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Catnip Spray with CBD — 1oz Bottle

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  • Catnip Spray infused with 20mg Nano CBD
  • Nanotechnology enhances CBD up to 5X! (20X5=100mg)
  • Concentrated in a convenient spray bottle
  • Will not stain or discolor material
  • Spray directly on toys, scratching posts, etc.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • No Additives or Preservatives
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  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lab Test Result – 100mg
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Everyone knows of the famous bond between cats and catnip. This common herb is so enticing to our feline friend that you can find it in all kinds of products, from toys to treats to sprays. There is another natural plant with great benefits for your pet: hemp, which is the source of CBD. We’ve combined them in one powerful product to make fresh catnip spray with CBD!   HolistaPet’s CBD catnip spray contains three simple ingredients and offers a multitude of benefits, which we will go over in this guide. It is an incredibly versatile product with more uses than you might expect. Check out this simple guide to CBD catnip spray and learn how to give maximum benefits to your cat.  


  • Nepetalactone Essential Oil (Pure Catnip Oil)

  • Nano CBD (Cannabidiol)

  • Water



  • Catnip Spray with Nano CBD (20mg) – Bottle Size: 30ml / 1 oz. | Appx. 360 sprays per bottle | 1 spray = 0.055mg CBD


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Catnip sprays for cats are liquid solutions that contain nepetalactone essential oils. Nepetalactone is the primary active compound in the Nepeta cataria plant, better known as catnip, catwort, or catmint. This member of the mint family grows in abundance on every continent and even turns up in teas and tinctures for human consumption.   Catnip produces nepetalactone to act as a natural insect repellent. Oddly enough, it has the exact opposite effect on cats, acting as a powerful attractant. Even if you haven’t given your pet catnip before, you have probably seen YouTube videos and social media posts featuring lovable felines rolling around with catnip toys.

Catnip Spray Vs. Dried Catnip

Catnip spray is unique because most pet products contain dried catnip. Dried catnip is most often used in catnip toys for cats. You can also buy the dry herb itself (it looks like loose-leaf mint tea). Some people sprinkle dried catnip on objects they want their cat to be attracted to, like a bed or scratching post.   Of course, sprinkling dry herbs around your home is not exactly optimal, as your cat can spread it all around the place. It can get caught in carpets, cushions, and even your clothing! Since dry catnip is finely ground, it is nearly impossible to find and clean up every little bit of it. Catnip spray comes in a convenient spray bottle for targeted application, and it won’t leave a mess!


Cat nip serves two main purposes. You can use it to attract your cat to certain items, such as scratching posts or cat furniture. You can also use it to help your cat feel calm and comfortable when they express distress.   This is especially important when you get a new cat or move to a new home. A sudden change of environment can upend a cat’s world, and it’s not unusual to see them respond with nervous and sometimes destructive behavior. Catnip spray can transform the environment into something positive for your cat.   The spray contains highly potent catnip oil sprays, so a little goes a long way. For smaller objects like cat toys, it should only take one spray to deliver enough nepetalactone to pique your cat’s interest. For larger objects like scratching posts and cat beds, you may need 2-3 spritzes to cover the area.


Most cats have a playful and pleasurable reaction to catnip. This extends beyond our pets. Lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars all exhibit the same affinity for catnip. However, not every individual animal responds the same way.   About one-third of cats do not exhibit a noticeable response to catnip. This is because they are missing the gene that makes most cats react to the herb. The gene is hereditary, so if a cat doesn’t respond, their kittens probably will not either. The only way to find out for certain whether your cat responds to catnip is to give it a try!  

When Should I Use Catnip Spray?

The main circumstances in which you should use catnip are when your cat shows distress or inappropriate behavior. Cat scratching posts are a great thing to have, but cats don’t always recognize their purpose. When you buy a scratching post, spray it with catnip spray to attract your cat to it.   Catnip is especially important when your cat experiences a major change in its environment. A cats love having reliability and routine in their lives. They can easily be disturbed by common things like these:  

  • A new home

  • Additional pets

  • Unfamiliar people

  • Loud noises (fireworks, house parties, etc.)

  • Redecorating or moving furniture

  • Moving their food, water, or litter box

  When your cat appears to be agitated by something in the environment, try making the space more pleasant for them with catnip. A little spritz on their bed can be very comforting. It tells them that they have a reliable, happy place no matter what happens around them.

How Often Can I Use Catnip Spray?

You can use catnip whenever the need arises. However, cats only react to catnip in short bursts. The plant attracts cats by targeting their olfactory epithelium — nasal tissue with a high concentration of smell-sensing receptors.   After prolonged exposure to catnip, felines experience olfactory fatigue (nose blindness). Have you ever noticed that, when you first walk into a restaurant, the smell of the food seems very strong, but after you’ve been there a while, you hardly notice it? The same thing happens to cats with catnip, which causes them to stop reacting.   Cats usually go nose blind to catnip in 5-15 minutes. This leaves them temporarily “immune” to catnip’s effects, but they should respond again after about 30 minutes. The temporary effects of catnip are not something to worry about. After 15 minutes of catnip exposure, your pet should be calm and content for quite some time, at least as long as it takes for olfactory fatigue to pass.


