Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumbers? Theories Explained

Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumbers? Theories Explained
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The adorable videos of cats being scared of cucumbers are all over the Internet. In these videos, the cats are scared by a cucumber placed behind them when eating or facing away. Then when they turn around, they get scared by the cucumber and jump back from the cucumber. What could be the real reason cats are scared of cucumbers?


Many people have their theories on why cats are scared of cucumbers and other fruits and food. What is it about the cucumber that cats don't like? Is it the way it looks? Is your cat just jumpy, or are cats just really scared of cucumbers?



Can A Cat Develop Phobias?

Yes, cats can develop phobias through bad or unpleasant experiences! For example, a bad experience with a small child could make your cat timid around kids and small children. Sometimes several unpleasant events associated with one specific person or animal lead to very intense fears.


Cats that are socialized early are less likely to develop phobias. If a cat is very isolated in the first months of being born, it will be very skittish. Cats with more social interaction in their setting will be a lot more playful and maybe even more loving.


Suppose your pet cat is in a very loud and stressful environment, like a shelter. They don't get much human interaction, and they're in fear much of the time. They will become withdrawn and maybe even defensive as a result!


Cats that are carried and loved regularly during the first few weeks of birth are generally more exploratory and social. On the other hand, cats adopted as strays from shelters do not have much experience around people and your household pets. Normal things to us such as vacuum cleaners, dryers, or dishwashers may increase a stray cats paranoia or fear.


Also, genetics and early environment affect a cat's ability to handle stressful situations. Some cats are inherently timid and fearful. These may never become outgoing or sociable. Still, other cats experienced poor nutrition or poor maternal care during development or while kittens, which affected their emotional development.



Common Reasons Cats Get Scared

One really big reason why cats get scared is because of the US! This is more common in feral cats who live on the streets and have little to no human interaction. The reaction from the cat may be different depending on the dominance of the cat.


Also, due to a bad visit to the vet's office or traumatic memories from outside of their home, your cat may feel stress when brought out of the comfort of its own space. Often, vets may put the cat in a very stressful, scary situation they were not expecting.


Some other common causes of stress or fear in cats are:

  • New pets
  • Household changes
  • Outside animals
  • Improper human contact
  • Loud, sudden movements and noises


As you could tell, cats can be pretty skittish animals by themselves. They run at loud noises, and they're scared of other animals coming into their space. These fears are normal, but strenuous situations can cause abnormal stress and lead to phobias. But the real question is, why are they so scared of the cucumbers?



scared little gray kitten on bed



Why Are Cats Scared of Cucumbers?

Many people have their theories on why cats are scared of cucumbers. Even though some of us get our kicks from scary movies and getting scared, cats do not. Your cat wants to feel safe in its home and be able to relax. Your cat does not want to worry about being scared by a cucumber!



Some people don't think that the cats are scared of the cucumber itself. They believe it symbolizes something to the cats. One popular explanation is that the cats think the cucumber is a snake. Cats are genetically hard-wired through instinct to avoid snakes, so it would make sense they would run away from anything that even may resemble their shape.


Don't Sneak Up!

Another theory is that the cats are just scared of the cucumber being behind them. Anyone would be scared if a cucumber magically showed up behind them, right? The idea is that when the cat turns around, it is simply just startled by the cucumber being there. The cats are not scared of the cucumber. They are just scared of something creeping upon them.


Just Plain Skittish

Some people also say cats have a high startle response, so they are easily scared by sudden movements. Jill Goldman, a certified animal behaviorist in southern California, explains that the cucumbers are triggering the cats' natural startle responses:


"With a startle response, a cat will often try to get out of there as quickly as possible and then reassess from a distance." We recommend not scaring your cat because it might lead to them injuring themselves, breaking a bone, or prolonged stress. Experts recommend not scaring your cats with cucumbers just for Internet clout.



surprised woman holding her feline



Are Big Cats Afraid of Cucumbers?

Big feline breeds are less likely to be afraid of cucumbers, but just like any other cat, they still have strong startle responses. Cucumbers can scare different types of cat breeds, whether big or small, all the same. However, a wild cat like a lion or tiger may be less inclined to freak out at the sight of a cucumber than a small house cat at home.



How Can You Calm a Cat That's Scared of Cucumbers?

When your cat gets startled by something like a cucumber, there are some things you should do to relax them, like:

  • Keep cucumbers away from them
  • Giving them their space
  • Staying calm
  • Not being loud
  • Not making sudden movements
  • CBD!


An amazing way to help your pet recover from a sudden appearance of a fruit or vegetable is CBD. CBD is a great way to help your cat's nervousness subside. When your cats are scared by the unknown change in their environment, this is the fastest and most effective way to calm down your feline and make sure they are okay.


CBD calms your feline down with little to no side effects. HolistaPet has great CBD soft chew cat treats specially formulated to help phobias and jitters! The chews are made of 100% all-natural, organic ingredients that anyone could ingest. CBD cat chews will help your cat relax and feel at peace with what has been a stressful situation.


Calming your cat down as quickly as possible is the best way to ensure they don't develop a phobia. CBD calms your animal of the experience and makes them feel relaxed and happy.



Final Thoughts

The reason cats are scared of cucumbers may never truly be known. Some people may believe that cats are scared of cucumbers because they resemble snakes, and cats are predisposed to hate snakes. Many people can agree that cucumbers look like snakes. But could this be the reason why cats are scared of cucumbers?


Remember, the best way to keep your cat calm after a bad experience is CBD. It's the quickest way to calm down your cat. It works fast and leaves your cat feeling at ease and no longer scared. Be sure to check your line of HolistaPet cat CBD chews for the best quality and service.

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