National Pet Month [What It Is and How To Celebrate]

National Pet Month [What It Is and How To Celebrate]
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There are numerous holidays dedicated to celebrating our pets. Many of them are very specific, such as National Dog Mom's Day, National Siamese Cat Day, National Dog Party Day, and even National Raw Feeding Week. Fortunately, there is one holiday that we can all celebrate: National Pet Month!


You do not have to be a pet parent to celebrate National Pet Month. Some people love animals regardless of whether they own a pet. Even those who feed random pets they come across have plenty of reason to celebrate. When is National Month, and how can you celebrate it? Keep reading to find out!



What Is National Pet Month?

Pets deserve celebration. There are about 80 million households in America that own a pet. And for all the unconditional love that pets offer, it's only right that they should have their moment. National Pet Month celebrates the roles of pets in human lives. During this time, you can show some extra love to the pets in your life.


Best of all, we get to show off our pets! National Pet Month is the time when we prove that we have the best furry friends. Also, pets can socialize with other animals and people. It's a time when shops and clinics can give huge discounts and exciting bundles. And you'll have more excuses to bond and spoil your furry loved one.


When Is National Pet Month?

National Pet Month comes around every May. Many other pet holidays coincide with National Pet Month. If you are a proud pet owner, you might enjoy celebrating:


  • National Pet Week (May 1-7)
  • Purebred Dog Day (May 1)
  • National Rescue Dog Day (May 20)


Oddly enough, National Pet Day does not happen during National Pet Month. It takes place on April 11 of each year.



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How Was National Pet Month Founded?

National Pet Month is a collaborative effort between the British National Office of Animal Health (NOAH), the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, and volunteers.


National Pet Month is technically a non-profit organization seeking to bridge groups, people, professionals, and businesses to help animal charities become more functional. Today, they also advocate providing necessary resources for responsible pet ownership through their community and website.


Many animal charities do voluntary work to rescue homeless pets. However, they need resources to carry out that work. Whether it is food, medical assistance, or shelter, the National Pet Month organization brings people together to help animals in need.


What Is the Purpose of National Pet Month?

The primary purpose of National Pet Month is to highlight the role that animals play in our lives. It is a Thanksgiving celebration of sorts. It also promotes numerous pet-related causes. Here are some of the ways that National Pet Month makes a difference.


Promotes and Encourages Responsible Pet Ownership

Some people have no idea what it takes to raise pets. They may take pets home impulsively, not knowing the responsibilities of having another living creature in the house. Raising a pet requires effort, time, and smart budgeting. National Pet Month promotes resources and materials for responsible pet ownership.


Raises Awareness of the Benefits of Pets

Some people do not know what they are missing until they own a pet. Pets are great mood enhancers. They help the elderly go through loneliness or sick people during therapy. They offer unconditional love and quickly shift sadness to happiness.


Introduces the Importance of Pet Care Specialists to More People

Some professional specialists can help you raise your pet properly. If you have a pet, we recommend that you make time to go to a veterinarian and establish connections with other local pet care specialists. They will help you when facing issues about the animal's health and welfare.


National Pet Month aims to educate owners on the importance of bringing their pets to specialists. Veterinarians, sitters, groomers, trainers, and breeders are just a few of the pet care professionals that owners should utilize.


Highlights the Value of Service Animals

Whether trained or not, service animals have significant roles in the lives of owners. Assistance animals provide support while working animals undergo training to perform domestic service.


National Pet Month aims to raise awareness of the selfless support pets provide in therapeutic and working roles. This way, the pets have opportunities to receive the care, welfare, and love they need.


Starts Fundraising for Pet Welfare Organizations

National Pet Month promotes groups and institutions that can support the welfare operations of charities for pets. Pets have welfare needs to be cared for: companionship, socialization, diet, shelter, and health. Pets that do not have owners lack this care.


Some charities deal with training pets. Others provide medical assistance to pets. All need funds and awareness to do their incredible work, and National Pet Month provides that awareness. The true significance of National Pet Month shows in the collective effort of pet owners and organizations to care for our furry friends.



Where Is National Pet Month Observed?

While the celebration goes on mainly in the U.S. and the U.K. (where it happens in April), there are so many places where pet lovers can observe National Pet Month.


Animal Shelters

While any day can be a lucky day for a homeless pet, many people visit animal shelters during National Pet Month to find their new family members. Animal shelters provide a temporary home for rescued, surrendered, or abandoned animals.


Pet Clinics

Pet Clinics are extra busy during National Pet Month. Many homeowners treat their pets for a check-up and grooming at this time. It is also a great opportunity to take advantage of awesome packages and discounts from pet clinics.


