Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? [Top 5 Reasons & Prevention Tips]

Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? [Top 5 Reasons & Prevention Tips]
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Eating at the table? Your cat's there. Typing at your desk? Your cat's there. Doing your business in the bathroom? Your cat's there. While you love having your buddy around, sometimes you start to wonder, "Why does my cat follow me everywhere" or,  "Why is my cat so clingy? He follows me around constantly!"


Cats follow us around for a variety of reasons, most of them harmless. In fact, it's usually just because they love being around us! Cats follow us for attention, head scratches, for entertainment, and for food. But if your cat seems to be getting a bit clingy, it might be time to look into the reasons your cat refuses to leave your side — even when you're trying to get some privacy in the bathroom.



Why Do Cats Follow Their Owners?

There are many reasons that cause cats to follow us around the house. Since cats aren't as expressive or direct as dogs, sometimes their behaviors can seem like a mystery. But cats are actually quite predictable! Cats often have a specific reason for everything they do and they love doing whatever is familiar to them. The main reasons your cat may follow you around is for attention and food, as well as to check out what you are up to.



Is it Normal For My Cat to Follow Me Everywhere?

The short answer is.. yes! It's very normal for cats to follow owners from room to room. Cats are often thought of as solitary creatures but they absolutely love to follow us around! While every cat has their own distinct personality, cats generally enjoy being around their family. This means that they may choose to spend time in whatever room you're currently in. More clingy breeds, like the Siamese or the Sphynx, will follow you everywhere, any time.

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Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere? - Normal vs. Abnormal Shadowing

While a cat walking into the room you're in, rubbing against your leg, and then lounging around as you go about your business is quite normal, there is such thing as a cat that is too clingy. If you're thinking, "My clingy cat follows me around constantly to the point where I can't get things done!" That's when there's a problem.


Here are some signs that your cat's following is a bit excessive:


  • Following you around includes getting in the way of activities (for example - cooking, folding laundry, working on a laptop).
  • They also meow constantly as they walk behind you (of course, some cats are naturally more vocal than others so keep that in mind).
  • If you close a door, your cat starts scratching it obsessively. They might leave scratch marks on the door, walls, or flooring around the door.
  • They constantly walk so close to you that it's impossible to walk without tripping or hurting them.
  • Your cat will become destructive if you don't let them in the room (like scratching up furniture, ripping up toys and paper, pushing things off of the table, etc.).



cat sitting by owners feet



Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?


Cats are intelligent creatures that can be a bit nosy. They love knowing what you are doing at all times — and yes, that includes when you're in the bathroom. Actually, especially in there! Cats will follow their owners to find out what you're up to, whether it be making dinner, watching television, folding laundry, or doing some yoga stretches.


In fact, cats are often not satisfied with just following you — they love being part of the action. They will jump on the counter to see up close exactly what you are preparing (and contemplate how they can get some themselves). They will curl up on the couch — or on your lap — sometimes with their eyes glued to the movement on the television screen. They will sit right on top of the laundry, enjoying its warmth and getting in on the action. Cats will stretch out on your yoga mat, rolling around and purring. They sometimes will even climb right on top of you while you are attempting to balance.



People less familiar with felines will often assume that cats are totally fine being left alone all day. They assume that their cat loves alone time, sitting on window sills and sleeping in cat trees. But cats are very loyal and affectionate animals, just like dogs — they just show it in a different way. Cats may enjoy staring out the window all day, but usually when you are also in the room. When you leave, they may follow you to the next room and hang out near the window there instead.


And lovable cats may even follow you around hoping for a scratch and a cuddle. A cat looking for companionship will often go wherever you go, meowing and rubbing on your legs. They may even stretch up on you or jump onto a counter or table to get more level with you as they meow.


Fear and Anxiety

Some cats just don't want to be alone. Whether it's because they are scared you may leave the house or because they don't like being alone with the dog, there are cats out there who may feel vulnerable or worried when you aren't around.


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Cats will often view their favorite humans as a source of safety and comfort. This is for a variety of reasons. One, you are their food source. This means you are a trusted provider that they rely on for survival. Two, you may have adopted them as a kitten and they now consider you their family. Studies have proven that cats form attachments to humans that are similar to those of a baby. It's possible that your cat thinks of you as its parent or sibling.



You may have noticed that your cat is very curious about what goes down in the kitchen. The moment you even walk in that direction they bolt after you. When you start cooking they feverishly rub on your legs, constantly meowing and staring up at you. Some bold cats may even jump on the counter or dig around in cabinets! It's no secret — cats will follow you for food.



Just like how you spend the morning in the shower and brushing your teeth, then eating breakfast in the kitchen, then reading on the sofa, cats also have routines. Part of their developed routine may involve following you! Cats are creatures that love routine and patterns — it gives them comfort. If they started following you to the bathroom as a kitten and got used to cuddling in your pants as you sat on the toilet, they may expect this to happen every day — even as adults.



