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Peanut Butter Dental Sticks For DogsPeanut Butter Dental Sticks For Dogs
Dental Support + Fresh Breath Dental Sticks for DogsDental Support + Fresh Breath Dental Sticks for Dogs
Fresh Breath Soft Chews for DogsFresh Breath Soft Chews for Dogs
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"Don't Talk Dirty To Me" Dental Bundle
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Thousands of Happy Customers

Jason P.

Verified Review

Thankful for these dental sticks.

These dental sticks have made a difference in my dog's dental health. His teeth are cleaner, and the act of chewing seems to keep him engaged and satisfied. Pretty happy so far.

Jessica K.

Verified Review

Happy with Dental Stick products!

These dental sticks have been a fantastic addition to my dog's routine. Not only are they a tasty treat, but they've also contributed to his overall dental health. I'm very pleased.

Robert G

Verified Review

Amazed by Dental Sticks.

I'm amazed at the positive effect these dental sticks have had on my dog's teeth. They've helped maintain his dental hygiene, and he happily looks forward to his daily 'treat'.

Emily U.

Verified Review

Refreshing oral care and remarkable value.

These chews have transformed my dog's breath and my satisfaction. Quality and price make them a must-have for a fresher canine smile. The quality-price balance is fantastic.

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