How To Give Your Cat CBD Oil [Tips & Tricks]

How To Give Your Cat CBD Oil [Tips & Tricks]
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If you own a cat I’m sure you’ve experienced the picky side of their appetite. As most people know cats are notorious for being fussy eaters and CBD oil is no exception. Fortunately, by combining our knowledge with our customer feedback, we have compiled a list of all the best tips and tricks addressing how to give your cat CBD oil.



CBD Dosing Tips for Cats

You may find that your cat doesn’t mind the taste of CBD oil, they might even like it. If this is the case, dosing your cat with CBD oil will be a breeze. If not you will have to be a little more creative when it comes dosing time.


Whether your cat is new to CBD or you are switching brands it is always best to use minimal amounts when testing out how your cat likes it. This way if your cat rejects your offer you don’t waste a whole dose of CBD oil.


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Whenever you are preparing to give your cat CBD it helps to remain calm, especially when using the direct feeding method. Cats can understand our emotions, so if you rush the process or are too assertive you might scare them. You don’t want your cat to associate the sight of CBD with fear. Once you have found a method your cat prefers, try to give them a full dose that way.


To find your cats correct dosing size try out our interactive dosing chart.


8 Methods to Give Your Cat CBD Oil

We always recommend for our customers to try giving their cat CBD oil directly in their mouth, on their food, or on a treat before resorting to other measures. Let’s see what options we have to work with and figure out how to give your cat CBD oil. 



bengal cat holding cat treats close



1) Direct Feeding Method

This is one of the simplest ways to give your cat CBD oil. You may not have to do much at all. First, try taking a couple of drops into the dropper and present it near your cat’s mouth and nose area. Let your curious cat explore it, hopefully, they will take a liking to it by licking the dropper. If they do you're in business, you can give them their whole dose this way. However, if they veer away, then you may need to be a bit more assertive.


Measure out a dose of CBD oil for your cat and place it on a dish in case any drips out. Now, find a nice area to sit and place your cat facing away from you. You can try to wrap your cat in a towel which provides additional comfort.


Use one hand to pet your cat and relax it. When your cat is calm use your other hand grab the dropper. Now, take your petting hand and slightly lift your cats head by the jaw. While holding the head in place, put the dropper in its mouth and squirt the dose in slowly. Squirt the oil at a flow rate which is not overwhelming. Allow your cat time to intake the oil and swallow it.


2) Add CBD Oil to Cat Food

This is usually the first method people resort to if their cat rejects the direct feeding method. If your cat likes its food this should be a cinch. Just prepare your cats meal as you usually would. Next, measure out your cat’s CBD dose and disperse it evenly on top of the food. You can use wet or dry food. Mix it up to spread the CBD evenly and serve it to your cat.


3) Add CBD Oil to Cat Treats

You can try adding CBD oil to your cat’s favorite treats as well. This method is fairly similar to adding CBD oil to cat food. All you need to do is grab some cat treats. Evenly spread the CBD dose on the treats and give them to your cat. Breaking the treats up can create more surface area for the CBD oil to adhere.


4)  Use CBD Cat Treats

Using CBD infused cat treats is super simple and effective. You can find different varieties online but you might want to pay attention to the ingredients. You want to stay away from unhealthy, unnatural, or processed ingredients. At Holistapet we make our salmon flavored CBD cat treats with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, gluten, or dairy. We only use grain-free, all-natural ingredients. Cat’s absolutely love them! Each treat has 2mg of CBD oil which makes dosing clean and easy for you and your cat.



how to give your cat CBD oil



5) CBD Oil in The Empty Feeding Dish

Another method we have seen success with is putting a cat’s CBD oil into its empty feeding dish. Your cat knows this is where food and edible things go. It is most comfortable eating here and it’s dish is full of delicious food aromas which can tempt your cat into taking the CBD oil. Leave it there for a bit and see if your cat takes a liking to it.


6) Tuna or Tuna Juice & CBD

I don’t think I’ve met a cat that can resist the smell of tuna fish. It’s like catnip laced food for felines, they go crazy for it. This is a nifty trick but we advise from using tuna too often, no more than every other day. Tuna is high in unsaturated fats and too much can lead to a vitamin E deficiency in cats. It is also high in mercury.

Take a tablespoon of tuna or juice and mix it with your cats CBD oil. Your cat should show interest the second the aroma hits the air. It may even beg you for more, but it will have to wait until next time.


7)  Fish Oil & CBD Oil

Similar to giving your cat CBD and tuna juice, you can give your cat CBD and fish oil. Cats will stir up a frenzy over fish oil. To use this method with your cat simply measure out their CBD dose and add a little bit of fish oil to it. Fish oil comes in the form of liquid or capsules. You can use either one to mask the CBD from your cat’s tastebuds.



feline snacks on floor with kitty



8)  Put CBD Oil on The Paws 

We saved this method for last for a reason. This should be your absolute last resort as it can work but it can also be quite messy and wasteful. However, we include it for the fussiest of felines.


Must of us know cats are perfectionists when it comes to grooming. Did you know you can use their urge for cleanliness to get some CBD in their system? If you put CBD oil on your cat's paw it will feel compelled to lick it clean. They will unknowingly take their dose while grooming.


However, there’s always the chance that your cat will just speed off running and get the CBD everywhere. Placing your cat in a crate or bathroom temporarily might help keep the mess and waste to a minimum if you decide to try this method.



As you can see now there are plenty of ways to mask the flavor or texture of CBD oil from your cat. Let us know how it goes for you or if you use any other alternative methods, we love hearing customer feedback! Besides HolistaPet CBD oil and CBD cat treats we also manufacture CBD capsules for pets which are made with CBD and hemp flour. Some owners find that the CBD powder mixes with wet food better than the CBD oil.


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