Ginger Cat Appreciation Day [When & What Is This Holiday?]

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day [When & What Is This Holiday?]
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As pet owners, every day we spend with our pets feels like a national holiday. We love to spoil our cats with treats, new toys, and plenty of cuddles. But if you have a Tabby, there's one day in particular that we can show our love for our red hair feline friends: Ginger Cat Appreciation Day.


Every September 1st, the world celebrates the fabulous, orange color-haired cats in our lives with Ginger Cat Appreciation Day. With their bright, exuberant energy, our ginger cats bring us plenty of happiness and sunshine that should be celebrated. Let's take a look at how this holiday came to be and some ways you can show your appreciation for your ginger cats this September 1st.



What is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day?

As the name suggests, Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is a holiday to celebrate our favorite orange-haired cats (also called Tabbies). The September 1st Cat Holiday brings the orange feline pet community together, showing these delightful kitties love with different celebrations and events.



orange cat snuggling with owner



When is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day?

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on September 1st. The holiday is celebrated worldwide. So wherever you are in the world on the first of September, find a tabby kitty and show it some extra love.



How Did Ginger Cat Appreciation Day Start?

As with any holiday dedicated to celebrating cat breeds or dog breeds, there comes a bit of backstory as to how it started. This is especially true since cats have such an extensive history dating back to the days of ancient Egypt.


Although ginger cats are not an exact breed of cats, they are still considered a staple feline companion to be celebrated. Ginger cats can be associated with many types of breeds. There are various coat patterns that a tabby can be, such as mackerel, striped, and ticked. Ginger cats can range in color from dark red to cream and other variations of orange.


As years went on and the ginger cat became domesticated, people became more involved with cats and wanted to find a way to celebrate their cats' lives. And because ginger cats are such a broad category, many cats from all over the world can be celebrated on this special day.


Whether you own a red-haired cat or enjoy watching the many popular ginger cats represented in pop culture, Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is a holiday to spread the love.



How To Celebrate Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

As Ginger Cat Appreciation Day approaches, you may be wondering to yourself, "How should I celebrate?" If you are looking for a few ways to celebrate this glorious holiday, we have a few options to consider.


Adopt a Ginger Cat

One of the best ways to show your appreciation for ginger cats is by adopting one in need. If you have been debating about getting a cat and have been waiting for the right moment to do so, Ginger Cat Appreciation Day is the perfect time to make that leap. Many online resources are available to help you find the ginger cat of your dreams, such as ASPCA and Petfinder.


Celebrate Famous Ginger Cats

Even if you don't own an orange-colored cat, you can still appreciate Tabbies for their immense impact on pop culture. One of the most famous ginger cats is the lasagna-loving, Monday-hating cartoon cat, Garfield. Created by Jim Davis in 1978, Garfield started as a comic strip character, eventually landing a television show and several movies.


Another famous cartoon tabby is Oliver in the 1988 Disney movie Oliver & Company. Set in New York City, the film has become a cult classic with its impeccable soundtrack that features Billy Joel and Huey Lewis.


A more recent adaptation for an orange-haired feline is the character Puss in Boots in the Shrek films. Voiced by Antonio Banderas, Puss in Boots is a suave, sly cat known to put up a fight with his sword and, of course, his boots.


If adopting a cat is a bit out of reach, there are still many other ways to celebrate, such as watching all your favorite famous ginger cats. Whether you read a bunch of Garfield comics or watch the entire Shrek saga for the dashing Puss in Boots, there are plenty of red-haired felines to celebrate in pop culture!


Shower Your Cat With Treats

Every cat loves being spoiled with treats. So why not give them something a little bit special this holiday with CBD treats. At HolistaPet, our CBD cat treats are delicious salmon flavored, promising relaxing and soothing benefits.


We make our cat treats with all-natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives or flavors. And since there is no THC in our cat treats, you can rest assured that your cat will enjoy the calming effects of CBD for cats without any hazy feelings.



orange cat wearing santa hat



Play With Your Ginger

If your ginger is an active and fiery cat, you might want to spend this holiday playing them for a little longer than usual. Maybe they enjoy spending time outside chasing rodents around, or they enjoy climbing on everything in the living room. Make some time this Ginger Cat Appreciation Day to have some fun with your orange-colored pet!


Snuggle With Your Ginger

Depending on your cat's personality, maybe all they want this holiday season is a little bit of attention. So if you aren't able to go all out for your ginger cat this September 1st, you can always spend some quality time with them and show them how much you are grateful for them with some snuggles and kisses.



Final Thoughts - Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

It feels like having only one day to truly show our appreciation for pets is never enough. Our pets provide so much happiness and joy in our lives. This is why we should constantly show our gratitude for them every single day.


As Ginger Cat Appreciation Day grows nearer, show your pet how much they mean to you. Whether you have an orange-hair feline or not, showering our pets with attention is important. Why? Because of their unconditional love for us!

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