Best CBD Oil For Cats: Give Your Feline the Finest CBD

Best CBD Oil For Cats: Give Your Feline the Finest CBD
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More pet owners nationwide are turning to CBD to help with their animals' needs. CBD oil for cats is one of those products that's rising in popularity! It promotes overall wellbeing for your feline friend by improving coat quality, reducing stress, and easing discomfort and aches. No wonder cat parents are raving! But the key is finding the best CBD oil for cats in a sea of questional products.


Maybe you’ve heard all the hype, and you’re still wondering what CBD is all about (and why your cat should care too). We have all the information you need to help you find CBD oil for your cat that’s beneficial, healthy, and effective. But first, what even is CBD oil?



What is CBD Oil for Cats?

CBD oil is a liquid solution containing cannabidiol, a compound found in hemp. Manufacturers make the oil by extracting CBD from hemp and combining it with a carrier like hemp seed oil. This makes this tincture easier to digest. You can drop CBD oil on your cat’s food every morning or mix it into wet food.


CBD is widely used because it’s soothing and non-psychoactive. That means it will relax your cat without getting them high. This is why it’s found in so many pet products!


While CBD doesn’t make your cat high, it delivers many of the same beneficial properties of THC, a compound found in other cannabis plants. CBD will soothe your cat’s physical discomforts and help them feel more mentally balanced. We’ll go over some of the specific benefits of CBD in a bit!


CBD works by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors in your cat’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for your cat’s overall wellbeing and balance. It regulates the body’s functions like appetite, discomfort, mood, swelling, and memory. That’s because receptors are found in all the body’s major systems.




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Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

Yes! CBD is well-tolerated by cats. Since it contains little to no THC, the best CBD oils for cats should not get your pet high. Your cat also can’t overdose on CBD products. The most common negative side effects of this natural compound are drowsiness, queasiness, and dry mouth.


While side effects may occur from large doses, they are not life-threatening. In fact, these effects usually disappear with repeated use as your pet adjusts to CBD.


Is CBD Oil for Cats Legal?

CBD oil is 100% legal in the United States. When the Farm Bill passed in 2018, it made it legal to grow, manufacture, sell, buy, and use hemp products throughout all 50 states.


Of course, there are strict regulations when it comes to growing and selling hemp, which means CBD products will be okay for your feline friend.


CBD is legal in all 50 states, but some specific storefronts might require you to be 18 or older to purchase CBD pet products. You can find CBD pet products in most pet stores, general stores, and smoke shops. And you can find a variety of quality CBD products online (but you have to learn what to look for so you can find safe, quality products for your cat).



What’s the Difference Between CBD Oil & Hemp Oil?

People often get CBD oil and hemp seed oil confused even though they are quite different! CBD oil contains cannabidiol, whereas hemp seed oil does not.


To make CBD oil, manufacturers extract CBD from hemp through a process known as carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction. CO2 gas is compressed until it becomes a liquid in a pressurized chamber. The liquid is forced over the hemp material, stripping away the cannabinoids. This includes CBD. Afterward, the CO2 reverts to gas and evaporates, leaving the extracted CBD behind.


On the other hand, hemp oil (hemp seed oil) is gathered by pressing hemp seeds. Most manufacturers use an oilseed press machine. Hemp seed oil has many beneficial omega fatty acids and antioxidants, but it does not contain CBD.


Companies often pair hemp seed oil with CBD in quality CBD oil tinctures to boost the product’s effectiveness. CBD is fat-soluble, so your cat’s body will absorb it easily when it’s infused with a high-fat carrier oil, like hemp seed oil.



What Are the Benefits of CBD for Cats?

CBD has become so popular with pet parents because it has many benefits for our four-legged friends. Here are some of them!


Easy to Digest

You can easily mix cat CBD oil into your cat’s breakfast each morning or their wet food at night. The hemp seed oil makes it easy to digest once swallowed, ensuring the CBD is potent and effective.


Soothes Discomfort

By interacting with the receptors in your cat’s ECS, CBD can soothe the physical discomforts your cat is feeling. This includes joint swelling, since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. You’ll probably notice your cat becoming less lethargic and more active!




Reduces Stress

CBD can boost your cat’s mood, helping reduce stress and negative behaviors. Many cat owners give their kitty CBD before and after a big change (like moving or a long trip) to help their cat stay calm. You can also give CBD 30 minutes before stressful events like fireworks.


Owners can also give their cat CBD every eight hours to help them deal with ongoing social anxieties. This might be a new pet in the home, or a cat’s continued fear around a close friend whenever they visit. It can also reduce their nervous feelings and destructive separation anxiety when you leave for long hours. Say goodbye to couch-clawing, shoe accidents, and general cat stress!




Regulates Sleep and Appetite

Why is my cat not eating? When your cat is feeling queasy, it will become lethargic and lose its appetite. It can be very concerning when a cat won’t touch its food. Luckily, CBD can fight tummy troubles and other symptoms, making your cat interested in chowing down once again.


Healthier Coat and Skin

Just like people, CBD can enhance the quality of your cat’s skin and coat. It can improve minor skin conditions and make their fur glossier, shinier, and healthier. CBD can also reduce cat dandruff and stress, making your cat less likely to overgroom and irritate their skin.





CBD Oil Dosage Suggestions

Since CBD is not fully regulated by the FDA, there’s no official standard for dosing. It can get a little confusing when it comes to figuring out how much CBD to give to your cat. Luckily, we have some guidelines to help you.


