CBD Dog Treats + Joint & Mobility Care

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HolistaPet CBD Dog Treats + Joint & Mobility Care

Our Pumpkin Spice + Cinnamon CBD dog treats for joint & mobility are specially formulated with Turmeric Root and Boswellia to increase strength in joints and reduce the discomfort and swelling caused by joint conditions or surgery. These unique ingredients are vital for helping your dog maintain good joint cell structure and mobility, and are combined with other key superfoods like Hemp Seed Powder and Broad Spectrum CBD Oil.



  • Turmeric Root – Helps with swelling, reduces discomfort, tenderness
  • Boswellia – Repairs damaged tissue. Stimulates tissue immunity.
  • Hemp Seed Powder– Highly concentrated in omega fatty acids and protein.
  • CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)


OTHER ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Pumpkin Puree, Brown Rice Flour, Molasses, Cinnamon, Coconut Oil


Suggested serving: One treat (5mg) per every 10 lbs of body weight. Repeat every 4-8 hours or as needed.



Serving Recommendations:

CBD dosage is dependent on body weight and the type of condition which you are using it for.
To view the recommended dosing for this product, visit our CBD Dosing Chart for Pets.



Lab Testing Results

For the latest third-party Lab Test Results Click Here!



Why is Joint Health for Dogs So Important?

Were you aware that all dogs, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, are related to wolves? Both of these animals belong to the genus Canis, and some zoologists even consider the domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris) to be a subspecies of the wolf (Canis familiaris).


Wolves are supreme hunters. They hunt in packs and can roam over huge territories. Consequently, it’s safe to say that our domestic dogs retain some of these instincts and need to be highly active. So by keeping their joint health optimal dogs can continue to be active and stay mobile as they age. 


Furthermore, there is evidence suggesting that inactivity may actually cause joint problems. A 2003 study in the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism clearly states, “[Joints] are meant to move [and] immobility is detrimental.” That means your dogs have to move about and stay active, otherwise, they may suffer from joint problems. 



Why Do a Dog’s Joints Deteriorate?

There are various conditions that may cause joint problems and/or discomfort, including: 


Joint Issues

Joint Issues affects 1 in 5 adult dogs under the age of seven, and 3 out of 5 adult dogs over the age of seven. They usually cause chronic discomfort, decreased mobility, and lower quality of life.


Some Joint Issues are caused by mechanical wear and tear while others is an autoimmune condition in which your dog’s immune system attacks their joints.  


Hip Issues & Elbow Issues

Both hip issues and elbow issues can be congenital, developmental conditions that the dog is born with. They sometimes result in the joints not growing properly and causing potentially debilitating discomfort. 


Ligament Problems

There is a particularly common form of canine joint issue whereby a dog’s ligaments deteriorate due to old age. 


Injuries From Trauma or Force

Your dog’s joints can also get injured due to outside force. They may suffer from strains to their tendons, which are the pieces of tissue that link bones and muscles. They may also suffer from sprains to the ligaments, which are the pieces of tissue that connect bones. One of the most serious injuries is a torn cranial cruciate ligament (CCL), which connects the back of the femur (above the knee) with the front of the tibia (below the knee). 


More Joint Deteriorating Conditions in Dogs

In addition to these general types of underlying conditions, there are related conditions that may cause joint pain, including: 


  1. Obesity
  2. An improper diet or lack of certain nutrients



Symptoms of Deteriorating Joints

There are various signs that your dog may exhibit when they are suffering from mobility or joint problems, including: 


  1. Limping.
  2. Favoring the use of one leg over the other. 
  3. Keeping one leg off the ground when standing.
  4. “Bunny hopping” when running.
  5. Having trouble when getting up on their feet and/or laying down.
  6. Noticeable swelling at the joints. 
  7. Audible cracking and/or popping noises at the joints.
  8. Whining and/or whimpering. 
  9. Stiffness or restricted movement, like when they are moving from a prone position after resting and/or sleeping. 
  10. Hesitation, difficulty, or total inability to climb stairs, jump in a car, or get up onto a bed and/or couch. 
  11. Lack of stamina or a slow pace during walks or running at the park. 
  12. Excessive drooling and/or panting while they are at rest; this is one of the telltale signs that a dog is experiencing discomfort. 
  13. Excessive chewing and/or licking on or around joints that are sore, including elbows and/or ankles – this is another clear sign of chronic discomfort in dogs. 
  14. Muscle wasting and/or reduction.


