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A Love Letter to Our Furry Friends

Welcome to HolistaPets Helps!

We are excited to have you as a member of our HolistaPet family and look forward to helping pets in need together!

So what is it about HolistaPet Helps that makes it so unique? Here’s what led us to create this one-of-a-kind initiative to make sure no pet goes without the care they deserve!

Let’s Paws and Reflect About Our Humble Origins

Founded in 2017, HolistaPet was created with one mission in mind: to provide pets with holistic, natural wellness solutions to help them live their best lives possible. One of the ways we achieved this was through our groundbreaking line of hemp-derived CBD products. 

Our CBD line provided pet owners with various holistic solutions that supported their furry friend’s health and well-being. From tinctures to treats to topicals, we used only the highest quality ingredients to create top-shelf pet CBD products, making us an industry leader. Through our efforts, we ended up changing the lives of over half a million pets and counting across the country. But we weren’t satisfied with that success. We wanted to do more to help our four-legged friends. 

A New Frontier of Pet Wellness Begins with HolistaPet Helps

After years of research and customer feedback, we decided to branch out and focus on total nose-to-tail pet wellness and not limit ourselves to just CBD. HolistaPet has now become much more than just a pet wellness brand — it’s become a mission to provide pets with the best resources possible to live happy and healthy lives. But our mission doesn’t end with your furry friend. 

We want to improve the quality of life for all pets and pet owners, especially the less fortunate ones. This desire is why we created HolistaPet Helps, a community give-back program that identifies pets in dire need of support and care. Here’s how we’re changing the lives of countless pets and deserving owners across the country with the aid of HolistaPet Helpers like you!

Life Can Be Ruff. Here’s How HolistaPet Helps!

Inherent in everything HolistaPet Helps does is our guiding principle to help all pets live happy and healthy lives. Through our many initiatives, we found that our efforts are especially impactful in helping pets and their loving owners who’ve suffered their fair share of adversity. By helping the less fortunate of our four-legged friends, we give them an equal shot at living a happy, healthy, and pawsitive life. 

But a massive undertaking such as HolistaPet Helps is nothing without the proper vision, people, and organization to see it through to fruition. Our talented HolistaPet Team identified three areas of need that we can impact the most: assisting deserving pets and their owners, sponsoring nationwide shelters, and caring for unhoused pets.

Let’s take a closer look at why these three groups are worthy of the best pet care possible and what we’re doing to help.

HolistaPet Helps Sponsorship Program

At HolistaPet, we believe that a healthy pet is a happy pet. Unfortunately, not all pets get to live such carefree lives. Many pet owners who are struggling financially can’t provide their four-legged friends with the health and medical care they need. We recognize the adversity these loving pet parents face, which is why we’re extending a helping paw to give their furry friends the good health and happiness they deserve. 

Through our HolistaPet Helps Sponsorship Program, we will sponsor one deserving family every month and give their four-legged friend the care they desperately need. Whether it’s providing an endless supply of our all-natural holistic products for a lifetime of wellness or giving a sick or injured pet life-changing surgery, we’ll be there every step of the way to support financially stressed pet owners and help their furry friends get their lives back on track!

Making An Impact With Shelters

By adopting a pet from a shelter, you’re not only giving a lucky pet a new leash on life, but you’re also helping to support an important organization that does incredible work! But shelters are limited in their resources and can’t do all this great work on their own. This is where we come in. 

HolistaPet Helps will actively sponsor quarterly adoption events with shelters to give confined pets the chance to be a part of a loving and caring home. And for those pets who do get adopted, HolistaPet Helps will make their transition to their new home easier. By partnering with pet parents, we’ll provide these newly adopted pets with our delicious calming treats and high-quality accessories to make their first few weeks in their new home as smooth as can be. 

Unfortunately, not all pets will get adopted. Those left behind at the shelter typically suffer from fear and anxiety due to their confined living conditions, uncertain future, and emotional distress from feeling unwanted. HolistaPet Helps will make the lives of these distressed pets a little bit better by providing them with our soothing wellness treats to keep them calm, cool, and collected at all times while they wait their turn to be a part of a loving home. 

But because many shelters suffer from a shortage of volunteers, shelter dogs are unable to get the necessary exercise they need to stay healthy. That’s why we’re partnering with our amazing friends at Wuf World to raise awareness of unwalked shelter dogs! Starting in January 2023, we will host dog walking events with local shelters to give our furry friends the exercise they need to stay in tip-top shape while waiting for their forever home. By using our influence, audience, and reach, HolistaPet Helps seeks to make a difference in the lives of sheltered pets everywhere! 

HolistaPet Helps x Project Street Vet

Pets can bring us so much joy, especially during difficult times. Those experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity know this firsthand and realize how much of a lifeline their pets can be. For many in these unfortunate circumstances, having a faithful friend by their side provides companionship and unconditional love, making them feel less alone. However, because of their poor living conditions, unhoused pets typically suffer from various ailments that can easily be treated with proper care and guidance from veterinary professionals, which is what we will provide.

HolistaPet is proud to announce an official and exclusive partnership with Dr. Kwane Stewart, founder of Project Street Vet, a vital resource for homeless pet owners who have nowhere else to turn for help. A veterinarian with over 25 years of experience, Dr. Stewart began selflessly providing veterinary care to pets of people experiencing homelessness in 2010. For over a decade, Dr. Stewart and his team of volunteers from Project Street Vet have visited underprivileged areas to provide free medical care to unhoused pets. 

In addition to veterinary services, Dr. Stewart and his Project Street Vet team offer free pet food and supplies to help keep these pets healthy and cared for. But these efforts aren’t just limited to unhoused pets. HolistaPet Helps is committed to helping homeless pet owners by connecting them with the necessary resources to help them get back on their feet and off the streets. HolistaPet Helps and Project Street Vet will work to support as many unhoused pets as possible and give them the means to live long, healthy, and meaningful lives.

Join Our Mission To Improve the Lives of Pets Everywhere. Become a Holistapet Helper Today!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the biggest HolistaPet Helper of all — YOU!

We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without your support. Through your continued patronage of HolistaPet, you directly support our efforts to make a difference in the lives of deserving pets and their owners. Best of all, there’s no upcharge or extra cost to you! So regardless of how much you spend at HolistaPet, the more you shop with us, the more we’ll contribute on your behalf!

To ensure that we can continue providing high-quality care for our furry friends in need, we’ve added more opportunities for HolistaPet Helpers like you to support our worthwhile endeavors. By making a small donation with every purchase — either $1, $2, $5, or $10 — you can directly contribute to supporting HolistaPet Helps and our continued efforts to give every pet a healthy, carefree, and pawsitive life!

As a HolistaPet customer, you’re already making a difference in the lives of deserving pets! But we want to do even more for our furry friends, and we would be grateful if you could help us along the way. Register with HolistaPet Helps today to receive updates on our latest initiatives, events, and volunteer opportunities to help animals in need. Together, we can make the world a better place for our furry friends.

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