CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs [How To Relax Your Restless Pup]

CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs [How To Relax Your Restless Pup]
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There isn't a dog owner out there who would not readily admit to the high energy found in most dogs. It isn't uncommon to see even fairly level-headed dogs desperately craving attention, zooming around a house, or just causing general mischief. For most dogs, this is just a part of growing up, but for some others, this hyperactivity could be coming from something more internal, like anxiety. In cases where additional physical and mental stimulation isn't enough, many dog owners look into CBD oil for hyper dogs.


If you're a pet owner who needs to control your dog's hyperactivity, then this guide should be just perfect for you! Read further to get the full picture of all the benefits, effects, and outcomes of using CBD oil for hyper dogs.



What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over a hundred active chemical compounds present within the cannabis plant. It is renowned for providing consumers with various wellness benefits, naturally promoting a balanced lifestyle while helping to maintain overall wellbeing. CBD is naturally within plants in the cannabis family, including marijuana and hemp plants. However, CBD extraction from hemp is preferable due to the plant's naturally higher concentration of CBD.


Additionally, due to the 2018 Farm Bill, any legal CBD product must be derived from a hemp plant testing under 0.3% THC, an amount far too low to garner any noticeable response. Marijuana plants will have a substantially higher THC level, far too much to ever be used in a hemp-based CBD product. Because of this, practically all of the CBD products you find on the market will be hemp-derived, and most pet products should be THC-free.


Does CBD Calm Down Dogs?

You likely want me to cut to the chase, so here you go: CBD does have the potential to help calm down a hyperactive dog! Because of this, there are many types of products available specifically formulated for their needs.


Soft Chews

A soft chew is exactly what it sounds like: A soft chewable dog treat made with tasty, natural ingredients! Soft chew CBD dog treats are great for dogs with sensitive teeth or those who just enjoy a soft textured snack.


Dog Treats

For a more traditional crunchy treat, try CBD dog treats! They're formulated with healthy, natural ingredients and a good dose of premium hemp-derived CBD. CBD dog treats are sure to satisfy your dog's craving while promoting a relaxed and happy demeanor.



Perfect for dogs who don't enjoy snacking (it's hard to believe but not impossible!), or for dogs with extremely low energy, capsules can be a great way to provide your dog with effortless relief. Capsules are also a great option for pet parents not wanting to introduce additional calories to their dog's diet, as they should have very little caloric content.



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Can CBD Oil Calm a Hyper Dog?

One of the most popular CBD products for humans and dogs is CBD oil. But can it help calm down hyperactive dogs? Dog owners familiar with how CBD works believe so!


CBD oil is easily incorporated in your pet's meals, infused in your dog's drinking water, or simply dropped into your dog's mouth for easy application. This makes administering CBD oil much less of a hassle, so you and your pup can get back to having fun together.


CBD oil also benefits its consumers with a fast onset time of around 30 minutes so that you can give your dog quick relief. The effects of CBD tincture should last for around 4-6 hours.



How Does CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs Work?

Now that you know what CBD oil does, it makes sense to want to understand how exactly it works. While we don't want to get bogged down with heavy scientific language, it's time to dig into some of the more technical aspects of CBD oil's functions and what it is in the first place.



CBD oil is made by combining a carrier oil with pure CBD hemp extract. Carrier oils are fat-soluble substances used to encourage CBD metabolization. Because CBD molecules bind to fat cells, carrier oils assist in delivering CBD to the body's fatty tissues. In other words, carrier oils help deliver cannabinoids into the body effectively so that consumers can get all of the benefits of CBD!


Popular carrier oils like hemp seed oil and organic coconut oil are great options and lend their own natural benefits in the process. For example, hemp seed oil is packed with fatty acids — since CBD is very fat soluble, this makes hemp seed oil an ideal carrier oil to boost CBD.


The Endocannabinoid System

CBD oil lowers excess energy and calms hyperactive dogs by supporting the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps to regulate certain functions and processes like:

  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Memory
  • Appetite

These functions are altered and regulated by chemical reactions with the ECS receptors. The effects depend on which receptors are targeted.


