CBD For Puppies: How Cannabinoids Help Your Pup Become Their Best

CBD For Puppies: How Cannabinoids Help Your Pup Become Their Best
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CBD has many great benefits for both humans and animals alike. Since nearly every mammal on Earth has an endocannabinoid system, a network of cell-signaling receptors in the body that regulates mood, memory, appetite, digestion, and immune response. Certain cannabinoids found in hemp plants influence the way a puppy's body works and can do amazing things! No doubt you have seen many articles on the various ways to enjoy CBD and how it helps boost your pup's health, but maybe you're unsure about CBD for puppies specifically. They're so small! How can you be sure that CBD is safe for them?



We're here to let you know that it is okay to give your puppy CBD! As long as you adjust to their needs accordingly, there should be a minimal risk for puppies, no matter their age. Here's a little more to help you understand CBD and how it can help your puppy grow strong and healthy:



What is CBD for Pets? 

CBD for pets is any pet-safe product that includes CBD! This might be CBD-infused treats, shampoo, or specially formulated CBD oil drops for dogs! Anything that is meant for your dog to eat will also have other nutritional ingredients that are good for their health, like immune and heart-healthy superfoods, amino acids, proteins, as well as organic grains, and natural flavorings like peanut butter and sweet potato.



Of course, CBD for pets isn't just meant for dogs. There are all kinds of applications for CBD, and some products are safe for animals like horses, cats, hamsters, birds, and more! While some treats may not necessarily be appealing to some pets (i.e., giving peanut butter-flavored hard dog treats to a cat), as long as dosing is correct and any added ingredients are safe for pet consumption, you can expect to get a world of use out of your pet's CBD. For instance, dog owners can give their pet's CBD oil to both their cat and their dog as long as the dose is adjusted for the pet's needs, age, size, and so on.



Even animals as large as horses and livestock may benefit from pet CBD oil! Pets of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of CBD oil for dogs to help boost their health, manage discomfort, and enhance the effectiveness of their other supplements and medication.






Can I Give My Puppy CBD? 

Yes! CBD is okay for most pets to take without serious side effects as long as their doses are adjusted appropriately. Puppies who take CBD will not become intoxicated as most pet CBD products are broad spectrum and THC-free, meaning there's little to no risk for a psychoactive reaction. CBD has no known toxicity level for dogs, which means it's not possible to overdose.



At What Age Can You Give a Puppy CBD? 

You may give CBD to dogs of all ages as long as it is generally safe to give to puppies at any stage of development as long as they have been weaned off their mother's milk and are eating regular food. However, when introducing anything new to your pet, here are certain precautions you should take. It is always necessary to buy your pet's CBD from trusted sources that sell high-quality products to ensure that harmful or toxic ingredients don't make their way into a product.



While CBD itself is not dangerous to give your pet, low-quality and inorganic hemp may absorb unhealthy qualities of the soil it is grown in. Even the method of extraction may introduce toxic ingredients into a product! Always look for organic, broad spectrum, and CO2 extracted CBD made specifically for pet consumption. More so, make sure that your product comes with a certificate of analysis (COA). A COA is a document that proves a third-party lab examined each product and guarantees its superior quality.



The last thing to remember is that you should always monitor your pup's reaction after taking CBD. If they appear too drowsy, queasy, or otherwise sluggish, then you should modify their CBD dosage to a lower amount.



How Much CBD Should I Give My Puppy?

If you've just started giving your puppy CBD, the amount they should be given varies depending on their weight and the product they are taking. This number may typically range between 1-30mg per day or 0.25 mg - 0.5 mg per 1 pound of their body weight to be more accurate. If they are particularly young or new to CBD, that starting number should be even lower, closer to about 0.10 mg-0.25 mg per pound of their weight. This gives your puppy a chance to adjust to something new in their bodies and avoid overdoing their CBD dosage.



An ideal amount should also be adjusted by product! Some products come pre-dosed such as treats and chews, so these might need to be cut in sections to get a smaller dose. Others, like CBD oil, allow more flexibility when calculating out doses, as you can measure out the amount you need (most oils come with a dropper that is scored by mg!). How much oil you give your puppy would then depend on the product's potency - some oils are stronger than others, and you would need to use less!



This brings us to the next important note: there is no set amount of CBD for dogs! Every pet reacts to CBD differently, and a little experimentation for their ideal dose is required. While starting with a smaller dose is a great way to get your puppy adjusted to CBD, you may also need to increase the amount as needed. If you notice your puppy isn't benefiting from a low dose and is also metabolizing it well, then feel free to increase the amount by .05 mg a day until you find a range that works.



