CBD Capsules for Dogs and Cats

Strengths: 150mg
Pack Size: Single
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Delivered Every 4 Weeks
Enhance your pet's quality of life with our carefully crafted CBD Capsules for Dogs and Cats. Our capsules provide a wholesome solution to support their well-being, allowing you to confidently choose the ideal strength from our range of sizes. It’s so easy to hide the capsule in a treat or open it to mix in their food bowl or water.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Kathleen Scherman

I have a dog with IVDD. This works well in between her doses of Full Spectrum Hemp twice a day!!

Suzie Lesser
We depend on your cbd caplets for all 3 dogs!

Your cbd caplets are a lifesaver! We have 3 huge black labs.
Festus was on 800 mg Gabapentin for emotional issues. He was born this way. He got so he wouldn’t get in the truck. Vet wouldn’t refill without seeing him.
We heard about the calming affects of cbd. You had the caplets we can break and hide.
It’s changed his, and our lives.
Jake and Ralph get it for pain. Bad hips. It really helps with their pain and mobility.

I freak out if there appears to be a hiccup in my auto ship! 😂♥️😂

I recommend it to everyone with dogs. People marvel at the change in Festus’ temperament.

Thank You!

Keep up the great work.

Sincerely, Suzie Lesser

Sue Collins
Love the CBD Capsules

I have used the Holistapet CBD capsules for about 2 years now on my Great Dane. She has severe DCM and thought that I would give it a try to see if it helped her. She was diagnosed 4 years ago and they estimated that she had 6mos to a year to live. There really is no data to say that it would help her, but since it helps with Cancer and Seizures, thought I would give it a try. Since being on it, the thickness of her heart has increased, which is good and so far has been stable. We know that she is on borrowed time, but next week she will have her 10th birthday.

Cynthia Madore

I use both the capsules and liquid for my 3 dogs. I don't bother hiding the capsule in their food. I open it and sprinkles the contents on the food. If we're going on a road trip or there is a thunder storm looming several hours away, I use the capsules. I use the liquid to help my 13 yr. old and 15 yr. old Jack Russell Terriers to sleep more peacefully at night. I initially got the liquid several years ago for my mixed Shiba Inu. He would go crazy when he saw anything or anyone he was afraid of. Nothing I said or did would snap him out of it. After 4 days of being on it, I saw a slight change in Chance. He kept improving. He hasn't done the "Shiba scream" in years. He will bark, but a correction from me will stop it. I'm glad I found CBD oil and capsules.


I want to say how thankful my family is to have found HolistaPet CBD capsules for our Labradoodle! He started having muscle spasms in September 2019. He had one every 7 weeks like clockwork until we had a friend tell us about CBD oil. We started him on it and he just passed the 12 week mark muscle spasm free! He is 3 years old and weighs 50 pounds. We give him one 20mg capsule once a day in the morning with his morning meal. I am planning on giving him a second capsule in the evening if he has another spasm attack.
We live in Virginia, and our vet said he is legally not aloud to discuss CBD oil with us, so I am thankful for HolistaPet.com and their wealth of information they have posted on their products. Thank you!


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What Are CBD Capsules For Dogs?

HolitaPet’s CBD capsules for dogs are made with 100% plant-based ingredients. They contain no gelatin and are gluten-free! What can be better than CBD with none of the worries of harmful additives? Our CBD capsules contain a broad spectrum of natural cannabinoids derived from hemp.

We also combine hemp seed powder with our cannabidiol to create a powerful blend with the soothing benefits of CBD. CBD capsules for dogs allow for precise serving every time, never leaving you with the doubt of possibly giving your dog too much or too little.

Broad spectrum CBD capsules are transformed from high-quality hemp into a compact, ingestible alternative for your dog. Skipping the possible messiness of CBD oil, capsules can simply be wrapped in a piece of deli meat or a piece of cheese that your dog can consume in one bite. Rest assured that our CBD capsules contain the same high-quality hemp used in all our products. 

What are CBD Capsules For Cats?
CBD capsules for cats are exactly what they sound like! Just like their canine counterparts, CBD capsules can help felines maintain balance in their body while also reaping the soothing benefits of CBD.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Well we’ve got answers! We’ve been pros in the pet CBD community for a long time now, but what good’s all that knowledge and experience without someone to share it with? Below you’ll find expert advice for commonly asked questions.