Longest Living Cat Breeds: A Guide to Felines with Nine Lives

Longest Living Cat Breeds: A Guide to Felines with Nine Lives
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It's often fun to compare a cat's life expectancy to human years and say that a 10-year-old cat is 53 in human years. But is that true? Is that how cat life expectancy works? Not really! The longest-living cat breeds often live around 20 years old, but that can be much longer given the proper nutrition, exercise, and environment.


How long a cat lives depends on a number of factors, most notably their food and activity level. But there are other things to keep in mind if you want your cat to live a long and healthy life, regardless of breed. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want your cat to live as long as Creme Puff (more on her later)!



What is the Average Lifespan for a Cat?

The average lifespan for a cat varies based on its environment. A cat who lives indoors will live longer than an outdoor cat. But there are other things at play, too, including a cat's diet, activity levels, and genetics. Cats who have regular vet visits also live longer on average than cats who don't.



striped cat resting on side in street



What is the Average Lifespan for Indoor Cats?

The average life expectancy of an indoor cat is 10 to 15 years. But many indoor cats are known to live much longer. Indoor cats have longer lives because they don't deal with as many health and safety issues as cats exposed to the outside world. But indoor cats still need proper nutrition and exercise in order to live long, happy lives.


What is the Average Lifespan for an Outdoor Cat?

A lot of people are shocked to find out that the average lifespan of an outdoor cat is two to five years. Cats should be kept inside for a multitude of reasons, all of which can play a big role in shortening a cat's life.


Stray Cats

Cats who are let outside can come into contact with feral and stray cats. These cat colonies can give your cat a multitude of diseases if they get in a fight. Even a simple scratch can give your cat FIV, which is a fatal disease that will leave your cat sick and unable to be around other cats ever again.



Injuries from wild animals and dogs can also shorten your cat's life severely. Dogs that aren't on a leash can attack cats, even kill them. Wild animals will also see your cat as a snack. This includes fox, coyote, hawks, fisher cats, and other predators.



Another concerning danger for outdoor cats is traffic. A lot of cats get hit by cars. Unfortunately, people who hit cats will often speed away without letting anyone know. Cats are not considered property, so drivers are not obligated to inform anyone if they hit a cat. This, unfortunately, means your pet could be left on the side of the road for days.


Pests, Parasites & Diseases

Outdoor cats are also susceptible to pests, parasites, and other dangerous diseases that indoor cats are usually safe from. These can greatly reduce your cat's life expectancy and lead to health complications. Outdoor cats are also often dirtier. They'll get fleas, ticks, and other concerning infestations.


Cats Are Considered Pests Themselves

Keep in mind that outdoor cats are also considered pests themselves. Many places call them invasive species since they kill so many wild animals, including birds and rodents. This can heavily impact the local ecosystem. Eating these wild animals may give your cat diseases or other health complication. They can also choke on bones.


It's very important to not personify your cat and understand how to make them happy while living completely indoors. With proper care, your cat will live a lot longer and have a more fulfilling life.


Can Cats Live Up to 20 Years?

Yes! With proper vet treatment, regular checkups, and a healthy diet, cats can live up to 20 years. It's not as common as the 10 to 15-year average, but it's not unheard of.


Can Cats Live Up to 30 Years?

This is even less common than cats living to 20 years but it most definitely is a possibility with the right genetics and care. A surprising amount of cats have reached 30 years and older thanks to consistent vet visits and proper nutrition.


The oldest living cats are Rubble (30 years old) and Sasha (32 years old). 


Rubble lives in Devon, UK. He takes medication for his high blood pressure but is considered very healthy aside from that. 


Sasha started her life as a stray kitty with an injury. The cat from Northern Ireland now lives a long life of luxury.


The oldest cat on record is Creme Puff. The female tabby mix was born in 1967 and died in 2005 after reaching 38 years old. She lived in Austin, Texas with owner Jake Perry, who said Creme Puff ate dry food as her main form of nutrition. She was also given broccoli and turkey bacon.


Creme Puff was also kept very active, according to Perry. His garage was a movie theater for his cats, showing nature documentaries. There were also wooden steps on his walls so Creme Puff could climb around his house. Perry also built a screened enclosure in his backyard so Creme Puff could enjoy the outdoors in a safe way.



ginger cat with orange flower



What Are the Longest Living Cat Breeds?

Some cat breeds live longer than others, due to their large gene pools and genetics. Here are some of the cat breeds that are known to live the longest.


