CBD Gummies for Dogs [The Perfect Treat For Your Pup!]

CBD Gummies for Dogs [The Perfect Treat For Your Pup!]
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We're firm believers that all dogs are good dogs, and good dogs deserve treats! Whether you're looking to reward great behavior or just want to show your pup some extra love, treats are a known must-have for all pet parents. But this begs the question — what kind of treats are best? We're convinced that CBD gummies for dogs are a top-contender for best CBD treat.


CBD soft chews are sometimes referred to as CBD gummies, but they're the same kind of CBD dog treat. Not only are they a great reward for your dog, but they'll help to boost their overall wellness, too! Let's jump into this article together to learn more about CBD dog gummies and how they can benefit fluffy pups, senior dogs, and every four-legged friend in between.



What Are CBD Gummies For Dogs?

CBD gummies are chewy, soft treats for your pups. Not all dogs can handle hard treats or rawhide snacks, especially older dogs or those who struggle with dental or digestive issues. Unlike more traditional crunchy dog treats, soft chews are easy for dogs of any age to chew and break down and make it easier for those with health issues to enjoy snack time.


The best CBD dog treats will only contain all-natural ingredients and high-quality CBD extract. This is important to us because what we put into our dogs' bodies is just as important as what we put into our own. We always encourage our friends and families to check out ingredients lists when shopping for any furry friends so that they only ingest the best of the best.


Are CBD Soft Chew Gummies for Dogs Legal?

CBD soft chew gummies for dogs are federally legal, so long as they adhere to the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill states that all CBD products must be hemp-derived, meaning they must contain no more than 0.3% THC.


Keep in mind that CBD restrictions still vary by state, so it's a good idea to research your state's laws before shopping for or traveling with any CBD products (for dogs or humans alike).


Not to Be Confused With CBD Gummies for People

Even though they share a name, CBD gummies for dogs are very different from CBD gummies for humans. CBD calming chews are for dogs to eat. You should never give the brightly-colored CBD gummies that humans enjoy to dogs as treats. The CBD gummies for people often contain sugars and other ingredients that may not be entirely healthy for dogs.



feeding dog a chew



What Are the Benefits of Giving My Dog CBD Gummies?

Treats are a wonderful reward, but CBD treats are one step above and have all the added benefits CBD oil offers. CBD infused treats can be helpful in:


  • Aiding proper digestion.
  • Relieving queasiness.
  • Alleviating aches and soreness.
  • Promoting relaxation and a more calm mood.


CBD is generally well-tolerated by dogs, and most side effects (if any are felt at all) are mild and short-lived. Side effects can include drowsiness, change in appetite, dry mouth, mild diarrhea, or stomach upset.


How Many CBD Pet Treats Can I Give to My Dog?

While there are no official guidelines for how much CBD you can give to your pets, we generally recommend around 0.25 mg of CBD per 1 lb. of bodyweight for a regular dose and 0.5 mg per 1 lb. for a stronger dose. All of HolistaPet's CBD treats are pre-measured based on how much your dog weighs so that you don't have to think too hard when shopping for the correct dose for your dog's weight.


For more information on dosing, visit the CBD Dosage Chart on HolistaPet's site.


Ingredients to Look for When Buying CBD Soft Chew Gummies For Dogs

Dogs benefit from many of the same organic ingredients that we do! If you see any of the following items on an ingredients list for CBD pet products or other dog treats, you can feel confident that your dog is going to be enjoying a fulfilling meal or treat.


  • Dog-friendly fruits and veggies like bananas, cucumbers, peanut butter, blueberries, carrots, sweet potato, cranberries, spinach, and more.
  • Well-cooked, unseasoned meats like boiled chicken, lean ground turkey or beef, cooked salmon, roast, or pork.
  • Healthy oils and superfoods like omega-3 (which contains beneficial linoleic acids), omega-6, hemp oil or hemp seed powder, turmeric (which has anti-inflammatory properties), coconut oil, chia seeds, and other beneficial oils and fatty acids that have natural medicinal benefits.



