Dog Mom Day! A National Holiday Dedicated To Women Loving Pups

Dog Mom Day! A National Holiday Dedicated To Women Loving Pups
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National Dog Mom's Day is a relatively new holiday that's already blowing up all over the country. And it's easy to see why! Who wouldn't want to celebrate the love they have for their four-legged family members?


Dogs are a special part of our lives, whether they are protectors, cuddlers, exercise buddies, or service animals. All the dog mommas (and just dog owners, in general) worldwide share the love they have for their dogs every day, but why not make it special by celebrating Dog Mom's Day this year?


Not sure what Dog Mom's Day is all about? Well, get out that national day calendar. Here is all you need to know about this fun celebration for fur kids everywhere!



When Is Dog Mom Day?

Dog Mom Day is always the second Saturday of May, putting it one day ahead of Mother's Day. This year, Dog Mom Day will be May 8, 2022! Dog Mom Day is a special day to celebrate the bond between dogs and their fellow dog people. Dogs may not be our biological children, but they are an important part of our lives. They make us laugh, provide emotional support, are great to cuddle buddies and travel companions, and are probably the best listeners you'll ever have as a pet parent.


Dog Mom Day is a day to spoil your pup, whether you're spending more time with them to experience something new together or just giving them a special treat. It's also about honoring the dog moms dedicated to caring for their pets.



History of Dog Mom Day

Dog Mom Day was founded by Dig, the dog person's dating app, in 2018. The reason? More and more women are opting not to have children. Women in their 30s are less likely than ever before to have children. This could be due to several factors, from finances to a desire to focus on a career.


A lot of women without children will adopt some fur babies instead! Why not have a day that celebrates this special bond, unique bond? Dog Mom Day has continued to grow in popularity throughout the past few years, gaining recognition all over social media.






How To Observe Dog Mom Day

You can celebrate Dog Mom Day anyway you want! It's all about making your dog's day — and you know better than anyone what your dog loves doing most. Here are some ideas to help you observe Dog Mom Day and create special memories with your pup.


Go On a Road Trip

If your dog loves a ride in the car, why not go somewhere new together! Plan a day trip to a cool new hiking spot, stopping along the way at dog-friendly spots like dog parks and drive-thrus that have yummy dog snacks.


Go Out to Eat

Head to a restaurant that allows dogs (and sneak them some of your meal)! Many places also have outdoor eating areas, which is great in the springtime. Lovely weather, good food, and your doggy by your side! Remember to grab some selfies with your pup!


Bake Some Treats

Treats are always a good idea — you can't go wrong with some tasty snacks! But it's even more special when you bake your dog your handmade treats! This also lets dog moms pick the exact ingredients of the treats, ensuring they are healthy and delicious.


Here are some easy treats to bake!


Peanut Butter Treats: This takes two cups of flour, half a cup of peanut butter, and two eggs. Mix the ingredients and then add water until the mix is wet enough to roll out as dough. Bake for 20 minutes!


Chicken Treats: You'll need a cup of diced chicken, half a cup of cooked rice, three tablespoons of rice flour, a tablespoon of parsley, and one egg. This will take 20 to 30 minutes to bake.


Sweet Potato Treats: There is no denying that dogs love sweet potatoes. Make sweet potato fries with sweet potato, coconut oil, cinnamon, and turmeric.


Frozen Apple Treats: Combine two apples and a cup of nonfat plain yogurt, putting the mixture into ice cube trays. Freeze them for a few hours for some easy, tasty treats.


Set Up a Doggy Playdate

If you have friends with pups, set up a time for your dogs to all play together. This could be in someone's backyard, at a dog park, or just a walk around the neighborhood. Bring all of your toys to make the day more memorable and fun.


Cuddle With Your Pup

It doesn't have to be anything extravagant to make Dog Mom Day special. Dog owners can spend quality time with their dog in whatever way their pup prefers. This could be:

  • Cuddling in bed while watching a movie
  • Brushing your pup
  • Playing together in the backyard
  • Train your dog to complete a course
  • Learn a dance together






Dog Mom Gifts

Gifts are one of the best ways to show some love and make the day something to remember. But what are some unique gifts you can give to the dog in your life? Here are some ideas for dog moms looking to pamper their pooch!


CBD Shampoo

Giving your dog a soothing bath is one thing, but adding CBD shampoo to the mix is a sure way to elevate the experience as a whole. HolistaPet's CBD shampoo has natural, potent CBD from locally grown hemp plants, which can help maintain your dog's skin and coat health.


This is thanks to how CBD interacts with your dog's endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is what keeps your dog balanced, with receptors throughout every system in their body. This allows CBD to positively impact your dog's body and mind, including their skin and fur. HolistaPet's CBD shampoo also has a pleasant mandarin berry scent!


Chew Toys

Keep your dog occupied all day, even if you're not around to entertain them, with a toy that's meant to withstand even the most destructive of dogs. Chew toys will also keep your dog's teeth healthy and strong, helping to remove plaque. Some chew toys will also have spots for treats, making the experience even more exciting for your dog as they figure out how to get the treats out.


New Doggy Bed

We celebrate dog moms because of their dedication to caring for their pets. A simple blanket on the couch isn't enough for most pet parents. Why not introduce a brand new dog bed, giving your dog somewhere comfortable to relax while you're watching television together.


Pet Portrait

Dog Mom's Day isn't just for pooches. It's also for dog moms, of course! If you know dog moms or foster dog moms, make their day with a custom gift featuring their beloved four-legged friend? Many companies create custom pillows, clothing, stuffed animals, phone cases, and more out of pet portraits. You can even get a calendar made with all of your dog's best photos!


Dog Bathrobe

If you consider your dog your fur baby, you probably aren't satisfied with just a sweater in the winter and some booties for walks. A bathrobe is the perfect clothing item to add to their collection for dogs that don't mind being dressed up. This often-overlooked wardrobe is the perfect way to ensure your dog is cozy and warm after a bath.


Dog Dishes

New dog dishes may not be as flashy and fun as toys or treats, but this is a pretty important thing to update once in a while. This also makes a great gift for future dog moms looking to get their home ready for a new puppy.


When looking for a dog dish, avoid plastic if possible. Stainless steel or glass dog bowls are the safest options. You can also get custom dog dishes made online, which can display your dog's name! Dog lovers can't resist custom gifts made specifically with their pups in mind!



Final Thoughts — Dog Mom Day

What started as a fun concept started by a dating app for dog lovers has turned into a national holiday celebrated by dog moms worldwide. Dog Mom Day is all about the joys of pet parenting, spending time with your dog, connects dog people based all around the world, and giving them something special to remember.


Bath your doggy with CBD shampoo and give them a doggy bathrobe afterward! Or maybe bring your dog on a new hike you can both experience for the first time together. Spend time on the couch giving some extra cuddles with your pooch. Give them a brand new doggy bed for when you're not home. Whatever way you choose to celebrate Dog Mom's Day, make sure it's unique to you and your pup. You know your dog best and will know how to make your dog have a memorable moment with you!

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