National Pit Bull Awareness Month: Coming This October!

National Pit Bull Awareness Month: Coming This October!
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National Pit Bull Awareness Month celebrates and discusses the misconceptions and stereotypes about bully breed dogs. The name "bully" is quite fitting for this breed, but not because these are bad dogs. Throughout the years, these dogs have been the victims of judgement, stereotyping, and, for lack of a better word, bullying for decades. The Pit Bull Terriers, in particular, carry tons of negative categorizations as vicious and aggressive by nature. This is false! Often, many different factors contribute to a dog's aggressiveness levels, especially neglect.


 When you think of a Pit Bull, do you think of a silly, playful dog? Or do you think about a feral creature devoid of affection? National Pit Bull Awareness Month wants to set the record straight about these lovable dogs. Keep reading to learn more about why we should celebrate these gentle giants!



What is National Pit Bull Awareness Month?

Pit Bulls were once a proud American icon. They are war heroes, movie stars, police dogs, and therapy dogs! Throughout the years, the wonderful qualities of these dogs were steered into a negative light due to irresponsible owners and dog breeders. 


 Based on the actions of a few irresponsible owners, this entire breed has been stereotyped widely by the media. NPBAD was established as a day to educate and communicate positively in communities where these dogs live. It has also become an opportunity for many to model responsible dog ownership and debunk common misconceptions about the breed. 


 Despite continued efforts and support, negative media coverage has resulted in plenty of misinformation about these dogs.



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When is National Pit Bull Awareness Month?

National Pit Bull Awareness Month is in October. As mentioned before, the conception of this month of celebration started with a single day. Celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Day on the last Saturday of October. 


 Although this celebration is right around Halloween, there's nothing spooky about it! All you need to commemorate this hound holiday is you, your dog, some sweet kisses, and plenty of snuggles! 



National Pit Bull Awareness Month History

National Pit Bull Awareness Month is the product of a single day, established to educate the public on accurate facts of this breed. Coined by Jodi Preis (founder of Bless the Bullys, a non-profit rescue based in Tennessee), National Pit Bull Awareness Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of October. This year, it lands on October 23. The day of celebration was established in 2007 and has since developed huge support from Pit Bull and bully breed enthusiasts alike. 


Jodi Preis had one mission: get people to see the other side of the story. She wants to dedicate time to educate the general public on looking deeper and beyond the hype, usually caused by negative media coverage. 


 Nevertheless, other than the designated date of celebration, National Pit Bull Awareness is relatively "unstructured" and allows individuals to participate and celebrate however they see fit. 



How To Celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Month 

There are several great ways to celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Month! Remember, the whole point of this celebration is to celebrate the great companionship these dogs provide us with. Whether you are a Pit Bull parent or not, it doesn't matter! Advocating for the correct treatment and care of these gentle giants requires a team effort! 


 Here are a few ways you can support and celebrate! 


Post It

There's no doubt that social media spreads like wildfire. Posting positive information about Pit Bulls can help quell the worry and anxiety that some may have. Even if your presence on social media is small, the internet is big, and you never know who is watching! You can be part of the deciding factors that may change someone's mind about adopting a Pit Bull.  



Educating your family and friends, and pet parents on how to treat Pit Bulls and approach them with weariness is very important. Making sure that those around you and the general public know the signs of a dog's anxiety and a dog's boundaries is what will keep everyone safe.  


Volunteer At a Rescue

Volunteering your time is one of the best things you could do. Pit Bulls are abandoned far too often after being too injured from dog fighting matches. Their owners will often dump them on the street or surrender them to an organization or rescue. These organizations are often non-profit and survive on donations from the community. If you can't volunteer your time, you can always donate in the form of cash or supplies! You can donate toys, food, puppy pads, chews, and even crates. 


Foster a Pitbull

If you have the living space and the means to, fostering animals is a selfless, beautiful action. Fostering a Pit Bull that never had the opportunity to live in a happy, loving home can be so rewarding. Many view these dogs as "dangerous" and "aggressive," giving this breed a bad rap in the public eye. But anyone who's had a dog of this breed (like the American Pit Bull Terrier) knows how misunderstood these dogs are. Instead, dogs of this breed receive mistreatment by their owners who just use them rather than love them. 



little girl hugging a confused dog




If you are already an advocate for Pit Bulls and own one of your own, incorporating CBD into their daily life can provide it with many positive effects. There are many benefits to giving your dog CBD, and it all starts with finding the right product for you. CBD can soothe a Pit Bull's joint discomfort. Trying premium CBD for dogs may also help relieve tension caused by worn-down cartilage and may help your Pit Bull stay active. 


 At HolistaPet, we offer a wide selection of CBD products for dogs. Our CBD treats and soft chews make a great way to incentivize new tricks or reward your four-legged friend for always being there for you. If you don't want to add more calories to their diet, our cannabidiol oil for dogs can do the trick! Just drop a few drops directly into their mouth or in their food. 


Final Thoughts - National Pit Bull Awareness Month

National Pit Bull Awareness Month celebrates and educates the public about what great pets these dogs make. As a result, not only do they make great pets, but they are also animals that deserve the same respect many other dog breeds get. 


 There are many ways to celebrate National Pit Bull Awareness Month. You don't have to spend money to be an advocate. Start by educating yourself on the common misconceptions about this breed and, in turn, educating those around you. If you have the resources, giving a Pit Bull a second chance at life is one of the kindest, most generous ways to be an advocate.

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