Hug Your Cat Day [When Is It and How You Can Celebrate]

Hug Your Cat Day [When Is It and How You Can Celebrate]
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Although it should be Hug Your Cat Day all the time, you can use this memorable holiday as an excuse to show your feline some extra love! After all, we should be taking every opportunity to shower them with love and attention. A big hug is an excellent way to communicate that we appreciate all the joy and laughter our cats give us.


Even though cats are independent animals, showing affection from time to time is still important. So what is the history behind National Hug Your Cat Day, and how can we celebrate it? Read on to find out!



What Is Hug Your Cat Day?

Everyone loves a good celebration, and luckily there's a different holiday for us to observe just about every day of the year (with plenty of cat holidays). National Cat Day is one of the most popular, but there are plenty more for us to celebrate. Hug A Cat Day is an excellent excuse for us to spoil our cats and show appreciation for them!


Cats have been worshiped and celebrated since the days of Ancient Egypt. They were viewed as magical and royal creatures in Egyptian culture and still are today.


The Egyptian people would dress up their cats with jewels and feed them extravagant meals. When cats would pass away, they were treated with royal mummification. Cat owners would often mourn by shaving off their eyebrows!


Cats sometimes live in the shadow of dogs, and they aren't always shown the love they deserve in today's culture. However, all cat owners will tell you that cats have just as much personality as dogs! Cats may show affection in different ways, but they deserve to be loved all the same.


We celebrate Hug Your Cat Day so that each year we remember to dedicate all our attention to our amazing feline friends!



woman hugging her grey cat



When Is Hug Your Cat Day?

Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day on June 4th, so remember to mark your calendars!



How Can I Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day?

There is never a shortage of ways to celebrate National Hug Your Cat Day. Whether you want to treat your cat to a fancy feast or give everyone in the family a chance for hugs, this special day is all about bonding.


Hug Away!

This might seem obvious, but what Hug Your Cat Day list would be complete without telling you to give your cat plenty of hugs and snuggles? Get your lint roller ready because you are about to be covered in cat hair!


As you may already know, cats live life according to their own schedules and may not cuddle you back right away. However, they know that you are giving them plenty of love and will reciprocate in their own time. They may eventually come to rub against your leg, purr, or even jump in your lap to show their appreciation for you.


Volunteer at a Shelter

Even if you don't own a cat or know anyone who does, volunteering and helping out at a local shelter can be a fun way to play with a furry friend. Many shelters are often overcrowded and need help taking care of these homeless cats. All cats deserve our love, and this is the perfect way to dish out some much-needed hugs.


Even if it's just helping out for National Hug Your Cat Day, it's an excellent opportunity to get in some hugging and cuddle time with some adorable kittens. Who knows, you may end up falling in love with one particular kitty and adopting it for yourself!


Give Your Cat CBD!

Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day by giving them the wonderful gift of CBD! CBD products like cat treats or oil tinctures can provide feelings of calm and serenity for your feline friend.


Today, many pet owners give their pets CBD to help boost their wellness. CBD's benefits can be enjoyed after Hug Your Cat Day is over, too. You can implement CBD oil into your cat's daily routine for maximum benefits. 


CBD is a naturally occurring compound that supports the body's functions like mood, sleep, digestion, and appetite. CBD is multi-functional and can provide an array of benefits for your cat in addition to its calming effects. Some of the main ways it can help your cat are:


  • Relieve discomfort
  • Boosts appetite
  • Improves digestion
  • Better sleep quality
  • Enhances mood


Also, CBD oil is often made with hemp seed oil which can have many health benefits for your cat. Hempseed oil is considered a superfood that is high in nutrients, including many vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. These nutrients all serve to improve your cat's skin and coat health as well as their mental well-being!



feline family with peach background



Reasons to Love Hug Your Cat Day

Do we need any other reason to love our cats besides their overload of cuteness? As it turns out, the joy and happiness that cats and all pets can bring to our lives give us psychological benefits! They can help reduce our stress levels with their presence alone.


Psychological Benefits

Over 68% of households in America own at least one pet, so what benefits can pets provide? Studies have shown that interacting with pets can significantly reduce cortisol levels — the hormone responsible for stress — in the brain.


Many colleges have started incorporating "Pet Days" during finals periods to help students relax and forget about their stress. Students reported feeling far more at peace after just 10 minutes of playing with and petting the cute little animals. In fact, saliva swabs showed a significant decrease in cortisol levels, demonstrating our beloved pets' effectiveness.


Even if you don't own a pet, there are many ways to enjoy their company. You can visit friends who have pets, visit pet stores, or help out at shelters!


Friends For Life

Our pets become friends for life, and many often grow up alongside yourself or your kids. Pets are the pillars of our lives and are loyal to the very end. They don't know any other lifestyle other than the one you have provided for them. If they're cared for, they'll love you no matter what.


It's only fitting that we give our cats the same love and dedication back. They can bring endless joy to our lives that we should be spoiling them more than just a few times a year. Take this day to not only hug your cat but to get them groomed or feed them special snacks like CBD cat treats!


Time To Show Off

We're all familiar with individuals who love posting on social media about their pets — or perhaps we're describing you. Now, everyone has a reason to show off their special friend on National Hug Your Cat Day!


You can show off your cat's funny facial expressions as you attempt to hug and kiss them! Or you can post your pet receiving the royal treatment to make the other cats jealous. Either way, there's no better time to show off your feline friend!



Final Thoughts - Hug Your Cat Day

There's nothing better than being able to spoil your cat on National Hug Your Cat Day (as if we needed more reasons to love our felines). Whether you want to give your cat CBD, treat them to their favorite snacks, or pamper them, take this special day to show them some love!

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