National Mutt Day: A Celebration Of All Mixed Breeds

National Mutt Day: A Celebration Of All Mixed Breeds
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Have you ever wanted the chance to celebrate your mixed breed dog? If you do, then National Mutt Day is the perfect holiday for you! National Mutt Day celebrates all of the different mixed-breed dogs and encourages people to adopt these dogs from animal shelters. So many amazing mutts are waiting for homes, and National Mutt Day is a great way to bring awareness to their plight.


If you’re looking to learn more about National Mutt Day, how to celebrate it, and why we love mutts, read on for more information! We are happy to outline all of the things we love about this special holiday!



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What Is National Mutt Day?

National Mutt Day is a day we dedicate to celebrating all the wonderful mutts out there! Mutts are a mix of two or more dog breed. These kinds of dogs often make the best pets because they’re so versatile and adaptive. This sweet national holiday was created to celebrate these amazing dogs and encourage people to adopt mixed breed dogs from shelters instead of buying purebreds from breeders.


National Mutt Day History

National Mutt Day was founded in 2005 by animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige. Since its inception, National Mutt Day has gained popularity, with people all over the country celebrating their mixed breed dogs.


Because we can’t get enough of our mutts, National Mutt Day is typically celebrated twice a year on July 31st and again on December 2nd. But you don’t have to wait until then to show your pup some love! You can celebrate National Mutt Day any day of the year — in fact, we happily encourage it.



How To Observe National Mutt Day

If you’re the proud owner of a mutt (or would like to become one!), then you’re probably wondering how to celebrate National Mutt Day! Well, there are a few ways you can show your support for mixed breed dogs.


Adopt a Mutt

One way to celebrate National Mutt Day is by adopting a mixed breed dog from a shelter or rescue organization. This is a great way to give a deserving dog a loving home. It’s also a way to help reduce the number of homeless animals in our communities. Mixed breeds come in many varieties and sizes, so you are sure to find the dog for you no matter your preferences!


Spread the Word

Another way to celebrate National Mutt Day is by spreading the word about the many benefits of owning a mixed breed dog. For instance, did you know that mixed breed dogs are often healthier than purebred dogs?


Aside from that, mutts are also more affordable to most consumers! Many shelters offer free or low-priced adoption fees, so adopting a mixed breed dog won’t empty your wallet. Try telling your friends and family about all the benefits of owning a mutt!



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Another fun way to spend time with your mixed breed dog is to enjoy some playtime together! National Mutt Day is a great opportunity to do just that. There are many activities you can enjoy with your pup, but some of our favorites include going for a walk, playing fetch, and taking a trip to the dog park. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dog owner, these activities will give you and your mutt plenty to smile about.


Gift Them a Special Treat

You can also try getting your pet a tasty treat to celebrate! Dogs love to eat, so treats are a great way to give your dog a gift they will love. Check out some dog treats for National Mutt Day from us at HolistaPet! We make our treats using only natural ingredients, including delicious foods like pumpkin, sweet potato, blueberry, and turmeric, to name a few. Our dog treats also come with the added benefit of natural, hemp-derived CBD, helpful for winding down or enjoying a relaxed and carefree mood.


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Why Are Mutts So Wonderful?

There’s a reason we love mutts so much — they’re beautiful, intelligent, and loving creatures, and they come in all shapes and sizes. There are many things to appreciate about purebred dogs, but we are here to celebrate mutts and all of the great things about them!


Mixed breed dogs are often healthier than purebred dogs due to their greater genetic diversity. They’re also less likely to suffer from certain genetic diseases that are common in purebred dogs. As the owner of a mixed-breed dog, this can save you time, money, and emotional stress by reducing the likelihood of needing to take your dog on expensive trips to the veterinarian.


Many purebred dogs can be overly skittish, resulting in fearful behavior or antisocial tendencies. On the other hand, mutts are much less likely to be fearful or aggressive since they have a more stable temperament. This makes them ideal companions for families with small children. It can also make them more resilient to stress and social activities, making mutts effective work dogs in various fields.


More Mutt Fun Facts

When it comes to mutts, there’s lots to love. So much actually, that we felt like we needed more space to list all of the wonderful qualities we find in mutts! See them for yourself below.


Every Mutt Is Unique

Because mutts have such varied genetics, each one is unique in appearance. Some people might think that mutts are less attractive than purebred dogs, but that’s not the case. In fact, many mixed breeds are incredibly beautiful and have their own special charm. Your pet’s unique look means you’ll have an iconic pal unlike any other!



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Mutts Make Great Family Dogs

Mutts are typically very loving and gentle, making them great companions for families with small children. They’re also less likely to be fearful or aggressive, making them ideal playmates. Mutts are steadfast and reliable, so when you leave your child with them, you can relax knowing that your mutt is more likely to remain calm.


Mutts Are Adaptable

Most purebred dogs were bred with a purpose in mind. This can include working tasks like hunting, shepherding, farm work, or even for crazy things like hunting bears! While this is cool and interesting, dogs bred for these purposes will often have the urge to perform the tasks that their ancestors were bred for. This can sometimes create problems in your household, like your dog shepherding the kids or becoming overly protective when guests are visiting.


On the other hand, mutts don’t have such strong urges to perform certain tasks. Their genetics are so varied that they don’t have the same instinctual drives as purebred dogs. As a result, mutts are much more adaptable to different circumstances. This can make them much easier to train than purebreds, too!


They Can Do Anything a Purebred Can

Even if your mixed-breed isn’t a flashy show dog, that doesn’t mean it can’t be both beautiful and functional. Mixed-breeds can do anything that a purebred dog can—and sometimes they can do it better! Obedience training, agility courses, becoming therapy dogs, and more. With a mutt, anything is possible, so much so that you might even find your old dog learning new tricks someday.



Final Thoughts — National Mutt Day

National Mutt Day brings honor to the furry friends who stick with us through thick and thin. These pups are amazing, and we love them for it! So celebrate National Mutt Day with your favorite mutt by your side and remember why they’re so wonderful.


From their unique qualities to the vast things they can do, we hope you now have a better understanding of why mutts make the perfect pet for anyone and everyone. Now the next time National Mutt Day comes around, you’ll know just how to celebrate with your furry friend!

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