Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin? | Can Pumpkin Help With Dog Diarrhea?

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin? | Can Pumpkin Help With Dog Diarrhea?
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If you’re here you’re probably wondering, "Can dogs eat pumpkin?" Pumpkin is generally a healthy treat for humans, but is pumpkin safe for dogs? The short answer is yes. You can give your dog a pumpkin without worrying.

Although pumpkin is a healthy treat, you should be careful with how much and what type of pumpkin you serve your dog. Too much of this treat is not a good idea. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of pumpkin and how to avoid overfeeding your dog.

Can Pumpkin Help With Dog Diarrhea?

Pumpkin is a safe and healthy treat for dogs. It adds a nice tasty variety to your dog’s diet they will surely love. However, you should only give your dog this treat in moderation. If you happen to go overboard with pumpkin, it could be toxic for your furry friend.

Pumpkin is packed with beta-carotene, which turns into Vitamin A in a dog’s body. When a dog has too much Vitamin A, it becomes incredibly toxic.

However, don’t let that hold you back from treating your dog with a little pumpkin every now and then. There are still tons of good things in pumpkin your dog can benefit from. Pumpkins can help dog with dog diarrhea. They are highly digestible and good in high fibre.

What Kind of Pumpkin Is Good for Dogs?

Your dog can eat pumpkins in a variety of ways. There are several pumpkin dog treats, canned pumpkin dog food, pumpkin supplements, and also raw or canned pumpkin your dog will love.

You can give your dog regular canned pumpkins from your local grocery store. However, it’s best to not feed your dog any pumpkin pie filling or canned pumpkin that has added sweeteners and spices.

The fewer additives and ingredients in canned pumpkin, the better it will be for your dog’s health. Once opened, canned pumpkins can be stored in the fridge for three or four days.

You can also feed your dog homemade cooked pumpkin. There are tons of recipes online that will guide you to baking a pumpkin and scooping out the insides for a tasty treat. Raw pumpkin seeds are also safe for dogs.

Whenever making homemade pumpkin treats for your dog, avoid adding salt, oil, or sugar. Although raw pumpkin might not be as flavorful for you, dogs will still appreciate the flavor.

dog trying to eat raw whole pumpkin

How Much Pumpkin Should I Give My Dog?

So, how much pumpkin should you give your dog? For dogs on the smaller side, a couple of teaspoons should be enough. For larger dogs, a couple of tablespoons should do the trick.

Typically, owners will give one teaspoon of canned, cooked, or pureed pumpkin per ten pounds of body weight per day. This is a great standard to follow if you want to follow more precise measurements.

It’s best not to exceed that in one day. Instead, space out when you give your dog this yummy treat. And remember to always keep in mind what other treats you feed them. Overfeeding can also lead to other health problems, like obesity. As a general rule of thumb, a dog should never exceed more than ten percent of treats in their daily diet.

What Are the Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs?

There are so many wonderful benefits of feeding your dog pumpkin. It’s packed with vitamins and nutrients your dog’s body requires for optimal functioning.

The vitamins and nutrients found in pumpkin include:

  • Iron: Iron increases your dog’s hemoglobin count and promotes better oxygen flow at a cellular level.
  • Lutein: This is great for your dog’s eyes, coat, and skin.
  • Calcium: Calcium is essential for keeping your dog’s teeth and bones healthy and strong.
  • Vitamin A: This vitamin helps keep your dog’s immune system and keeps its vision working properly.
  • Vitamin C: This helps your dog’s collagen synthesis and enzymatic reactions in the body.
  • Alpha-carotene and Vitamin E: These antioxidants help enzymatic activity and prevent cell damage from free radicals.

Pumpkin is also low in calories and high in fiber, which helps a dog feel fuller. This can be an excellent nutrient-rich treat for dogs that tend to overeat.

How Can I Give Pumpkin to My Dog?

From homemade options to age-specific dog treats, you can give your dog pumpkin in many forms. Pumpkin is an easy treat to get creative with.

cbd dog treatsDog Treats

Store-bought treats are great for owners who want a safe and easy method of introducing their dogs to the wonderful flavor of pumpkin.

At HolistaPet, we take pride in being the number one vet recommended brand for pets. Our Pumpkin Spice + Cinnamon dog treats make an excellent nutritious choice.

Aside from all the benefits of pumpkin, they are formulated with turmeric root and Boswellia. They are also packed with other key superfoods like hemp seed powder and full-spectrum CBD oil.

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Our treats work wonders for helping dogs increase strength in their joints and reduce any discomfort from swelling in their body. We only use high-quality, natural, and organic ingredients that are vital for keeping your dog in optimal condition.

When you choose our delicious treats, you can rest assured that your dog will be receiving all the benefits pumpkin has to offer plus a whole lot more.

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Canned Pumpkin

There’s a difference between canned pumpkin and canned pumpkin pie mix. The latter contains sugar and spices that may be harmful to your dog’s health. However, raw canned pumpkin is a fabulous source of fiber, potassium, Vitamin A, iron, and beta carotene.

It’s low in calories and keeps dogs feeling full longer. Canned pumpkin can help with weight loss. If that piqued your interest, just remember to speak to your vet about a weight loss plan for your dog first.

Pumpkin Seeds

As we briefly mentioned, dogs can eat pumpkin seeds. Before giving your dog this treat, make sure you clean the pumpkin seeds.

If your dog doesn’t like them raw, try drying and roasting the pumpkin seeds first. You can also crush or grind them and mix them into your dog’s food. Pumpkin seeds are natural and delicious for humans and dogs. They are high in omega 3 fatty acids and have excellent anti-inflammatory benefits.

A vast number of dog owners have also used pumpkin seeds as a natural remedy for parasites like roundworms and tapeworms. The amino acid cucurbitacin in pumpkin seeds acts as a natural deworming agent.

When feeding your dog pumpkin seeds the same rule of moderation applies. Make sure you only feed them a few seeds in one sitting.

samoyed trying to eat pumpkin

Final Thoughts - Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin?

As you can probably tell by now, pumpkin is an incredible natural source of nutrients and vitamins for dogs. Not only do they promote good health in dogs, but they have also been used as natural home remedies to several conditions.

When you feed your dog pumpkin or its seeds, make sure you do so in moderation. If you opt for canned pumpkin select one that is free of added sugars, salt, and oil. Remember, there is a difference between canned pumpkin and canned pumpkin pie mix! If your dog is already on a special diet, or if you’re still a bit unsure how to add pumpkin to their diet, getting a vet’s opinion will do the trick. Caring for dogs is an owner's responsibility, provide canines with healthy options like pumpkin to enrich their lives.

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