should I put my dog on a leash? 

If you would like to train your dog to be responsive on walks and follow your lead, we suggest using a leash during these times. Leashing your dog is also helpful if your dog gets excited or distracted easily, as you can keep them close if they try to make a run for it!


  1. What kind of leash is best for a small dog? 

The best kind of leash for a small dog is a soft leash that doesn’t irritate their little necks while still providing the support needed to keep them nearby. This leash allows them to move without discomfort and helps you keep them by your side.


  1. Are HolistaPet’s Dog Leashes durable? 

Yes, our leashes are designed to hold up to everyday use, even if your pup likes to pull on their leash! Our leashes are designed from resilient PVC to withstand regular use in any weather.


  1. Are leashes or harnesses better for dogs? 

It all depends on what your dog prefers! Many dogs are happy to be on a leash, while some respond better to harnesses. A harness allows you to guide your pup better while easing the strain on their joints. Of course, you can always pair our Dog Leash with our comfortable Pet Harness to give your dog the best of both worlds! 


  1. How do you train a dog to walk on a leash without pulling?

Training a dog to walk on a leash without pulling is very easy. All you have to do is make it fun and rewarding! We suggest choosing an area to explore together and having a supply of treats that you can use to reinforce positive leash behaviors. You can begin by rewarding your pup for every few feet they walk along without pulling. If or when your dog does pull on the leash, you should stand still, so your pup learns that pulling will mean the walk stops. You can resume walking when your dog returns to your side, and remember to give them a treat to encourage the behavior you want to see!

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