Cats and Fireworks: 12 Comforting Tips + Anxious Signals

Cats and Fireworks: 12 Comforting Tips + Anxious Signals
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Cats and fireworks don't always mix well. A festive evening like the 4th of July can easily become a scary night for many felines. Sadly, the loud bangs and bright flashes can often trigger fear and worry in them.


As cat owners, understanding and managing these anxious behaviors is key during the fireworks season. Our guide provides 12 top tips to help keep your cat calm and safe when pyrotechnics light up the sky. By preparing ahead, you can ensure the season passes as smoothly as possible for you and your furry friend.



Cats and Fireworks: Should You Be Concerned?

Yes, it's important to know how your cat might react to fireworks. These loud events can scare felines, making them hide, escape, or act out. Knowing that events like a bonfire night or a New Year's Eve party can make your kitty uneasy is helpful. Watching how your furry pal acts during fireworks and planning ahead can help keep them safe and relaxed.



Are All Cats Scared of Fireworks?

Cats' responses to fireworks can vary widely. While many cats get scared by the sound and commotion, some might remain indifferent or become curious. It depends largely on the feline's personality, past experiences, and environment.


Cats that are generally worried or have had bad experiences with loud noises are more likely to get scared during fireworks at night. However, laid-back cats or those used to the racket might not find the situation troubling. Knowing your cat's typical behavior helps you prepare appropriately for the fireworks season.


What Type of Cats Are Likely To Be Frightened by Fireworks?

During fireworks, cats can exhibit signs of worry and fear. A kitten, for example, may find the firework season particularly stressful. Similarly, adult cats not used to loud noises or bustling environments may show more distress. Timid felines also tend to be more affected by fireworks. If your feline friend often hides or reacts strongly to new situations or sudden noises, they will likely find fireworks displays challenging.


nervous cat looking up


How To Tell if a Cat Is Scared of Fireworks

Scared cats might hide more than usual, seek out quiet or dark spots, and show signs of agitation (like pacing or vocalizing). Some cats may even show physical signs, like puffiness or tenderness, due to increased muscle tension. Other indicators include refusal to eat, not using the litter tray, and excessive grooming.



12 Safety Tips for Cats and Fireworks

As the fireworks season approaches, ensuring your kitty feels safe and relaxed is crucial. We'll discuss them in more detail in the succeeding sections, but here is an overview of some top tips to help you prepare:


  1. Prepare Your Cat To Hear Loud Noises
  2. Create Safe Spaces Inside
  3. Plan To Stay Home or Schedule a Cat Sitter
  4. Remain Calm
  5. Prevent Your Cat From Running Away
  6. Keep Your Cat Calm With CBD
  7. Avoid Making Your Cat Feel Trapped in a Small Space or Room
  8. Use Sounds or Games as Distractions
  9. Distract Your Cat With Treats
  10. Microchip Your Feline and Have Information Up to Date
  11. Keep the Blinds or Curtains Closed
  12. Try a Pheromone Diffuser or Aromatherapy


Prepare Your Cat To Hear Loud Noises

Before any known date cats may deal with fireworks, start playing fireworks recordings at a low volume in your house. Gradually increase the volume over several days. Known as counter-conditioning, this method helps desensitize your furry friend to the noises. During these sessions, offer rewards and affection to create a positive experience. This way, your four-legged friend learns to associate the sounds with fun and calming experiences rather than fear.


Create Safe Spaces Inside

Choose a quiet room and set it up as a safe space for your cat. This one room should have all the essentials: a litter tray, fresh water, their favorite bed or blanket, and some toys. Ensure this safe place is accessible to your furry pal at all times during fireworks events. You might also add extra bedding or a tent they can use as hiding spots. If you have an outdoor cat, they should also stay inside during fireworks to keep them safe.


Plan To Stay Home or Schedule a Cat Sitter

The presence of humans in the house can reassure your cat during noisy events. Avoid leaving your cat alone during such situations. If you cannot be home, hire a trusted cat sitter familiar with your cat's routines and preferences. Having someone available to interact with your house pet can be a great distraction during fireworks night.


Remain Calm

Cats are highly sensitive to their humans' emotions. If you appear worried or upset, your cat is likely to mirror these feelings. Stay calm, especially during loud fireworks displays. Speak softly and move gently. If your feline friend seeks comfort, provide it, but don't force interactions. Sometimes, just being in the same room can be enough to reassure them.


Prevent Your Cat From Running Away

Fireworks can scare cats into fleeing. To keep your cat inside, close and lock all windows, doors, and cat flaps. It's also wise to confine your furry buddy to just one room in the house where they feel comfortable and where fleeing is not possible.


cat at peace snuggling in owner's arms


Keep Your Cat Calm With CBD

To help keep your cat calm during fireworks, consider using HolistaPet's CBD products designed for felines. CBD, or cannabidiol, has soothing effects and can be a safe option to ease your cat's worries without the use of heavy medications. Our popular feline products include:



When choosing CBD products, ensure they are from reputable sources like HolistaPet. Also, consult a vet to ensure CBD is suitable for your pet's specific health needs.


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Avoid Making Your Cat Feel Trapped in a Small Space or Room

When keeping your cat indoors during fireworks, ensure there are ample hiding spots for your cat to retreat to. Avoid confining your furry pal to unsuitable areas, like very small spaces where they cannot move around. You can set up a safe space in a larger part of the house where they can freely explore and find comfort. This approach helps maintain a sense of normalcy and security.


Use Sounds or Games as Distractions

Playing soft music or white noise on your TV can help mask the sound of fireworks at night. Choose soothing audio your cat is familiar with to create a calming environment. Interactive games can also distract your cat from the noise outside. Use toys that stimulate their hunting instincts, like feather wands or laser pointers.


Distract Your Cat With Treats

Treats can be an excellent way to encourage play and associate loud fireworks with positive experiences. Offer your cat their favorite reward during fireworks night to help keep their mind off the noise. Treat-dispensing toys are another great method to keep your pal busy. These toys provide yummy snacks and engage your cat in a mental challenge.


Microchip Your Feline and Have Information Up to Date

Before the fireworks season begins, ensure your cat's microchip is properly registered and your contact information is up to date. This small device allows shelters, veterinarians, and animal control officers to easily contact owners of missing cats. Keeping all information in your cat's microchip current can aid in their quick and safe return in cases of escape.


Keep the Blinds or Curtains Closed

Closing the blinds or curtains during a fireworks display helps block out the bright flashes and mutes the intensity of the loud bangs. By shielding your cat from fireworks' direct visual and auditory stimuli, you prevent them from becoming overly curious or agitated. They can then stay calm and settled in their safe space.


Try a Pheromone Diffuser or Aromatherapy

Pheromone diffusers release synthetic pheromones that mimic the natural calming chemicals cats produce. These can help reduce worry and promote a sense of safety in cats during fireworks. Aromatherapy can also create a calming environment, but be sure to use only cat-safe scents in moderation, as cats have sensitive noses.



Final Thoughts: Cats and Fireworks

As fireworks light up the night sky, remember to prioritize your cat's comfort and safety. You can significantly reduce their worries by implementing strategies like creating a safe space, using distractions, and staying calm yourself. Remember: Each cat is unique. Tailoring these tips to fit your cat's specific needs and behaviors will yield the best results.


Let us help you prepare your feline for the fireworks season with our calming CBD cat products. Visit our shop and be a step closer to keeping your cat calm during potentially stressful events. With the right preparations and products, you and your feline pal can have a more peaceful experience, even amid the celebrations. 

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