CBD Benefits for Dogs: Maximizing Your Pup’s Wellness

CBD Benefits for Dogs: Maximizing Your Pup’s Wellness
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Pet owners who have tried it swear by the all-natural CBD benefits for dogs. These days you may be hearing a lot about holistic health products and how they could be better alternatives to traditional veterinary medicine. When it's your own body, experimenting with hemp products is one thing, but entrusting those same products to work on your pet can make some people hesitant. How is it going to affect your dog? Is it safe?


Have no fear, the news is good! The same benefits humans enjoy from their CBD can extend to their dogs as well. Anything you take CBD for, your dog can too! Let's go ahead and take a look at everything CBD can do for our dogs.



What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the hundreds of compounds that come from the hemp plant. It is extracted from the flowers and buds of hemp plants, but it does not produce a "high" like marijuana or other cannabis plant products can. This is because CBD never contains more than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC (or "Delta 9 THC," to be more exact), which causes those psychoactive effects. CBD is more often used as a holistic and natural treatment for certain symptoms.


Often, hemp and cannabis plants are referred to as the same thing, which can cause some confusion. These two names technically refer to the same plant, but they are given different names to distinguish their THC content and legal status in the United States. Legally, hemp can only contain a maximum of 0.3% THC, but cannabis can contain as much as 30% THC. This is why the plant's legality changes in every state. CBD products can even contain no THC at all in broad spectrum and concentrate forms! You can't have that with marijuana products due to the high THC content.



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CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

CBD possesses many beneficial qualities for both body and mind by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a system of receptors located in the brain, along nerves, and adjacent to immune-regulating structures. These receptors are sensitive to cannabinoids naturally made in the body and are also influenced by phytocannabinoids (CBD made in plants). The ECS is responsible for helping regulate body processes like breathing, mood, gut and joint health, cognition, and more. Every mammal has an ECS influenced by cannabinoids (whether made by the body or by plants), which means that dogs can enjoy the same benefits from CBD as we do!


What Is CBD For Dogs?

CBD for dogs includes any dog-safe CBD product that is hemp-derived that you give to your pup. Some products, like CBD oil, are multifunctional and can be taken by both humans and pets as long as the doses are adjusted accordingly. Other CBD products like edibles should be specially formulated for dogs. CBD treats usually have added ingredients that further boost your pet's health, like superfoods and supportive vitamins. They're also infused with pet-friendly amounts of CBD, which are usually lower than the average human's would be.


CBD Benefits For Dogs

Like humans, dogs suffer many of the same ailments that we do. CBD products like treats, shampoos, or CBD oils can help with chronic or minor issues like:



There are many uses for CBD in dogs, and you can address all of the above issues through the right dose and the optimal consumption route. For instance, a CBD treat may better affect nervousness because CBD taken through the oral route is long-lasting. Still, you may try CBD oil for dogs for more immediate care because it absorbs faster in the system for immediate effects.


CBD Effects For Dogs

Overall, CBD relaxes and helps maintain the body's homeostasis. When taking CBD, your dog may feel calmer, sleepier, more relieved, and more relaxed. The effects depend on the amount given as well. Higher amounts of CBD your dog may not use can cause minor drowsiness, lethargy, inappetence, or nausea. However, these side effects are minor. If you give your dog too much CBD, letting them sleep it off and lowering their next dose is the best solution. Though there have been no known cases of fatal CBD overdoses, it is still possible to overdo your dog's well-tolerated amount.


Can CBD Get my Dog High?

CBD cannot get your dog high because it contains little to no THC. Though, there may be a few reasons why your dog seems "high" after taking CBD. This could be most likely due to a stronger dose of CBD than they are used to, which can make your dog appear sluggish or sleepy. Other reasons may be that you purchased a product incorrectly manufactured and does contain a significant amount of THC than it should, which is why it's always important to buy from trusted retailers and brands. Remember, high-quality CBD will have small amounts of THC and be well-tolerated by your pet!


Are the CBD Benefits For Dogs the Same For Cats?

Cats are mammals that also possess an ECS, so their reaction and benefits to CBD are similar. Evidence shows that cats given CBD regularly can support their health, especially as an oil. While most cats love lounging around the house and sunbathing, they still have areas in their wellness routine that could use a little help. For example, stress is a common issue among pets.


Cats can benefit from CBD if they suffer from separation or vet visit anxiety, recover from an injury, have an upset stomach, or need general immune support. CBD can also be especially useful for the elderly cat with stiff muscles and difficulty moving. As long as you are providing the right dose for your cat, there's no reason they won't benefit from CBD.



Is CBD For Dogs Legal?

Yes, CBD for dogs is legal! The federal government legalized the sale and possession of CBD and hemp-related products in 2018. Though individual states vary in their tolerance for CBD products, CBD is generally legal in the United States. Checking with your state's laws about CBD before buying is always recommended.



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What Are the Best CBD Products For Dogs?

The best CBD products for your dog will depend on your pet's needs as well as the quality of the CBD. Hemp-derived CBD oil is one of the best dog CBD products because your pup can take it in so many ways. Hemp seed oil is another ingredient in CBD oil. That means your dog can enjoy the benefits of the all-powerful hemp oil too. Hemp seed oil can help with discomfort, faster healing, stress, and the health of your dog's skin and fur.


Dog owners have a wide selection of CBD products to choose from to suit their pets' needs, including CBD treats that have delicious dog-favorite flavors. You can also purchase easy-to-hide capsules to put in their food or treats.


Whatever their needs may be, the most important thing to look for is the quality of the hemp that the CBD comes from. But how can you tell? These are some indicators of high-quality products:


  • USA-grown and sourced
  • Organic
  • 0.3% THC or less
  • List their ingredients
  • No contain artificial flavors or colors
  • No harmful ingredients or additives
  • Highly rated
  • Come from a trusted CBD brand


Another good sign that a product is top-tier is if the manufacturer can provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA). COAs prove that the company has sent their products to be tested by a third-party lab. The lab's results are published as a COA, which details the cannabinoid concentration of the product.



Why Choose HolistaPet's CBD For Dogs?

HolistaPet strives to be a brand that everyone trusts. All of our products are manufactured from organic US-grown hemp farms to bring you the best CBD oil, the best dog treats, the best...everything! We know your pet has unique needs, and that's why our line is extensive so that you have the freedom to pick and choose.


An honest brand is forthright about its products and should provide clean ingredients. Everything we make is all-natural and contains no harmful or mysterious additives. Just see for yourself — we list everything on each product page and have our COAs up for all to see.



Final Thoughts - CBD Benefits For Dogs

Every dog is unique and responds to CBD in its way. It can be a lifesaver for some when it comes to chronic issues and health consciousness. Modern vet medicine is incomparable but sometimes leaves gaps CBD can fill. What better way to watch your dog thrive than with a safe and natural product that you know they will respond well to?


How much CBD pet parents use is vital in having a lasting impact on your pet's wellbeing. Consistent use can do a lot of good in the long run, so to see a real difference, give your pet their CBD for a few weeks to watch their life improve fast! Want more canine care tips from Holsitapet? Check out these helpful resources!

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