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CBD Calming Chews for DogsCBD Calming Chews for Dogs
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CBD Mobility Chews for DogsCBD Mobility Chews for Dogs
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CBD Calming Chews for CatsCBD Calming Chews for Cats
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Stephanie L.

Verified Review

My cat can be finicky about treats.

I'm impressed with these CBD soft chews for cats. The flavor is a hit with my feline friend, and I'm convinced they've contributed to her relaxation and well-being. I am happy with my purchase and I am expecting to buy more in the near future.

Rose M.

Verified Review

These CBD soft chews have been a game-changer.

I can't praise these CBD chews enough. The fantastic flavor has my dog excited, and I've observed an improvement in his relaxation and mobility, which brings me much joy. I am happy with the results and I support this brand.

Daniel B.

Verified Review

Finding a CBD product my cat actually enjoys has been a pleasant surprise.

These CBD chews have been a fantastic discovery for my cat. The wonderful flavor has her coming back for more, and I'm delighted to see her enjoying newfound relaxation.

Ruby S.

Verified Review

A flavorful treat.

These soft chews are a double win – my dog adores the flavorful treats, and I'm thrilled with the exceptional quality and price. It's a joy to see my pup enjoy them while knowing I'm giving him the best. In conclusion, amazing treats, amazing price.

CBD Soft Chews For Pets

HolistaPet’s CBD soft chews for pets are therapeutic treats with a tender texture. They are the perfect alternative to our popular crunchy treats, which can be challenging for senior dogs and cats, or those with dental problems, to eat.


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