For a regular dose, we generally recommend 0.25 mg of CBD for every pound of bodyweight. For a strong dose, you’d double it. That would be 0.5 mg of CBD for every pound of bodyweight. Here’s a quick overview:


  • 4 pound cat = 1 mg
  • 5 pound cat = 1.25 mg
  • 6 pound cat = 1.5 mg
  • 7 pound cat = 1.75 mg
  • 8 pound cat = 2 mg
  • 9 pound cat = 2.25 mg
  • 10 pound cat = 2.5 mg
  • 11 pound cat = 2.75 mg
  • 12 pound cat = 3 mg
  • 13 pound cat = 3.25 mg
  • 14 pound cat = 3.5 mg
  • 15 pound cat = 3.75 mg
  • 16 pound cat = 4 mg
  • 17 pound cat = 4.25 mg
  • 18 pound cat = 4.5 mg


A regular dose of CBD is great for daily energy and wellness. It can boost immune function, decrease allergy symptoms, and help with digestive issues. It can also aid your cat’s mobility.


You can use a stronger dose of CBD when a regular dose isn’t enough to soothe your cat.


You should give your cat CBD every eight hours at around the same time every day. A regular dosing schedule makes the CBD more effective. Your cat won’t become tolerant to CBD or need stronger doses over time. Instead, the benefits of CBD only intensify the longer your cat takes it!


You can also give your cat CBD 30 minutes before a triggering event, like fireworks, people visiting the home, a long day of travel, or when you plan to leave for hours.


How Long Does CBD Oil for Cats Last?

The best CBD oil will start to affect your cat 15 to 45 minutes after they ingest it. It should work relatively fast because the carrier oil will make it easy for your cat’s system to absorb the CBD.


The effects of CBD will last for about four to six hours. The amount of time depends on your cat’s genetics, breed, weight, activity level, ailments, and metabolism. For example, an older cat with more aches may need a higher dose of CBD oil to experience effective benefits.



What to Look For in the Best CBD Oil for Cats

Since CBD oil for cats is legal in all 50 states, many companies want in on this growing trend. That means there are more CBD products for pets than ever before. This is definitely a good thing, as you can now find a staggering variety of oils online!


But, it also means some CBD pet products aren’t the safest or the highest quality. You only want to purchase oils that have been tested by a third-party lab, this way you can be sure of their CBD content.


Most importantly, you want to buy a tincture that contains the best ingredients and no sketchy additives! Here are some ingredients you should avoid when shopping for CBD oil, and some that you want to purchase.


Ingredients to Avoid

  • Dextromethorphan (DXM): This is a chemical found in cough syrup. It’s known to have addictive qualities.
  • Chemicals: Make sure there are no artificial ingredients or chemicals listed in the ingredients list. These can be harmful to your cat.
  •  Arsenic, lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals: These can be found in CBD if the hemp was grown in contaminated soil.


Ingredients to Look For

  • Hemp seed oil: This natural carrier helps your cat easily digest CBD. It also boosts their immune system. The protein in hemp seed oil promotes healthy skin and coat as well.
  • Flaxseed oil: This can help improve regularity. Healthy skin and coat are some other benefits.
  • Chamomile: This can help reduce inflammation and treat mild skin conditions.



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The Best CBD Oil for Cats – Why Choose HolistaPet

The good news is you don’t need to look far to find the best CBD oil for your cat! Not to brag TOO much, but we take pride in making quality CBD oil right here at our facility in Southern California. When you buy from HolistaPet, your cat reaps the benefits of organic, feline-approved tincture that supports its body. Here are just a few reasons why our formula kicks the competition.


Certificate of Analysis

We provide a certificate of analysis for each batch of CBD oil we produce. This means that a third-party company has done unbiased testing on the product and confirmed it has satisfactory CBD levels.


CO2 Clean Extract CBD

We obtain our CBD through clean, safe CO2 extraction. This is one of the most environmentally safe methods that also ensures the CBD is free of chemical solvents.


Natural, Vegan, Organic Ingredients

There are only two ingredients in our CBD oil: hemp seed oil and full spectrum CBD extract. Guess what? Both components are vegan, organic, and all-natural! This ensures the best quality for your pet (and it’s cruelty-free!).


USA Hemp

This one is very important! Our CBD products are made from hemp grown in the United States. Since hemp is legal in the US, there are some regulations meant to keep the product safe for consumers. Imported hemp products don’t have to follow the same regulations, which means they might be grown with pesticides or contain higher THC levels.


Return Policy

If you’re not satisfied with your tincture for whatever reason, we offer a no-questions-asked return policy to all our customers. We’ll refund your money too! Our company believes that you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune just to make your cat feel better, so you can try our products risk-free.



Final Thoughts – Best CBD Oil for Cats

CBD pet products are a growing staple in the cannabidiol industry. But it’s not just a hyped-up trend. CBD is highly beneficial for your cat, improving their overall well-being and quality of life. It’s also a great way to help reduce your cat’s stress and fight destructive behavior.


Of course, there are more and more CBD pet products available online by the day. So it’s important to remember to find a brand that has integrity, quality, and truly cares about your cat. At HolistaPet, we only create CBD products for cats with natural, organic, and healthy ingredients. We want your cat to experience all of the benefits of CBD in the safest way possible.


We know cats can be picky eaters. Luckily CBD oil can easily blend with your cat’s morning meal. Give CBD oil to your cat every eight hours (or twice a day at the same time each day) to see the true benefits. We know it will make your cat happier and livelier. And it might save your couch in the process! Learn more from these cat resources to assist you more with taking care of your cats.

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