The best catnip spray contains an infusion of CBD (cannabidiol). CBD is a natural compound in hemp plants that is extremely popular for its many beneficial effects. CBD is entirely different than THC, the active compound in marijuana, and should not get your cat “high.” Instead, it offers benefits to compliment the catnip.   At HolistaPet, we infuse each bottle of our catnip spray with 20 milligrams of nano-CBD. “Nano” anything might sound like it comes from a sci-fi movie, but the fundamental idea behind it is simple. Scientists work on a molecular level to bind CBD molecules with liposomes, microscopic particles that dissolve in water much better than CBD alone. This keeps the CBD in our catnip spray stable and evenly dispersed throughout the solution.

Benefits Of CBD For Cats

CBD delivers beneficial effects that complement those of catnip. It is also a great pet product on its own, as you can experience with HolistaPet’s CBD oil and treats. Here are the key benefits of CBD for your pet:  

  • Promotes calm and relaxation

  • Helps soothe mental and physical distress

  • Supports natural sleep

  • Promotes appetite and proper digestive processes

  • Helps to maintain homeostasis – the optimal balance of all physical and mental functions



Catnip is an herb from the catnip plant Nepeta cataria, which is a member of the mint family. Nepetalactone, an essential oil of the catnip plant, interacts with the same neurons inside the cat’s brain that are responsible for regulating hunger and emotions. In short, catnip acts like an artificial pheromone, creating a sexual response that can also be interpreted as a “high.” After a few sniffs, cats begin to scratch, sniff, lick, and roll around. This could last up to 10 minutes until the cat returns to normal.   Catnip is most commonly found in the form of dry herb. You may have also seen or purchased cat toys that include dry catnip inside. While effective, dry catnip may be messy or not quite versatile. Because of this, catnip spray has been gaining widespread popularity in recent years. Catnip spray is a combination of the essential oil extracted from catnip, and purified water. It is essentially catnip in liquid form, which can be sprayed anywhere.




Catnip spray can have a variety of uses. It can be a fun and exciting way to keep your cat entertained at home. If your cat loves catnip, it can also be used to revitalize old toys and make them fresh and fun for your cat again. Another great use for catnip spray is as a training tool. If your cat is constantly scratching or playing on furniture and other unwanted areas of the house, use loose leaf catnip spray to train them otherwise. Simply spray some catnip on your cat’s scratcher or cat condo to get them to use these areas for scratching instead.


Catnip spray works exactly like regular catnip. It is important to note, however, that not all cats respond to catnip. It is estimated that approximately one in two cats inherits a sensitivity to the herb. You will not know catnip will work for your cat until about three to six months of age.


Catnip spray serves multiple purposes. We’ll use this section to discuss its uses and how you can get the most from each bottle of spray. Of course, it starts with answering an essential question — does your cat even like catnip?   Try spritzing a little bit of catnip spray onto one of your cat’s toys and offering it to your pet. If they start rolling around with the toy and licking it, it’s a success. It’s best to do this with a new toy to confirm that your cat is actually reacting to the spray and not just because it’s their favorite plaything. Once you determine that your cat wild responds to catnip, it’s time to put the spray into action. Here are the most common uses for catnip spray:

Spray It On A Scratching Post

Cats have a natural instinct to scratch things. They do this to mark objects with the scent glands in their paws. Scratching also helps them to stretch their limbs and sharpen their claws. This is normal for cats, but it can lead to inappropriate scratching behaviors like tearing up your carpets and furniture. Scratching posts are essential for any cat owner, but how do you teach your cat to scratch the post instead of other objects in the home? With catnip spray, of course! Spritz a little on your cat’s scratching post to attract them to their designated scratching area.

Spray It On A Toy

Making catnip toys with your spray can encourage your cat to play with them. Cats should have plenty of active play every day, especially when they are young so that they can exercise and release pent-up energy. If they don’t release their energy in a positive, playful environment, it could come out in unwanted behaviors. The “zoomies” are a familiar issue for many cat parents. Nobody likes to be kept up at night by kitty paws racing around the house (or bouncing around your bed). Playing with toys helps your cat put their energy towards something positive instead of releasing it with destructive or disturbing behavior. You can use catnip spray to make playthings more appealing to your cat.

Spray It In New Environments

Cats are creatures of habit, and sudden changes in their environment can upset them. Moving to a new home is a scary experience for most cats, but even small changes like rearranging furniture or having guests over can make them feel insecure. Spraying some catnip in the new environment can instantly turn it into a positive place for your cat.   It can also be useful to provide your cat with their own space to relax. Cats often enjoy having a safe place to retreat to and for cats in a new environment having this option can make a positive difference. Try providing your pet with a cat tree, a cat bed, or a seat on your couch where they can be left alone. Spraying your cat tree or cat bed with CBD spray will make your cat extra excited to hang out there, and will further relax them as they lounge.