Remember, dogs are inherently active and if an otherwise healthy animal exhibits one or more of these symptoms, they are likely suffering from joint problems that are impeding their mobility. Most dogs, unless they are suffering from health issues or the weather is excessively hot, should be able to walk or run for at least 20 to 30 minutes before they start to slow down. 



Five Ways to Naturally Improve Joint Health for Dogs 

1) Exercise

Always remember that dogs need to be active. This is an absolute necessity for their health. They’re descended from wolves, remember? That means taking them out, letting them run, and giving them plenty of exercises. Exercise can be beneficial both as a preventative measure and for rehabilitation from an injury or procedure


There are several types of exercises to enjoy with your furry friend. Switching up activities can help to stimulate the joints in different ways (as well as stimulate the mind). Walking your dog is always a nice exercise for both of you. Another great traditional exercise for your dog is playing fetch. Dogs absolutely love fetching basically anything you can throw. You can use your own toy or even a stick will work up a frenzy in almost any dog.


If you are not feeling too energetic yourself, you can always take your dog to the dog park and let him expend all his energy with all his little dog friends. Socializing is also important for a healthy dog.


2) Weight Loss

It’s absolutely vital that your dog stays at a healthy weight. As a 2012 study indicates, dogs are undergoing an obesity epidemic and it’s causing rates of premature joint wear and stiffness to skyrocket. Research also indicates that weight reduction can help treat limping in dogs with these joint issues


If you want a healthy weighing dog then it is best to monitor its diet and exercise. Obesity in dogs is defined as weighing more than 30% above their ideal weight. If your dog is obese or on the verge then you should probably limit its access to food and increase its exercise routine.


Stop feeding it table scraps if you do and opt for a healthy premium dog food. Feeding your dog smaller portions more often can help to burn calories quicker resulting in a weight decrease.


3) Glucosamine

It’s a natural substance in your dog’s body, with large concentrations deposited in healthy cartilage. Your doggy’s body produces glucosamine (glycosaminoglycan) for the formation and repair of tissues such as cartilage. Sadly as a dog ages, glucosamine production slows down. Although, by providing extra glucosamine to your dog’s diet you can help to counteract this. 


You can purchase glucosamine supplements for dogs and incorporate it into your dog’s diet. Dosing sizes can vary between products so we recommend always following the manufacturer’s dosing directions.


Glucosamine is a common supplement that may help treat various joint problems. Additionally, many veterinarians will prescribe it as a substitute for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).


4) Boswellia

This is a remarkable nutritional supplement with powerful anti-swelling properties. Recent research has indicated that it is highly effective in treating canine joint problems, including a study in 2012, and one in 2019. Boswellia is proving itself to be incredibly effective!


Boswellia is sold in three different forms which are resin, pills, and creams. Each of these applications can help sooth or improve joint health in dogs. You can rub the cream topically on joints to help relieve pain and promote mobility. You can add the pills or resin to your dog’s diet. This will supply Boswellia internally which may help reduce inflammation surrounding the joints.


Additionally, you can opt for convenience and quality and get yourself some CBD dog treats for Joint & Mobility. They are made with Boswellia, along with Turmeric and CBD. That’s 3 amazing ingredients listed here combined into one powerful product to help improve joint health for dogs.


5) Turmeric

The root of the turmeric plant contains a powerful yellowish compound called curcumin with remarkable anti-swelling properties. Numerous studies have indicated that it is highly effective at treating premature joint wear and joint swelling in dogs, including a study from 2003 (with the curcumin in the form of an extract called P54FP), and one from 2017.


