Dog Whimpering: Why Your Dog Whines & What You Can Do

Dog Whimpering: Why Your Dog Whines & What You Can Do
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Dog whimpering can be concerning. Humans are capable of talking and communicating their needs through words. Unfortunately, dogs can't talk. So the way that they communicate is through crying, barking, and whimpering.


Although it may not always be easy to determine what kind of mood your dog is in, hearing them whimper signals that they are trying to tell you something. Whimpering doesn't always mean something negative, but it means that your dog is trying to get your attention for something. We will explore why a dog whimpers, if whimpering is common, and what you can do to calm down a whining dog.



Why is My Dog Whimpering?

The general reason why your dog is whimpering is that they are trying to communicate something to you. Exactly what your dog is trying to say can fall into several different categories.


Seeking Attention

Sometimes your dog wants a bit of extra attention and will vocalize it by whimpering. Maybe you are busy folding clothes or are talking with a friend. This might cause your dog to feel neglected, and they will let you know they want you to pay attention to them.



Similar to seeking attention, your dog may whine when they are begging for something. Your dog can be begging because they need to go outside, they want some help jumping off their favorite dog bed, or when they want a snack.


Dogs may also use body movement in addition to whining to hint at what they want. You might notice their eyes shifting or they start pawing at something.



Dogs can feel stressed out sometimes too. Canine stress can be caused by a wide range of things such as being in a new environment, meeting strangers, separation anxiety, or interacting with other animals. Dog whimpering can be accompanied by yawning, eye shifting, and lip licking to express their anxiety.


Pain or Discomfort

Your dog may express that they are upset and whimper when they are feeling pain or discomfort. This soreness can be caused by an injury, joint issues, or allergies. It may be difficult to pinpoint the cause of the discomfort, so we advise bringing your dog to the vet.



Whimpering isn't always connected with negative behavior! Sometimes dogs will whine because they are excited to greet you when you get home, they are thrilled to eat, or they are in an energetic mood.


Is It Bad if My Dog is Whimpering?

Not necessarily. It depends on why they are whimpering. Whimpering for dogs is normal behavior that they use to communicate many different things. However, whining can potentially be a serious concern depending on the underlying issue.


If your dog is whining for medical attention or a health issue, this may mean a trip to the vet is necessary. Things such as injuries, digestive issues, or allergic reactions may all need immediate medical attention.


However, there are less serious reasons as to why your dog is whining. Your dog might be whining because they want a treat, need some attention, or they are just excited to see you. It is important to gauge your dog's body language to determine why they are whining. Likely, you can treat the situation at home.



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Is It Common for a Dog to Whimper?

Yes, it is common for dogs to whimper. Whimpering is just another method dogs use to communicate with their owners. Humans communicate through verbal language; dogs communicate with us through barking, howling, and whimpering.


Dogs whimper because they want to express their excitement, anxiety, pain, need for attention, and other feelings to whoever is nearby. Even if your dog is trained, you may hear a whimper out of them every once in a while because they want to tell you something.


Although dog whimpering is common, the issues that cause the whining can vary in severity. Usually, when dogs whine, the issue can be solved at home. But there are certain instances when medical attention or other immediate help may be necessary for your pet.



How Do You Calm a Whimpering Dog?

The most effective way to calm a whimpering dog is to find the root of the problem. If the reason is something simple such as taking your dog outside or giving them a treat, these demands can easily be met. But if your dog continues whimpering, here are a few tips to solve the issue.


Remain Calm

Dogs have a keen sense of their owner's emotions. So when you are overly excited, your dog can sense it and start to feel excited with you. But when they are whimpering and feeling anxious, it is best to approach the situation as calmly as possible not to excite your dog even more.


Remaining calm during these kinds of episodes is important because it demonstrates to your pet that you are in control of the situation and they do not need to worry.


Be Patient

Along with remaining calm, being patient is also important. Patience demonstrates that you understand your dog wants something, but you also express restraint. Practicing a healthy balance of patience is key to training any dog to ensure that they do not take advantage of their owners.


Although we will do anything for our furry friends, we also must demonstrate control and assertiveness. When your dog is whining, some situations should be addressed sooner rather than later, but for other moments, demonstrating a bit of patience shows you are in charge.


Give Your Dog What It Wants

Depending on what your dog wants, it may be a simple solution to give in to their desire. This is best done at your own discretion and the dog's behavior, but something like giving your dog a treat, grabbing a toy that slid under the couch, or giving your pup a little bit of attention can stop your dog from whining.


Comfort Your Dog

Similar to giving your dog what they want, comforting them while they are distressed or anxious can help stop a dog from whimpering. It is important first to assess the situation and determine if any external factors may be causing the behavior, such as a new environment, strangers, or other animals.


Once you have a general idea about why your dog is whining, you can figure out how to separate them from the situation or ensure that everything will be okay. Providing your dog with a safe space or a blanket with their scent can also calm them down when they feel overwhelmed.


Give Them CBD

Another solution to a whining dog is to give them CBD. Whether you give them some CBD treats, quality CBD for dogs can help provide soothing and calming effects. If your dog is whining because they are experiencing any discomfort, such as joint issues or muscle soreness, providing some CBD can help alleviate the discomfort.


CBD for dogs works because the cannabinoids in CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system, or the ECS, which helps maintain the body's sense of balance. The ECS is the system that regulates sleep, appetite, mood, and many other functions. The great thing about CBD is that it is non-psychoactive, so your dog will not feel any intoxicating effects.


You can administer CBD to your dog through tasty treats or CBD oils. CBD treats are easy and come in plenty of delicious flavors your dog will love. And you can easily give  CBD oils by dropping them in your dog's mouth or on their food.


HolistaPet has a wide range of treats including calming chews made with 100% natural ingredients and broad-spectrum CBD to assist with your dog’s phobias, jitters, and nervous feelings.



soft calming chews for canines



When Should I Go to the Vet for Dog Whimpering?

If the whimpering persists after assessing the situation and attempting to find a solution, you may want to bring your dog to the vet. Your dog could be experiencing serious health issues such as digestive problems, an injury, or other issues that may require immediate medical attention.


Bringing your dog to the vet will allow the opportunity to understand the root of the whimpering and determine if your furry friend may need medication.



Final Thoughts - Dog Whimpering

Whether your dog is anxious, attention-seeking, or is begging for a snack, whimpering is one of the few ways they can communicate this to you. Getting to know your pet and their personality is essential to figuring out what they want. But ultimately, whimpering is a common behavior and can be easily solved with a little attention or CBD treats for dogs.

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