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HolistaPal+ Membership

  • 30% Membership pricing at all times
    • Earn 2 HolistaPoints for every $1 spent
    • Redeem $1 for every 10 points
  • Free nationwide shipping on all orders
  • Free expedited shipping on orders over $175
  • 10% of annual membership fee will be donated to support HolistaPet Helps
  • Exclusive special offers… and more! 

Want to save hundreds of dollars a year on your pet’s favorite HolistaPet products? No, we’re not kitten around when it comes to these massive savings. We’re going to give you an offer you can’t refuse with our HolistaPals membership program!

We know that loving pet parents like you want to give your furry friends the best life possible (which is why you shop with HolistaPet!). So to give hard-working hoomans like you a break, we created HolistaPalsa groundbreaking loyalty and rewards program that saves you extra money every time you shop with us!

Just create an account with us using your email address and full name. That’s it — you’re now a HolistaPal! You’ll receive a welcome email with your login information, and you’re on your way to massive savings! 

When you log in, you’ll be able to browse through our user-friendly account dashboard to review your points, rewards, on-site credit, order history, and so much more. You can also use your dashboard to make changes to your account, like updating your contact information and subscription plans.

As a HolistaPal member, you’ll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend. And for every 10 points, we’ll give you $1 back in on-site credits for use on any future purchase! You can choose to use your on-site credit right away or rack it up and use it at a later date. In addition to these rewards, we’ll give you free shipping on orders over $50 so you can save even more money when shopping with us!


Becoming a HolistaPal member is FREE, so there’s no obligation to you. But we know you like a deal, so we’ll give you an even better one that will save you even more money!

If you want to get more bang for your buck and save even more money, you owe it to yourself and your furry friend to become a member of HolistaPal+! For just $7.95 a month, your membership will pay for itself with the massive savings you’ll receive!


With HolistaPal+, you’ll receive 30% OFF EVERYTHING all the time with no restrictions or blackout dates. That’s 30% sitewide savings 24/7/365 just for you. You’ll also receive FREE shipping on all orders, FREE expedited shipping on orders over $175, and earn DOUBLE the rewards points with every purchase — that’s 2 points for every $1 you spend! With perks like these, it’s hard to resist! 

Not only will you enjoy big savings as a member of HolistaPal+, but you’ll also have an instrumental role in helping to improve the lives of pets across the country. That’s because 10% from every HolistaPal+ membership goes to HolistaPet Helps, our community give-back program that helps deserving pets in need. Whether sponsoring life-saving veterinary care to working with local shelters and rescue programs to supporting the unhoused pet community, HolistaPet Helps is only as good as the people directly responsible for these initiatives — you. 


Feel good when shopping with us, knowing that not only will you save money as a HolistaPal+ member and give your pet the wellness solutions they deserve, but you’ll also play an important part in helping to improve the lives of vulnerable and deserving pets across the country. On behalf of pets everywhere, we thank you for your support — and don’t forget to sign up for HolistaPal+ so you can start saving today! 

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