Dog Neck Pain: What’s Causing My Dog to Ache?

Dog Neck Pain: What’s Causing My Dog to Ache?
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We've all experienced neck pain for ourselves. Difficulty moving, tight muscles and a painful sensation that won't go away are all aspects of neck pain that can affect your quality of life. But did you know that dog neck pain can be an issue for your pet? You might be surprised to hear that canine neck pain is not an uncommon affliction. Many veterinary clinics see dogs come in suffering neck pain with various causes.


If you own a dog, you're probably wondering how to identify neck pain, what some causes might be, and of course, how to treat and alleviate neck pain! If all of the above checks out, you can rest assured you have found yourself at the right place. We set up this handy guide to lead you through everything you need to know about neck pain in dogs, along with some useful products for aiding in relief from neck discomfort. Please stick with me below for more info!



Dog Neck Pain

Like us, dogs can suffer neck pain due to many different causes. These can be from bad habits they may have picked up or can even result from an injury related to playing or working. Some dogs are even born with back or neck pain resulting from developmental abnormalities. In these cases, pain can show itself suddenly and without warning, making it difficult for pet parents to pinpoint the exact cause.


Causes Of Neck Pain In Dogs

The underlying cause of your pet's neck pain can come from many different sources. Pet owners should be aware of some of the potential root causes that can result in neck pain in dogs, so in the event their pet friend experiences it, they will be better equipped to identify and relieve the source. Many of these issues can only be observed through magnetic resonance imaging or x-rays provided by a veterinary clinic.


Disclaimer: The information provided below is intended as a starting point to help owners identify possible causes of canine neck pain. This information is not intended to create a definitive diagnosis. Pet owners should take their pet to a veterinary clinic for any required diagnostic tests and the opinion of a professional medical practitioner.


Growing Pains

Like us, dogs can experience pain from growth spurts they experience as they age. Bones move into new positions and thicken as a dog ages. This is a natural part of how dogs grow larger, but sometimes these periods of rapid growth can result in the emergence of neck and back pain.



puppy growing pains



Reckless Movements

Dogs can be an excitable bunch. They often show this through how they move: hopping around, running, walking on hind legs, and more. Crazy activities of all kinds can signify an energized and excited pet. Unfortunately, some dogs might get a little too excited and unintentionally hurt themselves while expressing it! If your dog excessively jumps or hops around, this could eventually result in a sore or stiff neck or other problems such as back pain.


Atlanto-Axial Malformation

Some dogs might be born with complications that can cause neck pain. In some smaller dogs especially, the bones in the neck may not fuse properly. This creates an unstable connection affecting movement and causing significant discomfort. These developmental issues can result in intense chronic pain and even paralysis in more severe cases.


Non-elevated Food Bowls

Neck pain in dogs can also be influenced by how you feed your pet. Food bowls, for instance, can greatly affect the health of your dog's neck! If your dog constantly holds their head low to reach their food, it may eventually experience pain and reduced movement.


Slipped Disc

A slipped disc is commonly caused by damage caused to the disc material. This is a common affliction in dogs but can be the source of a great amount of discomfort. This injury often requires surgical correction but can be helped with a long period of cage rest in some cases.


Intervertebral Disc Disease

Sometimes called wobbler syndrome, because of the "wobbling" gait it causes, this issue is often found in large dogs. This issue can occur when the disc material pushes against the spinal cord or expands rapidly from the bones. Treatment for cervical intervertebral disc disease often requires surgery to decompress and alleviate the symptoms.


Signs Your Dog Has Neck Pains

There are many noticeable signs you can look for that can indicate your dog is currently experiencing neck pain. It is important to know how to identify the signs to ensure you can properly help relieve your dog's pain. Some common signs that a dog may be experiencing neck pain include:


  • Muscle spasms
  • Shooting pain
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Low head carriage
  • Loss of appetite



sad pup aches



What Can You Do For Your Dogs Neck Pain?

If you notice signs that your dog has been experiencing neck pain, you probably want to do all you can to relieve its discomfort. Luckily, when treating neck pain, there are some easy options available. The exact approach to treatment will vary depending on the cause and level of pain experienced.


If the problem in question is coming from an infection of some kind, typically antibiotics, rest, and a visit to a friendly member of the veterinary community can greatly alleviate symptoms. You may help other conditions, such as slipped disc disease, with periods of cage rest, as this can help isolate the pain. But this can last for multiple weeks at a time, which can be emotionally hard on families and dogs alike.