  • Siamese: This ancient breed is known to live up to 20 years. Their biggest known health issues are related to their teeth, so remember to brush their teeth daily. The Siamese is a vocal kitty and will always let you know how they're feeling. They are very social and loyal, so you'll have a friend for life.
  • Burmese: This is another social and loving cat that will become your best friend. Burmese cats are known to live about 18 years. A common health concern is glaucoma, but they're generally a healthy breed.
  • Savannah Cat: This exotic breed lives about 20 years. It's part African serval, meaning it has an energetic personality. The Savannah Cat is known to get a bit mischievous and playful but is fully domesticated.
  • Egyptian Mau: The Egyptian Mau is one of the oldest breeds in the world, spotted in ancient Egyptian art. This breed is known to live around 15 years old. They are social and playful, making them a great addition to any family that has time to spend with them.
  • Ragdoll: This breed also lives around 15 years old. Ragdoll cats are very fluffy and stunning cats that are known to flop around like a ragdoll, hence the name. This kitty is friendly and trusting, making them great family companions.
  • Russian Blue: Living about 20 years, this breed is the purrfect addition to most families. This is a quiet, reserved breed that loves spending time just lounging around in the sun or atop their favorite cat tree. They are prone to eye problems and bladder stones, so always bring them for regular checkups.


What Breed of Cat Lives the Shortest?

One of the cat breeds that lives the shortest is the Manx. Their average life span is eight to 14 years old.



Do Male or Female Cats Live Longer?

Male and female cats both live similarly long lives. Male cats live an average of 13 years old and female cats live a bit longer at 15 years old.



What Can Impact the Lifespan of a Cat?

There are many important factors when it comes to your cat's lifespan. This includes diet and health, exercise and playtime, and their environment. Cats live much longer when kept indoors.


They also live longer lives when they are fixed. There's data that shows that neutered male cats live 62% longer than unneutered males. Spayed female cats live 39% longer than unspayed female cats.



fluffy grey feline staring at dinner



What Can I Do to Help My Cat Live Longer?

Cats will live longer lives when given the proper care. There are certain essential things to keep in mind if you want your cat to be healthier and live many more years. Here are some things to remember.


Proper Diet

Whether you provide your cat with wet food or dry food, it's important to remember that your cat needs certain ingredients to have a balanced diet. The first thing your cat needs is protein. The first ingredient in the food you pick should be a protein source, including chicken, salmon, or lamb. Taurine is another essential ingredient that your cat needs to have proper health.


Keep Them Inside

Indoor cats live longer because there are fewer health risks for cats that aren't exposed to outside dangers. But indoor cats still need certain things to stay happy and healthy. Provide your cat with cat trees and shelves, so they have more area to explore. Give them plenty of toys and other things to stimulate them as well.



Cats need about 30 minutes of exercise a day to be healthy. Set aside time every day to play with your cat, whether it be shaking a ribbon for them or throwing toys down the hall. Your cat will love spending time with you and their health will benefit from running around.


Cuddle Time

Even though cats are known for being independent, this is a social pet that does need affection from you. Provide your cat with plenty of cuddles and pets to keep them happy and stimulated. Some cats enjoy just lounging on the couch with you, while others love to be carried around. Some cats will even meow for attention between each of your activities, hoping to be a part of the action.


Fix Them

You should always fix your cats. This will improve their life expectancy and remove a lot of health risks. Fixed cats will also have a better personality and be friendlier. Of course, fixing cats will also reduce the chance of producing more kittens. Over 2.7 million kittens are euthanized in shelters each year.


Regular Checkups

Cats never seem to be in pain. In fact, cats are known for being experts at hiding their pain and discomfort. But cats need regular checkups to keep on top of their health. An annual checkup is important to stay on top of possible health issues or complications. If your cat has any issues, a vet will discover it early and provide a treatment plan to keep your cat healthy.



pet cbd tincture for cats & dogs



Can I Give My Cat CBD?

CBD is a great way to give your cat a healthy lifestyle. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp, meaning it won't get your cat high. Instead, CBD interacts with the receptors in your cat's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps your cat maintain a sense of well-being and balance.


The receptors are found in almost every system in your cat's body. This includes the nervous, immune, and digestive systems. That means the receptors are in your cat's body and mind, which ultimately means that the CBD will have a variety of benefits for your cat's physical and mental well-being.


A lot of people provide their cats with CBD to keep them calm and reduce negative behavior. Regular CBD (like twice a day) will keep your cat from being aggressive or destructive. CBD oil for cats along with other CBD products for cats can also reduce stress and nervousness.


Holistapet's CBD cat treats are also a great option for cats with physical discomfort and joint inflammation!



Final Thoughts - Longest Living Cat Breeds

As you can see, there are a lot of variables when it comes to the longest-living cat breeds. It's important to provide your cat with a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and an enriching, stimulating life indoors if you want them to live 20 years or more. Living 38 like Creme Puff might not be the norm, but it's possible if you provide your cat with the right care.


One very important thing to remember is to keep your cat inside. Indoor cats live much longer and healthier lives since they don't have access to the same dangers as outdoor cats. They also have less exposure to diseases and pests.


The second important thing to remember if you want your cat to live longer is to fix them. Fixed cats live longer due to fewer health complications. Fixed cats also produce fewer kittens and have better personalities. You'll notice that your cat seems a lot happier almost instantly.


The average life expectancy of a cat with proper care is 10 to 15, although some breeds are known to live around 20 years old. This includes the Siamese and the Ragdoll. But no matter what breed your cat is, they can live longer and more fulfilling lives if you give them the care they need and ensure they have regular vet visits scheduled each year.

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