What Are the Benefits & Effects of CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs?

Now that you have some technical terms in mind, you probably want to know what benefits pet CBD products can provide your hyper pup. CBD oil is well known for its calming properties, so it should come as no surprise CBD is valued for helping a dog relax. However, there are many other benefits attributed to CBD oil use:

  • Encourages natural sleep cycle
  • May help to calm an upset stomach
  • Maintains contentment
  • Uplifts overall well-being


Side Effects

CBD oil is a very well-tolerated substance unlikely to cause any undesirable effects. But in the off chance that your dog experiences side effects, some of the most common are:

  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dizziness


Most of the time, dogs will only experience these side effects for a short amount of time, and they should pass relatively quickly. If side effects persist, pet owners should take their furry friend to a medical professional for assistance.



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Is My Dog Hyper or Just Excited?

Occasional excited behavior is totally normal for dogs. Hyperactivity is a state of frequent, if not constant, over-excitement. Let's talk about how you can distinguish between normal levels of excitement and excessive hyperactivity.


It is normal for dogs to get excited in response to specific events. They often bark and jump around when their owner comes home. It's very common for dogs to get excited when they go to the dog park or meet new people. Simply reaching for your dog's leash can stir excitement if they love going for walks.


Excitement is not necessarily a bad thing — far from it. Just like humans, dogs get hyped for the things they love, like walks, playtime, and — of course — seeing their beloved pet parents. If your pup gets excited for any of these common reasons, you have no reason to worry. Now let's talk about situations where your dog's behavior may get out of hand.


Identifying Hyperactive Dogs — Signs

To identify an overexcited dog, look for the cause of their behavior. Suppose your dog becomes excited in response to something specific, like meeting a new person, playing with a toy, or hearing loud or unfamiliar noises. In these cases, they are exhibiting perfectly normal behavior. There may be a problem if your dog is excited for no apparent reason. Hyper behaviors include:


  • Constant vocalization
  • Jumping
  • Running indoors
  • Spinning in circles/chasing tail
  • Panting
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Fidgeting
  • Short attention span
  • Snapping at others
  • Mounting (a.k.a. "humping")


Another key sign of a hyperactive dog is the duration of their excited behavior. A few bursts of energy throughout the day are common and nothing to worry about. If your dog seems to be wound up all day long, it's an issue. Let's look into the causes of such problematic behavior.


What Causes Hyperactivity in Dogs?

Canine hyperactivity has many causes. Sometimes, it's related to common and uncontrollable factors like breed or age. Other times, there may be a more serious underlying cause to address. Let's go over the main factors that contribute to hyperactivity in dogs.


Breed Type

Certain dog breeds have a reputation for high energy levels. These mostly include sporting breeds and dogs that were historically bred for hunting. We will go over specific hyper dog breeds in a moment.


Not Enough Exercise

Dogs need to get plenty of exercise every day. Otherwise, they will build up a lot of excess energy. If you do not give your pup a constructive outlet for their energy, it will eventually come out in unpredictable and potentially destructive ways.


Young Age

Kids always have a ton of energy, no matter what species they come from! The same youthful chaos filling preschools and kindergarten classrooms also affects young dogs. It is common for puppies to act hyper. Dogs' hyperactivity is not a major concern when they are young.


Your puppy should start to calm down between the ages of 6-9 months, exhibiting fewer and fewer hyperactive episodes. Domestic dogs typically reach full maturity in 1-2 years, by which time your dog should have control over their energy levels.


Improper or No Training

Proper training is an important part of the canine maturation process. Teach your dog to obey commands like "sit," "stay," and "shh." The training process teaches your dog when it is inappropriate to let their energy out and when they need to stay calm.


No Routine

A consistent routine helps your dog maintain a healthy energy cycle. Make sure that your dog has consistent meal times, takes a walk at the same time(s) every day, and has a reliable sleeping cycle. A steady routine is also good because having more reliability and fewer surprises reduces the contributing factors to hyperactivity.