Pet Resorts

Pet resorts are boarding services for pets when owners are out of town or traveling. This service starts with feeding, exercises, and medications. However, a pet resort has more luxurious amenities than a regular kennel. Pets could have a clean, spacious room and even a TV!


Pet Shops

National Pet Month is a busy time for pet shops. Pet owners and even their friends buy merchandise for pets. These merchandises include cat food, dog food, pet collars, clothes and accessories, leashes, cages, pet beds, aquariums, and much more. You can find almost anything your pet needs for a comfortable life at a pet shop.


Animal-friendly Recreational Areas

National Pet Month is a fun time for animal-friendly recreational camps and parks. You can bring your pet to these parks to bond and play. Recreational parks have a lot of space for dogs and other pets to run free.



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How To Observe National Pet Month

There are many ways to observe National Pet Month, and you don't have to own a pet to get involved. We have some celebratory suggestions for pet owners and non-pet owners alike.


For Non-pet Owners

You can still celebrate National Pet Month if you do not own a pet. Here are some things you can do to observe the occasion:


Donate Animal Food and Supplies

Animal shelters have a lot of needs to keep up their charity work. No matter how much you donate, your thought always counts. Blankets, cat food, dog food, toys, and feeders are just a few of the pet supplies you can donate to shelters.


Adopt a Rescued Pet From a Shelter

If you have been thinking a lot lately about becoming a pet parent, it is probably time to foster one. Rescued pets are worth considering since they have had a previous family. They are probably longing for love and affection. Some of these rescued pets may have been wandering the streets or abandoned.


Volunteer to Rescue Abandoned and Stray Animals

You can join charities as well. These organizations often need more helping hands. To join, you must undergo some training with animal professionals, but anyone can do it.


Donate to Shelters and Pet Charities

Even if you don't have the time, you may have the resources to fund charities. You can send them monetary donations to help them fund their activities. Charities need funds to carry out their charity work, and by helping them out, you'll improve the life of someone else's pet!


Teach Responsible Pet Ownership

Children love pets, but young pet owners may not have a proper orientation before owning a pet. They need to learn about pet nutrition, grooming, social activities, and physical activities. Help them handle and understand pets better and develop responsibility for their pets.


Help a Senior With a Pet

Some elders in your neighborhood may have pet companions. You can celebrate this occasion by helping them buy supplies for their pets or assisting them in bringing their pets to the groomer or veterinarian.


For Pet Owners

If you are a pet owner, here are a few ways that you and your pet can celebrate National Pet Month together:


Bring Your Pet for a Check-up

Vets recommend yearly check-ups for pets under seven years old. Pets older than seven should visit the vet twice a year. You can use National Pet Month as an excuse to bring your pet to the clinic and see how well they are doing.


Cook a Homemade Meal

We may be too busy to cook for our pets most of the year, but you can treat them to a nice homemade meal during this special month. There are many pet recipes out there on the internet, like this DIY dog food!


Throw a Pet Party

It might not be their birthday, but you can still dedicate a party to your pet. Bring your family and friends to this occasion and throw a memorable party dedicated to your pet. Be creative and let the kids have fun and games with your pet!


Visit Animal-friendly Parks

Bond with your pet by bringing them to animal-friendly camps and parks where they have lots of space. To make it even more memorable, bring along your family, throw a picnic, and play fun games with your pet.


Take Them to a Pet Spa

Pets can now experience resort-style luxuries like spas, facials, pedicures, massages, acupuncture, deep baths, coat conditioning, and more. Your pet deserves it, right?


Buy Your Pet a New Toy, Merch, or Supplies

Pet toys quickly get old and worn out from chewing. Consider buying a new toy, clothes, costumes, collar, leash, pillow, memory foam. And don't forget to shop for needed food supplies and supplements. You have all the reasons on National Pet Month to spend money for your pet.


Spay/Neuter Your Pet

These procedures help your pet to not reproduce. Every animal deserves a good life. However, some pet owners would have too many pets that end up in the shelter. If you want to keep the good life of your pet and you cannot take the responsibility of a newborn, spay or neuter them during National Pet Month.



Final Thoughts – National Pet Month

National Pet Month is just one of the many occasions we have to celebrate our animal companions. There are many other holidays dedicated to pets, and we encourage you to celebrate them if you can. Some other popular dates include:


  • April 30 – National Pet Adoption Day and National Tabby Day
  • August 26 – National Dog Day
  • October 27 – National Black Cat Day
  • October – National Animal Safety and Protection Month


Pet owners know that every month is pet month with a loving animal under your roof. Still, it's nice to dedicate a special time of year to celebrate our pets. National Pet Month also does a service for the world. It helps shine a light on shelter pets, strays, and other animals in need.

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