CBG Oil for Dogs and Cats

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Strength: 150mg
Pack Size: Single
Prioritize your pet's well-being with our CBG Oil for Dogs & Cats, a purposeful blend of broad-spectrum CBG and other cannabinoids to nurture their overall health. Packaged in a user-friendly dropper bottle, our concentrated oil makes it easy to mix into your pet's food bowl or water. Crafted with natural ingredients and manufactured in the USA, it exemplifies our commitment to delivering top-tier pet wellness solutions.

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CBG Oil For Dogs And Cats

You’ve heard about the benefits of CBD for your pet, but what about CBG Oil for dogs & cats? Although they are both cannabinoids from the hemp plant, they do have distinguishing benefits. Find out what one of the hottest but lesser known new products is and why HolistaPet has the best CBG oil on the cannabis market!


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sandy M
From Elderly to Youthful

Our Newfoundland was moving around very painfully until we got him on HplistaPet CBG.
He is now anxious to go on walks and hops around while waiting for meals. Much more playful. I would have to assume there is much less soreness in his joints since the CBG was added to his daily routine.

Tricia Reynolds
Great Product Which I've Used for Several Years

I began using Holistapet's CBD oil supplement for our senior cat when he had groomed all the hair off his inner hind quarters and belly. The vet prescribed steroids and Prozac for a couple of years to prevent his over-grooming; all failed and the vet doubted the hair would ever grow back because of the time lapse in successful treatment. After researching, I decided to try CBD oil and used a remedial dose for months to help him overcome his anxieties. Within a few weeks of treatment, there was evidence of hair growth until he had a full, glossy covering everywhere. There are cheaper brands on the market, and I experimented with a couple of them. The results were mediocre. Holistipet's formula has remained strong and trustworthy. I highly recommend it.

Gizmo's Mom
Good stuff

We use this product monthly as part of a holistic regimen for Cushing's syndrome in one of our dogs. We are very pleased with it.

I like pet CBG

My dog has been on pet CBG for a while. I can see the difference. She is about 70 lb and 8 year old. She runs still like 2 or 3 years old. The downside of holistapet products overall is too much carrier oil. I hope they make it less oil like nuleaf.

Jackie Abrams

Have been patiently waiting for USPS to ship. Their website says-
2-09 10:07pm. Picked up by shipping partner. USPS awaiting item
Mesquite,TX 75149

Just waiting for it to leave Mesquite. I check the website regularly.
I will let you know when something happens!

Timothy Jackson
The real stuff without the fluff.

Best product of CBG I have found without a bunch of BS additives or vitamins.

Joanne Wuwer-Saukas
Calming bite

My dog does enjoy these chews when topped with Liverwurst. They do help calm him down when the day gets to be too much or there are too many events.