Reasons to Give Puppies CBD 

The main reason most people choose to give their puppies CBD is that it aids with nervousness. Puppies are easily frightened and may become nervous when left alone or encountering an unfamiliar experience or environment. CBD is a great mood regulator and may help puppies with separation anxiety.


Other reasons to give your puppy CBD are:

  • To help with teething - CBD can help with the discomfort and swelling caused by new teeth coming in. Reducing their discomfort will, in turn, help them eat better, discourage unwanted chewing on furniture/shoes, and keep them happier.


  • Help develop their immune system - Puppies need help developing a good immune system, and CBD can help them do that by supporting their gut and heart health, aiding with swelling, stress, and promoting faster healing.


  • Reduce hyperactivity - CBD can help your puppy calm down and take a breather when they're having an overactive day!


  • Alleviate allergies - CBD may help with histamine-causing particles in the air (i.e., pollen), food allergies, and other skin irritations.



  • Increase appetite - CBD can promote a healthier appetite! Though most people find their puppies are food-eating machines, sometimes you may need a little help getting them to eat the right food. CBD can help them finish their food to grow up strong.


  • Aid with better sleep - In the same way it can help with hyperactivity, CBD can also help your puppy (and you!) get a good night's sleep. Crates can be lonely, causing puppies to whine and cry and night. CBD can reduce this fear and nervousness at night to relax and sleep easier.



Reasons Not to Give Your Puppy CBD 

You should not give your puppy CBD as a replacement for veterinary medicine. CBD promotes a healthier and natural lifestyle for your pet. As such, do not give your puppy CBD if:

  • They are receiving medical treatment involving a vet-prescribed medication. Some medicines may interact with their prescription and alter their effectiveness.


  • When there is a non-medical solution available, behavior modification and training should always be the first step for issues like aggression, nervousness, and other behavioral issues. Add CBD if these issues do not work and are usually given under the discretion of a dog training expert or a vet.


  • When the CBD is not made specifically for your pet. We wouldn't recommend giving your dog the same CBD dosage you take regularly (and vice versa!). While some products like CBD oil and capsules are very versatile, human-friendly CBD products usually contain THC and other ingredients that are not healthy for dogs to consume, such as the artificial sweetener xylitol.



What Are the Benefits of CBD for Puppies?

CBD has many of the same effects on puppies as humans. CBD can help manage the quality of your puppy's life by having a positive impact on:

  • Discomfort
  • Swelling/irritation
  • Stress
  • Nervousness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Organ function (i.e., digestion, heart health, muscle growth)
  • Appetite
  • Mood/aggression



CBD Products for Puppies?

Pet owners may choose many different CBD pet products for their dogs! Depending on your puppy's needs, you may choose from any of the following:



CBD oil for dogs is the most versatile product. Drop the oil directly into your puppy's mouth or added to their food and water for easier consumption. CBD oil works rapidly! It is absorbed quickly, and you can adjust the dosage easier than other products.


CBD Dog Treats

CBD dog treats offer an easy solution to giving your dog CBD for a long-lasting and better-tasting product. Disguised in a crunchy or chewy goody your dog will be happy to take, this product is possibly the easiest to convince your dog to take!


CBD Capsules

Capsules offer the convenience of a pre-dosed product that takes the guesswork out of your pet's daily CBD intake. Cannabinoid capsules come hidden in dog treats or food or broken open and sprinkled on your puppy's food.


CBD Shampoo

CBD shampoos work for puppies with skin irritations, allergies, or sensitivities. Topical products are usually low in THC, so feel free to apply the product more liberally. These products work great for everyday dog-washing. CBD shampoo temporarily relieves skin issues and makes fur and skin soft and moisturized.






Why Choose HolistaPet 

HolistaPet has been the #1 site to get pet CBD online and continues to deliver high-quality, organic products for our customers. Our vet recommended products are all-natural, vegan, and never contain harmful additives or unnecessary ingredients.



Every one of our products comes with a COA from a third-party lab, packed with added superfoods and nutritious ingredients like fatty acid-rich hempseed, immune-boosting blueberry, moisturizing rice quat, and relaxing L-Tryptophan. When you shop with us, you're not only buying a quality CBD product but a lifetime of better care and happiness for your pet.



Final Thoughts - CBD for Puppies

Elderly pets or pets with health issues are the usual customers of CBD supplements, but better care for your dog doesn't have to start when there's an issue. Giving your puppy CBD daily is a great way to give them vital holistic care and help them grow big and strong! Early on, a simple change in their routine can be the key to turning a good life into a great life, full of health and wellness.



Still hesitant about giving your puppy CBD? Well topicals like CBD shampoos and sprays are a great way to introduce CBD in your pet's life. These products can still make a dramatic change without your puppy ingesting any CBD! Once you try one product, however, you'll see how great CBD can be, and you'll want to try more in no time!

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