Functional Mushroom Soft Chews For Dogs

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Delivered Every 4 Weeks
Our Functional Mushroom Soft Chews provide your dog with broad immune support in one small, soft-baked treat. Each heart-shaped morsel contains a 700mg proprietary blend of Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Reishi, Shitake, and Turkey Tail functional mushrooms, helping to ensure a happy and healthy life for your pup with just one chew a day.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Susan Mullin

Calming CBD dog treats are useful as treats. Use autoship scheduled, which is convenient. Since Holistapet does so many specials though, considering cancelling autoship so I can benefit from those savings. It would be nice if the savings applied to those orders.

Debra Oxford
Melatonin chews

My dog loves these! He thinks they are treats! They help him sleep at night.

Garry Garner
10 year old white lab

He is definitely getting around better since taking his cbd treats, we added vitamin treats and he loves both of them

Vivian Gonzalez

Great products

Melatonin works!

We have a very high strung pup. She has a hard time settling for sleep at night. This naturally winds her down a bit before bed time. She's still pretty feisty...but it's significantly easier for her to settle and get some rest.

Dana Louis

It definitely works. I just wish there were so many artificial ingredients.

Stacey Thomson
Probiotic chews

My dog was biting and scratching her paws so much. I gave her a chew morning and night. After three/four days I noticed she wasn’t biting or scratching herself anymore! I LOVE these chews!!!!


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Has been donated since the 2023 launch of HolistaPet Helps!

What Is Super Mushroom Complex Good For?

Super functional mushroom complex blend is great for dogs because it can help support their immune system, digestive health, and energy levels. This all-natural supplement is made from a combination of several different functional mushrooms known for their health-supporting properties. Adding a super mushroom complex to your dog’s diet can help your furry friend stay healthy and active, both mentally and physically.