Animal Rescues and Shelters Program

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Every Furry Friend Deserves A Good Home

Considering that we at HolistaPet dedicate ourselves to the highest quality products for pets of all kinds, it’s no wonder that we also want to help those animals that aren’t pets just yet. Whether in a foster home, temporary living situation, or the pound, we know there’s a loving person or family out there for every dog, cat, horse — and more!

Humans have domesticated animals for as long as we’ve kept recorded history (and certainly long before that). However, animal rescue is a relatively new idea. In fact, we’ll celebrate the 200-year anniversary of the first ever animal welfare group’s establishment in 2024. That’s right, The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was created in 1824, and it inspired some truly incredible pet rescue programs.

HolistaPet supports any rescue program or shelter that puts the safety and welfare of animals as their top priority. If you’d like to help out the soon-to-be-pets still in need of a home, you’re in luck! We offer a discount program that can lower the price of your product. Interested? Reach out to to get started!