Many pets experiencing neck and back pain will require corrective surgery. Keep in mind that the severity of the injury and other specifics can affect the severity of symptoms and the length and difficulties associated with recovery. Canine neck pain of any variety will likely require treatment using pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medication. You can expect your vet to prescribe these to your dog following your visit to them.



Recovery can be a slow process of adjusting to new habits beneficial for alleviating back pain. In many instances, cage rest and time away from the activities or causes of neck pain can be the main determining factors in a quick recovery.


However, these methods are usually only effective when combined with veterinary medicine and corrective measures to discourage bad habits. It is always recommended to take your pet to a veterinary neurologist for assistance in getting your pup back on the mend.


Some pet owners find administering CBD oil beneficial. CBD oil helps relax the muscles and relieve tension in dogs, helping to reduce recovery times and relieving discomfort. CBD can also help lower tension and swelling, so your dog can spend their time recovering with less discomfort. For some dogs, CBD can even assist them in getting to sleep, a useful feature to have access to for dogs needing long recovery periods.


Preventing Neck Pain

To avoid the pain and risks that come from a neck injury, it is in your and your dog's best interest to take steps to prevent injury from occurring in the first place. There are many ways to prevent a neck injury, and most are easily adapted changes in behavior you can start today!


One method dog owners find useful is to cease using walking collars. Instead, try using a walking harness when you take your dog out. Harnesses take the pressure away from the neck and back, instead evenly distributing any pressure throughout the harness. This creates much less tension while walking, making back or neck pain much less likely.


Proper exercise can also determine whether your dog develops neck pain or not. Healthy dogs who exercise often develop stronger neck muscles. A stronger neck is much more resilient to strain and can hold steady against the active lives that dogs like to lead. CBD products are also known to prevent neck aches. They can help loosen muscles and relax your dog, making stress-related muscle spasms and tightness less likely to occur.



happy dogs playing together



What CBD Products Are There?

HolistaPet offers a wide range of options for all of your CBD needs. We formulate each product to provide specific effects to benefit your pet's needs. They even come in various easy-to-administer forms! The CBD products we offer for dogs include:


  • Dog Treats: We make our treats with wholesome ingredients like pumpkin, blueberries, and apples, complete with the soothing power of hemp-derived CBD. Our dog treats are tasty and effective, making them an irresistible choice for dogs everywhere.
  • Soft Chews: These delicious morsels are just like our treats, only much softer! Soft chews are perfect for old dogs or canines who have trouble chewing. These delicious treats will also make for a great option for dogs who prefer softer foods.
  • Oil: CBD oil is an ever-popular way for pet owners to give their dogs CBD. CBD oil is flexible and easy to feed to your dog, allowing pet owners to incorporate the oil into their dog's food or directly into the mouths of less fussy dogs. CBD oil also contains highly beneficial hemp seed oil, so your dog will experience added benefits!
  • Capsules: Capsules are a good way to give your dog their CBD fast! Capsules are flavorless, making them a great choice for picky dogs who don't like the flavor of hemp. You can also crack them open and sprinkle the CBD onto food for easy application.



CBD is well-known for the array benefits it gives people and animals when consumed. It can be great for calming dogs in the short term and provides long-term wellness benefits capable of improving quality of life overall! Some of the benefits that CBD is best known for are:


  • Encourages calm
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces swelling
  • Stimulate appetite
  • Benefits sleep cycles


Why Should You Choose HolistaPet?

You always want to be sure you give your pet the highest quality option available, so why not go with a trusted brand like us at HolistaPet? We're dedicated to unlocking the best lives for you and your furry friends through our line of premium CBD hemp products.


We make our products using whole foods as ingredients to give your pet the best nutritional benefit. This means they'll receive a well-rounded treat anytime they consume our products. When you buy a product from HolistaPet, you can rest easy knowing it was formulated by a team of cannabis experts with a passion for the furry friends who make our lives and hearts full of love.



Final Thoughts — Dog Neck Pain

Neck pain in dogs can result from many different sources, making diagnosis difficult to do without the assistance of a doctor. Because many of the causes of neck pain are internal, they are often not visible through physical examination! As such, neck pain is not an issue we recommend dealing with on your own, and pet owners should immediately seek help for their dogs' neck pain.


Still, with the help of some products from HolistaPet, and some rest, your dog will be better equipped for recovery and can rest easy while they do so. Next time your dog is struggling with neck pain, refer to our guide for some help. So browse around our popular products and informative blogs; we would be happy to have you in our family!

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