There is also research indicating that curcumin is highly effective at treating osteoarthritis when combined with Boswellia. This is why we choose to combine both Tumeric and Boswellia into our Joint and Mobility dog treats. Whether you choose our convenient treats or some other turmeric product always follow the dosage directions that come with your product. 



How to Monitor Your Dog’s Joint Mobility

As a dog owner, you should always be observant of your dog’s behavior. If something seems off or they are acting strangely, there is probably something wrong. Trust your gut and listen to your intuition. If the condition does not appear to be totally debilitating, you may treat the symptoms with several of the methods listed above. 


Keep a log of their symptoms, 2 to 3 times a day, as well as how often you are feeding them the supplements or treats. If their condition does not improve or deteriorates, then take them to a veterinarian to seek out other treatments.

Weight 6 oz

150mg – For dogs under 20lbs, 300mg – For dogs 20-60lbs, 600mg – For dogs over 60lbs

41 reviews for CBD Dog Treats + Joint & Mobility Care

  1. Felipe Hernandez (verified owner)

    Honestly, at first, I was skeptical, but I knew CBD has many beneficial properties. My 9-year-old dog, Mia, has hip dysplasia, and her mobility went from extremely active to no activity. After the treats for a week or so I saw an extreme change. Not back to normal but back to moving, walking, and getting up from lying down, a win in my book. Her appetite increased and is walking and moving normally. So satisfied that I even subscribed and I never subscribe to anything. Thank you Holistapet for giving life back to my dog.

  2. mloubattagin1954

    I take my dog to Arizona every year and she cowers in the bedroom because she hates to hear the military jets high over head everyday. This year I had been giving her these mobility treats and CBD oil for about a month before we arrived and to my surprise she was hardly bothered at all by the jet noise and acted very happy to be there. It was quite a difference and I had to write this review. Amazing stuff and a great response to the product. Also, she seems to be getting up on her backend much easier.

  3. patti mansfield (verified owner)

    Just started My boxer/dane and g shep/rottie on this product last month. AMAZING results Stella (boxer/dane) acting like a pup again she is 10 with a bad left knee, hobbles like i did before knee replacement lol. Same producet helps Katie with anxiety so I am a believer in this product.

  4. Makayla Kemper (verified owner)

    I bought these treats for my senior Chihuahua mix. She was suffering from joint paints and she had frequent digestive problems. Since she began taking the treats (1/2 a treat a day) both issues have become immensely better. She has a lot more mobility and energy than she did before. Her stomach hasn’t gotten upset at all since she’s began taking them. She is an over all much happier and lively pup. My only wish/suggestion is that maybe in the future a version of these treats could be made for small senior dogs who may have trouble chewing the treats as they are now. My dog manages but if they were made softer it would be easier for her. I would highly recommend for any dog however, suffering from any joint issues.

  5. viviankanchian (verified owner)

    I am in complete love with this brand of products. I came across it at a health fair where I received some dog treats and some human gummies. I really liked the feeling they gave me… subtle relaxation, without feeling sleepy. Our sweet 15-year old yorkie, Pippi, loves her treats too. She is on a special novel protein diet due to severe IBD, so her diet doesn’t include grains, except for these treats… which thankfully are made without gluten or dairy, and she tolerates well. We tried giving her a little piece before her teeth cleaning, and she relaxed right into my arms… I could physically feel her tension melt away.

    Now she gets a couple little pieces a day… and absolutely loves them. And we love how naturally great they are for her physical and emotional health!

  6. cakap121 (verified owner)

    these have been helping my dog so much with her ligament issue. She moves around so much better and i love seeing the smile on her face

    • HolistaPet Support Team

      Thats awesome! So glad that your pup is feeling better and full of smiles!

  7. TJBRICCIO (verified owner)

    Bought these for my 13 year old Puggle who tore her ACL. It really seems to help as she is not struggling as much to walk as she was before. I will continue to purchase!

  8. retrohousewife05 (verified owner)

    My dog is a 14 year old Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd. She has been having more trouble getting around and this have helped her a lot. She also loves them and she is very picky.