If your dog's diet does not provide them with the proper nutrition, it can cause all kinds of behavioral issues. Ask a veterinarian to help you plan the optimal diet and feeding schedule for your dog. A reliable, nutrient-rich diet plays a huge role in regulating energy levels and preventing hyperactivity.



Hyper Dog Breeds

As previously mentioned, certain dog breeds tend to have higher energy levels. These are mostly sporting and hunting breeds intended for physically-taxing jobs. They need more exercise than other breeds to release their energy. Here are some famously energetic breeds:

  • Border Collie
  • Dalmatian
  • Siberian Husky
  • German Shepherd
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Basenji
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Chihuahua
  • Poodle
  • Beagle
  • Labradoodle



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How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil To Calm a Hyper Dog?

One of the most convenient aspects of CBD oil enjoyed by human and canine consumers is its fast onset time, which is somewhere between 30 minutes to one hour. Following this, the oil's beneficial effects should remain for 6-8 hours.


After this initial onset, your dog will begin to ease into the relaxing effects of CBD, likely lowering canine hyperactivity in younger dogs and giving relief to others struggling with excitable behavior.



How Much CBD Oil Does a Hyper Dog Need?

Like with anything in life, moderation is key when giving your dog CBD oil. However, because different dog breeds come in many different sizes, the recommended CBD amount can vary greatly. Luckily there is a simple way to figure out the right serving for your pup!


Generally speaking, the rule of thumb for serving CBD to dogs is 1-2 milligrams per 10 pounds of body weight. We recommend starting with this low amount so you can safely increase later if needed. Because it is impossible to decrease a serving once given, always follow the essential rule of CBD: start low and go slow. If you find your dog needs an increased amount, slowly increase it to 3 milligrams of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight.



Is There CBD for Hyper Puppies?

Much like a human baby, puppies are particularly sensitive to the things you give them and the environment around them. Because of this, pet owners often wonder if it is safe or appropriate to give their younger, more hyper pups CBD. CBD oil for dogs is generally well-tolerated among puppies and can provide them with numerous benefits at a young age.


CBD oil is no replacement for providing your dog toys and the proper attention. Still, for dogs suffering from discomfort, or excessive energy related to environmental stressors, CBD can be a source of great help. Keep in mind, servings will need to be appropriately small for your little friend, so we recommend finding CBD oils with a low concentration of cannabinoids.



How To Choose Best CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs

There is a lot to keep in mind when seeking out the best CBD oil to give your hyper dog. Luckily, most of the criteria will seem like common sense to you once you are familiar with them!


Natural Ingredients

Hemp doesn't need any dressing up or enhancement to provide its soothing qualities to your dog! In fact, additives and genetically modified ingredients are generally not so good for your pets, and should be avoided if possible. Be sure to verify all of the included ingredients in your CBD oil come from organic sources.


Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

While raw CBD extract always starts off containing all cannabinoids, scientists can use a scientific process called chromatography to remove cannabinoids from the extract. This is how broad spectrum extracts are made! Essentially, full spectrum CBD oil has all of the plant's cannabinoids, including trace levels of THC, while broad spectrum CBD oil includes other cannabinoids but has no trace amounts of THC.


Broad spectrum oil is the most desirable for treating hyperactive dogs. With it, you can avoid giving your dog any amount of THC while still providing the natural benefits of hemp-derived cannabinoids.


USA Grown Hemp

When it comes to hemp production, the United States is the place to be. Because other countries often lack regulations surrounding hemp plant production for commercial products, there can be discrepancies in their final product. This can include dangerous heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals left over from the unregulated production process.


To avoid this, look for products marked as being created using hemp from a grower located in the US. Not only will you be supporting the work of a local farmer, but you'll also be protecting your dog's well-being.


Lab Tested

Trust-worthy companies will ensure their products are lab tested for cannabinoid content. This is to provide their customers with transparency on the potency of the product and assurance that the product in question is broad or full spectrum and contains the amount of CBD advertised. Look for a Certificate of Analysis (COA), often provided by the brand's website, to ensure you are sourcing your CBD from a quality company.


