CBD Wellness Dog Treats

Strength: 300mg
Pack Size: Single
$27.97 $20.98
Delivered Every 4 Weeks
Enhance your pet's well-being with our CBD Wellness Dog Treats, carefully formulated to nourish their Endocannabinoid System. These irresistible treats are crafted using natural ingredients, providing a healthy and delicious option for your four-legged friend. With a mouthwatering blueberry and sweet potato flavor, each bag contains 30 treats that are gluten, and dairy-free.
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Customer Reviews

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My 3 stars is not for quality. These have made a huge improvement in Bunnie. BUT... she is 13 with little amounts of teeth. These are like rocks! Even the chopper can not grind these. Maybe try making a SOFT chew? Even soaking in boiling hot water does not completely soften them. I am sad to say I can not continue buying them for this reason. If your dog has great teeth, it's a good purchase.


My 15 year old dog was diagnosed with a serious heart problem, I was told that CBD can help immensely along with a few other things. I found these CBD treats that are for heart health and has ingredients that the vet told me to give her, like blueberries, so I was so happy to try them! Honestly I figured I'd try them once because I didn't have much hope, but I was amazed at how these treats have helped her! I can see a difference when I forget to give her one, she starts showing signs of decline, so now I make sure she gets one everyday. I have my baby girl back and I can honestly say these treats have kept her going. So thank you so much holista pet for making these!


My 14 year old large dog continues to amaze the vet with how well she is doing. We credit things like these treats. Plus she loves them.


These CBD treats have been a key part of a plan to help our 1 year old Labradoodle conquer her separation anxiety. She loves the cookies and we see a positive change in her behavior which has allowed us to work on the separation issues.


Everything was great! just wished the biscuit had more moisture since my old dog barely has any teeth left


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HolistaPet CBD Wellness Treats For Dogs

Our specially formulated CBD Wellness Treats for Dogs promote your pet’s general wellness on a daily basis. These bite sized dog treats are vegan-friendly and made with natural ingredients straight from nature. Your dog will love the real blueberries and sweet potatoes in these delicious treats. In addition to CBD, they also contain flax seeds and hemp seed powder for added support.

All of our pet products contain broad spectrum CBD oil. This means they have all of the natural, beneficial compounds in hemp plants except for THC. To reiterate, these have CBD extract but zero THC, so you don’t have to worry about your pet “getting high.” If you see dog treats with full spectrum CBD oil on the label, this means they contain a small amount of THC.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Well we’ve got answers! We’ve been pros in the pet CBD community for a long time now, but what good’s all that knowledge and experience without someone to share it with? Below you’ll find expert advice for commonly asked questions.