  9. daniellelee207 (verified owner)

    My dogs love these treats and they work!?

  10. mikeposko (verified owner)

    They love the treats and work well

  11. daysfan96_00 (verified owner)

    My dog absolutely loves these treats and has taken to them immediately! She’s 14 and a bigger dog, and if she doesn’t eat these, she is stiff and has trouble walking. Once she does eat them, she’s back to being able to move again! Thank you!

  12. vanessaberben (verified owner)

    These treats have completely saved my 12yo chihuahua. His arthritis was getting so bad he could barely get up and sometimes couldn’t eat, some days he was in so much pain he’d crawl under a shelf in our closet and hide for hours. The vet suggested putting him on painkillers, something I really didn’t want to do. I’ve used CBD oil in the past for PMS symptoms and decided to try and find some for him, I’m SO glad I found Holistapet! Within just a couple days of using these treats he completely returned to normal, just as feisty and frisky as he ever was. His appetite’s returned, he’s cuddling again, he’s even back to chasing and playing with his sister. Thank you SO MUCH for giving me back my dog!!

  13. daniellelee207 (verified owner)

    My 9 year old Pitt mix has arthritis and I have been giving her the pumpkin spice treats for joints and mobility and it is working 🙂 she’s more active and there’s no more favoring her leg. Plus she loves the taste! ?? thank you

  14. Lfoxyy (verified owner)

    Used the oil before and my dog loved it..she can get up lil easuer now since shes 15 year old lab..we are trying the treats this time

  15. miizasia (verified owner)

    My dog loves it! Using this as a daily treat for my dog, seems to make her calmer.

  16. borgetto23

    CBD has helped my Dog immensely with his digestive issues. He usually shacked in pain after eating, suffering from IBS… Now I give him the CBD treat and he’s able to Enjoy Life Again!

  17. mikeposko (verified owner)

    Some of these treats with the oil in the food works great for calming ours and helping them move around after sleeping or napping

  18. mlaporte17.ml

    My 8 year old dog recently had a seizure. She was anxious and pacing after the seizure even while on gabapentin. I give her these treats in combination with her medicine and she has energy and is back to her cheerful self. They worked very quickly will continue to purchase these.

  19. andrewplus2 (verified owner)

    I order the joint and mobility earlier After my 11 year old Yorkie had acl surgery earlier in his life he developed a constant limp and at one point could barely put any pressure on his right rear leg. After taking him to the vet they did xrays and recommended all these treatments and pills I decided to order the joint and mobility treats. After a week I noticed he has able to put 50% more pressure on the leg and after a full month of giving him the recommended dose he was able to put 100% weight on the leg and I actually stopped with the treats. He never did limp again, but sadly he passed away a few weeks ago. Prior to him passing I had placed another order for his anxiety and rapid breathing but the day after the order he passed. They gladly cancelled the order for me and even sent me card!! I’m a customer for life now!

  20. Aorourke2118

    I have been using the CDB oil for my dog for a few months now and love the results I have seen. When I ran out a friend of mine ordered the CBD dog treats for me and my dog LOVES them. She is about 14 years old and has hip/joint problems. Before starting the CBD treatments it was painful to watch her trying to lie down or get up from her bed. Not only is she moving much better, but she looks forward to getting her “treats” everyday. It’s nice to use as them as a reward instead of trying to sneak it into her food with the oil.

  21. nallen354 (verified owner)

    Started using mobility for 12 yr old daschund. She is more active and mobile.

  22. tisha.chitta

    Our poor doggo is getting arthritis in his back hip joints. These treats have been an absolute sanity saver. Doggo doesn’t need nearly as much medication, and has begun playing like a puppy again!

  23. Stephanie (verified owner)

    My dog’s new favorite cookie! My 13 year old Chinese Crested is a picky eater and he inhales these treats. He’s less hesitant to move around after being on CBD for only 3 weeks. He has severe patellar luxation. I’m also giving him the tincture and the capsules but the treats are the easiest.