How to Stop Your Clingy Cat From Following You Everywhere!

If Your Cat is Curious

You may very well be the most interesting action in the entire house. Watching you make the bed might be plain old entertaining to some cats. Not only do they now have something to watch, but it's also something to get involved in. What cat doesn't love rushing under the freshly washed sheets and rolling around on top of clean pillows?


If you suspect that your cat is just bored and looking for you to entertain them, try giving them more toys. It's quite common for cats to not be given enough stimulation. Since they sleep so often, a lot of people feel cats don't need toys or activities — but this isn't true at all. Set aside time where you play with your cat. Give them a good variety of toys to fool around with when you're not around. You might even want to try a cat wheel.


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If you think your cat is more nosy than bored, try installing cat shelves and cat trees. Instead of following you around and getting in your business, your cat may choose to sit atop a cat tree and watch what you're doing from above. Having a high up space to watch all of the action will make your cat more secure and confident, alleviating their need to follow you around.


If They Need Attention

Cats can become lonely and starved for attention, making them more likely to follow you around. You will also notice that they are more vocal at night, seeking out attention as they roam the empty hallways. Cats may become extra clingy if you've recently come back from work or were gone for a longer trip.


Set aside time each day to shower your cat with love. This could be brushing them in the morning before feeding time or scratching their favorite spot while they lounge on the cat tree right before you go to sleep. When you come home from work, spend some time cuddling and playing with your cat. This won't make them as needy later on when you're trying to cook dinner or scroll through your phone.


If Your Cat Has Fear and Anxiety

If you suspect that your clingy cat is following you around incisively from room to room, your cat may have separation anxiety. This will often be accompanied by other symptoms, including:



A clingy cat with separation anxiety might need to see a veterinarian to properly assess their emotions. Meanwhile, consider adding some CBD Oil For Cats to their diet, you can try dropping some CBD oil on their food each morning. Holistapet also has CBD treats for cats, both options may promote calmness and relaxation in a fearful kitty.

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CBD interacts with your cat's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which controls their mind and body's balance. Your cat's ECS is full of receptors that CBD attaches to. This interaction may alleviate tension and make them feel a lot calmer overall. Helping them feel calm and secure should lessen a cat's need to shadow you around the house.


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If Your Cat Wants Food!

It's easy to give in when a cat is screaming for food. Sometimes it can get annoying. And sometimes you just can't resist their big, sad eyes and desperate meows. But don't. Give. In. Establish a repetitive feeding time for your cat, like 9 AM every morning. Make sure you give them their food around this time every single day. You may even want to split up their daily intake, giving them half in the morning and half for dinner.


If your cat begs for food any other time of the day you must ignore their pleas. Remember: They are not actually hungry! And maybe even more importantly: Never give them any human food no matter how many times they stare at you or meow for it. After a while, your cat will get the hint.


Unlike dogs, most cats can't be trained to sit in a certain spot while you eat or to stop meowing when you're in the kitchen. But what can really help is getting an automatic feeder. This will separate you from the food a little bit. Instead of relying on you for food every morning, your cat will start to realize that the feeder goes off on its own. This will make them less likely to meow in your face all morning and then follow you around as you get ready and eat breakfast.


If Your Cat Has a Routine

This sort of goes along with the advice above. Cats love routine. They get very stressed when a routine is broken. But if you create a new routine, your cat will have a new one to focus on. This will make it less jarring when you change up their following habits.


If they love following you to the bathroom, try petting them outside the door or in the hallway or room outside of it. Play with them a little bit. Then go into the bathroom. Don't ever give in and open the door for them. When you come out, give them a treat. Instead of following you to the bathroom, your clever kitty may begin to enjoy a new routine: Wait outside of the bathroom for a treat.



cat sitting by owner playing games



Why Is My Cat So Clingy - Do I Need to Go to The Vet?

Cats may have evolved from solitary wild cats, but most have adapted to life with humans. Most kitties love bonding with their family, whether it's just lounging around in the same room or cuddling with you throughout the night. But if you notice that your cat seems distressed, nervous, upset, anxious, angry, or fearful, you may have a bigger problem on your hands than an over-affectionate feline. Contact your vet if your cat's behavior has changed. They can assess them for behavioral issues and provide advice, treatment plans, and medication if needed. You can learn more about caring for your cat here.



Final Thoughts - Why Does My Cat Follow Me Everywhere?

Cats follow us because they love us. They love being around us. Cats love to be a part of what we are doing. They love getting some attention and cuddles. But if your cat is following you everywhere to the point where you can't work or eat without disruption, you might need to address your cat's clingy behavior, no matter how cute it is. Luckily there are many ways to make sure your cat feels loved without having to be connected at the hip!. View this link to learn more about our brand Holistapet!

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