Spray It In A Carrier Crate

Transporting cats is a notoriously difficult task because they almost always resist the carrying crate. You can’t really blame them. After all, small dark spaces can be frightening for anyone, and it doesn’t help that the cat crate is closely tied to visiting the vet. However, spraying some catnip spray inside can transform a potentially upsetting space into a pleasurable and comforting one.


Yes! organic Catnip spray is perfectly safe for all cats. Moreover, CBD is a natural compound of the hemp plant and no negative side effects have been reported when given to cats. Both CBD and catnip are well-tolerated by felines and mammals in general.   The ingredients in HolistaPet CBD catnip spray are all okay to eat, so your cat can lick the surfaces you spray it on. Catnip tends to trigger licking behavior in cats, as you may have noticed watching them play with catnip-filled toys. This is perfectly normal, and we formulate our catnip spray to accommodate this behavior.

Does CBD Catnip Spray Go Bad?

Yes, your catnip spray will eventually go bad. However, it has a very long shelf life of up to 2 years! As time wears on, both the CBD and the nepetalactone in catnip spray will degrade and lose their potency, rendering it less effective.

How To Store CBD Catnip Spray

To maximize the shelf life of your catnip spray, we recommend storing it in a cool, dry place. You especially want to make sure that you keep the bottle away from direct sunlight. Higher temperatures and direct sun exposure will make the ingredients degrade faster.




We are a trusted leader in the growing pet CBD industry. With our founders’ background in the food and wellness industries, we uphold the highest standards for natural, quality ingredients. We use premium catnip and domestically-grown hemp as the base of our CBD spray. Better ingredients make better products — it’s not complicated.

  We have a deep commitment to quality control and transparency, which is why we send all of our CBD products to third-party labs for testing. These independent research teams perform tests to verify our label claims. When we say each bottle contains 20 mg of CBD and absolutely zero THC, we mean it. You can see for yourself by checking the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) that we post on our website.   A great business doesn’t just deliver quality products; they also provide a positive shopping experience. At HolistaPet, we show love to our customers by offering free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee on every order. Plus, you can sign up for special subscription deals to get 25% off each order!


Absolutely! When we promise free shipping on every order, we mean it. Other companies will force you to spend a minimum quantity before you can qualify for free shipping (if they even offer it in the first place). We offer everyone this benefit, no matter how big or small your order is!



We ship CBD products to all 50 states because CBD is federally legal! The 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD products with up to 0.3% THC. However, our CBD products for pets contain zero THC whatsoever, so you never have to worry about your pet getting “high.”

  Because they contain no THC, HolistaPet products also comply with state laws across the nation. Even if you live in a state with stricter cannabis laws, you can still provide your pet with fantastic THC-free hemp products shipped straight to your door!    


We love to hear feedback from our customers. Look for reviews of HolistaPet on Google, Amazon, TrustPilot, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as well as our own site. You will see that we have garnered thousands of five-star reviews, praising our products and customer service. Review sites are also a great place for pet parents to share tips and recommendations for CBD products and applications.

  We hope that you will join our loyal fans and share your experience with HolistaPet online. We will happily return the love with a special offer! When you leave a review for the HolistaPet products you purchase, we will give you 20 points as part of our customer rewards program. That’s equal to $2 in rewards just for writing a few words about your experience. Read more about our rewards program here and how you can rack up even more benefits for your cats!

Weight 2 oz

4 reviews for Catnip Spray with CBD — 1oz Bottle

  1. PAMELA PALMITER (verified owner)

    Both of my cats love this. Peppy and calming. Help my anxious one. Soothes my bully.

  2. mia123timlinrothwell

    I love this product! I have a kitten whose parents were barn cats, so she’s skittish by nature. I tried Feliway and it didn’t make much of a difference in Sophie’s behavior. I used the spray and immediately I notice a difference. She is much more social and brave. Instead of shirking away at touches, she gladly leans into my hand now.
    This is an amazing product and I will be buying more of this in the future!

  3. ethan.t.bloomfield

    Getting Ralph to the vet is a problem. He hates the car ride, and hates the carrying cage even more. I tried to entice him into the carrier with catnip but it makes a mess. I found this catnip spray that I can put on his toy to entertain him and kind of lure him into the carrier. This stuff actually works, he went right in and started licking the toy. This stuff also has CBD, which kept him calmer and quieter. I’m happy and Ralph loves this stuff. This is my second purchase.

    • HolistaPet Support Team

      Hi Ethan, It’s so great Ralph is loving the CBD catnip spray!! So glad to hear that the spray is helping keep him calm during stressful situations. Thank you for taking time to leave your feedback!! <3

  4. Bishop Evergreen

    First, I never thought that combining catnip and CBD would ever be a thing. However, after using your treats for Cappy, and witnessing first hand how effective they are, I had to give this a try. WOW! Cappy loves the spray. It gives him a nice pep in the day to get more exercise than he usually gets for sure. Side note: I didn’t know much about CBD to begin with but after about a 6 months of use, I’m totally sold on it. Thanks again!

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