  24. nschex (verified owner)

    I have just ordered my 2nd bag of mobility treats for dogs. My pup loves them. Although we made a couple changes to his meds/supplements around the same time I really feel that the CBD treat have been most beneficial in his pain control.

    • HolistaPet Support Team

      Great news thank you for posting!?

  25. frank.biqncolaw.npr (verified owner)

    I bought this preparation for my 12 year old shiatzu who had such mobility issues that she would after laying on the carpet get to the would floor and do a four leg split–hitting the floor with her chest. It was pitiful to watch she had also slowed down on her eating and she is only 10lbs and was lethargic with dim eyes. I give her one to one and a half of these treats and she rarely has legs that splay out when hitting the wood floor, eats more, is more social and alert with wetter eyes. Her excrement has gone from gooey and slimy to more firm and clump like. She seems markedly younger as if 2 years have disappeared. That is why I am buying more. Frank

    • HolistaPet Support Team

      Great news thanks for the good words Frank! Hope things continue to improve – Nick

  26. comewithme92

    Awesome products, awesome company, great customer service, can’t think of anything else to say. This stuff has helped my dog with bone cancer was told that he wouldn’t last 3 months. Well it’s now over 6 months so I think it’s really helping.

  27. Lyndsey P

    My 2 year old Yorkie comes running for these things. P.S. I’ve been recommending your to my dog loving friends!

  28. Shannon H.

    Really fresh when you open up the bag they smell great. I can’t wait to have my dog try the other flavors he seems to like these quite well. He’s a picky eater too so that’s good. I’m giving it to him as a daily treat hopefully it will help him with his arthritis in his back legs. This is only the second day so I can’t really tell yet but he definitely likes the taste.

  29. Lisa T

    love that these are treats spcifically made for joint problems and have boswelia which ive heard helps inflammation as well as having CBD!

  30. Serenagomez34

    These treats are the pefect size for my yorkie. she loves them and is always wanting another and I can feel good that the treats are helping her

  31. JPflash

    These treats are really helping my dogs arthritis after a couple weeks and few bags. Wish they would come in larger doses for bigger dogs though.

  32. Levi S

    Superb product will order more!

  33. Justin L

    Not a bad product at all. I have never heard of CBD until my gf introduced me to HolistaPet dog treats. My dog has been getting old and I’m pretty sure has some kind of joint pains. She doesn’t really play much unless you taunt her with food. She seems stiff in the rear limbs. Anyways these things have been doing her a lot of good. she is moving more and it has been a noticeable difference!

  34. Chantea L

    Just got my order in the mail this and want to get a discount for my next order so I’m giving my review.. Product looks good as promised packaging is great with fast delivery. So far so good. Will be getting more for sure!

  35. Elisiah Paulson

    Very well made product. will buy again. calms my dog and makes him chill the F out!

  36. Yolondatrouble2

    my dog has hip dysplasia and these treats seems to help him with the pain. I notice he is walking more

  37. Lisabutterflybabe

    Happy dog, happy dad! I don’t want to ever let my dog’s old age get to me or him. I have been buying this formula for 3 months now and finally I can truly say that I have seen a big difference in my dog’s activeness and mobility. He can run and doesn’t drag his legs as much as he used to. Thank you guys for making an amazing product!

  38. Robert Martinez

    My dog just got back from surgery due to his leg injury. Thank God I came across this product. Gave the treats to my dog, he seems to like it. Will purchase more. Thanks

  39. jaguar6567

    I ordered this product from your website and there was a problem with shipping.. Nick was super helpful and they sorted it out quick and got my product to me (it was a few days late but they took care of it) for that reason 5 stars! I’ll try to leave another review once I see the product working in any way.

  40. Jamie Hadamier

    Hey just wanted to ad my 2 cents. I’ve been giving my dog with arthritis these CBD dog treats for 2 weeks and I do notice a big difference. He is more active and more playful then before. He’s not all cramped up when he wakes up in the morning especially. I guess this to me is a sign that its working right?

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