Ingredients to Avoid When Buying CBD Soft Chew Gummies For Dogs

Dogs try to get away with eating many things — grass, table scraps, dirt, homework — but there are some ingredients that you should never give your dog. When buying any treats for your dog, there are many potentially harmful ingredients you should always look to avoid.


Human Foods and Other Fillers

While it can sometimes be cute when dogs beg for food from the dinner table, not all human food is pup-friendly. Some foods are okay in moderation, but they should strictly avoid others. Dog owners should note that there are certain people foods that dogs should never eat, like:


  • "Healthy" human foods - Avoid foods like garlic or onion, chocolate, grapes or raisins, avocado, cherries, macadamia nuts or almonds, and pitted fruits (think peaches or persimmons). Dogs should also never be given alcohol, veggie oil, or human medicine.
  • Unhealthy fillers - Never give your dog white flour and yeast, pea protein, cellulose (indigestible fibers), farmed salmon, soy, or brewer's rice. These ingredients are often added to boost protein or carb counts in your pup's food, but they're not good for them.
  • Animal byproducts, which include rendered fat and fat trimmings, pork bones or chicken bones, and animal digest. Non-specific ingredients like "meat" or "bone meal" usually mean scrapped or processed meat, which isn't good for your dog's health.


Be Cautious of Chemical Byproducts

If you wouldn't want to consume too much of an ingredient (or consume it at all), then why would you give it to your dog? This seems like sound logic, but many pet products still contain artificial or chemical additives that are very bad for your dog's overall health. We recommend that you avoid buying dog products that contain:


  • Sugar products or artificial colorings like candy or gum, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings, or xylitol (or sugar alcohol).
  • Dangerous preservatives. You wouldn't think that dog food companies would intentionally add dangerous chemicals to your dog's food, but it does happen. Any foods for dogs that contain Sodium Tripolyphosphate (a preservative found in detergents), Propylene Glycol (used in antifreeze and to preserve moisture), or BHA or BHT are extremely unhealthy for a dog.


Other ingredients like caffeine, salt or MSG, sodium hexametaphosphate, gluten, nitrates, or nitrites can also be hard on your pet's body and health..


Ask Your Vet What's Right for Your Dog

Every pet parent believes that their dog is special, and we believe that's true. While it can be easy to list out what's generally good or bad for dogs, some dogs may require more specific diet plans than others. If you're unsure what's healthiest for your dog's breed or are still skeptical about CBD treats for dogs, give your vet a call. A licensed veterinarian may be able to help you make a more informed decision about what's best for your fluffy friend.



giving small black dog a treat



Where Can I Buy CBD Gummies for Dogs?

If you're looking to try out CBD soft chew gummies for your dog, then look no further! HolistaPet carries two kinds of CBD Chews For Dogs: Calming Treats for nervous pups, and Mobility Soft Chews for any furry friend that feels achy. Our chews also come in delicious flavors like peanut butter and smoky pumpkin, apple & cinnamon, so your dog can enjoy a delightful snack and benefit from a more calm and relaxed mood.


Better yet, our soft chews are 100% all-natural and feature organic ingredients, so they'll only help your pup feel good. Our treats also contain broad spectrum CBD, so pet owners don't have to worry about their canines consuming any THC. Visit HolistaPet's Shop section today to read more about our chews and how they can benefit your dog. Take the time to also shop our full CBD pet selection for cats and horses as well!



Final Thoughts - CBD Gummies for Dogs

CBD gummies for dogs are a great alternative to giving your dog their typical hard treats. Because why give your dog a basic chew when you can give them one that'll help boost their overall wellness instead? By paying careful attention to what we put into our dog's bodies, we can improve their quality of life and our own.


To learn more about CBD for pets, fun facts about cats and dogs, and animal health and wellness, visit HolistaPet's Blog section today!

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