User Reviewed

Look for a product with user reviews to ensure other customers have had a positive experience. Reading user reviews is a great way to get unbiased, firsthand accounts on the quality and effectiveness of different products. It'll also help you find out whether a brand has a good customer service team, shipping policies, and more, before you purchase anything yourself.



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What Is Best CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs?

The best CBD oil for hyperactive dogs generally contains natural ingredients, premium hemp, and comes from an honest company. To get all of these qualities, along with fast shipping times, excellent customer service, and a proven record of providing high-quality CBD goods, HolistaPet is a top-quality, trusted choice.


We provide a range of products specially formulated to treat the problems our dogs experience throughout their lives, naturally. If you want access to the best CBD oil for dogs, and plenty of other CBD products (even for cats!), consider HolistaPet for your furry loved ones!



What Are the Best CBD Treats for Hyper Dogs?

CBD treats follow many of the same rules as CBD oil, as simplicity is usually best! HolistaPet's CBD Dog Treats contain natural ingredients and don't include preservatives or additives because we want your dogs to feel their best! We also have three tasty flavors that cater to every pup's palette — our crunchy treats come in blueberry & sweet potato, pumpkin spice & cinnamon, and green apple & peanut butter.



More Calming Tips for Hyper Dogs

There's more than one way to calm a hyper dog. CBD oil and CBD dog treats are both terrific ways to encourage calm and relaxation, but that's just the start. Here are a few more things you can do to calm your dog and support the beneficial effects of CBD oils and treats!


Know Your Dog's Needs

When you first get your new dog, talk to the adoption center or breeder about what you should expect from this particular breed. A dog's nutritional and exercise needs vary dramatically based on genetics.


Exercise Daily

Make sure you take your dog on a walk at least once a day. Ask your veterinarian how much time your dog should spend walking based on their breed and age. Larger and more athletic breeds generally need more exercise, and you may need to walk them twice a day (morning and evening).


Socialize Early

Once they reach maturity, dogs should be able to maintain a calm demeanor in communal settings. To avoid social hyperactivity, your dog needs to learn good social skills. The earlier you start socializing your dog, the better. Take them to a dog park and organize playdates with your friends' pets.


Include Training

We highly recommend seeking the advice of a professional dog trainer. They can help teach your dog how to behave in specific situations and how to calm down on command. It is also essential for dog owners to have a hands-on role in training their pet. Otherwise, your dog may learn to obey the trainer's commands, but not your own.


Mental Stimulation

To regulate your dog's energy levels, you need to give their mind a workout in addition to their body. Try leaving interactive dog toys around the house to keep your pet engaged. Puzzle toys are especially good for mental stimulation. Having plenty of toys on hand also gives your dog something to do while you are out of the house.


Create a Schedule

Provide your dog with a consistent routine. Feed them and walk them at the same times each day, and try to have one-on-one playtime at least once a day.


Provide a Healthy Diet

Pet owners have a responsibility to provide their dogs with a nutritious diet. Different breeds have different dietary needs, so talk to a vet about your dog's optimal diet and feeding schedule. Here are some general indicators of quality dog food:

  • Whole ingredients (no meat "meal")
  • "Organic" labeling or certifications
  • Low or no grain content
  • No animal by-products



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Do I Need To Go to the Vet for My Hyper Dog?

Hyperactivity may be irritating, but it is generally not serious enough to need a vet. You can address over-excitement with the simple behavioral changes mentioned above and soothing additions like CBD treats.


If you make the changes we mentioned but your dog remains hyperactive, there could be an underlying medical cause. Hyperkinesis is a rare condition that makes dogs very sensitive to stimuli. At this point, little is known about the causes of hyperkinesis, but it often accompanies allergies, rapid heartbeat, and thyroid conditions. Vets usually recommend a combination of specialized training and medication to address the problem.



Final Thoughts — CBD Oil for Hyper Dogs

Dog owners and lovers alike have all witnessed or experienced difficulties dealing with a hyperactive dog. It can strain your relationship with them, tire owners out, and decrease the quality of life for pups struggling with nervousness. Luckily, now we have CBD to help us out, so if you're looking for help calming a hyper dog down naturally, you'll know where to turn next — your friends at HolistaPet!

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