Cat Holidays

You love your cat and you're always spoiling them. But you are always looking for an excuse to do even more for your furry friend. That's what cat holidays are for! There are cat holidays throughout the year that can help you celebrate and appreciate your four-legged family member even more!

Cat holidays range from serious awareness-raising events to silly and cute days to goof around with your cat. We have created a full guide on cat holidays to celebrate in 2021. And we've also included different ways you can celebrate each one! Get ready to pamper your cat.


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Are There Holidays for Cats?

You love your cat and you want to celebrate them. Luckily there are tons of holidays dedicated to our feline friends this year!

There are about 58.4 million pet cats in the United States alone. And most households call about two cats family. With cats being such a big part of most people's lives, it's no surprise that there are holidays that help us celebrate our cats in various ways throughout the year.

How Many Cat Holidays Are There?

There are dozens of official and non-official holidays that revolve around cats. The holidays range from silly and fun to raising awareness about adoption, fixing, and senior cats. You'll soon realize there's a cat holiday for just about anything you can think of!


Cat Holidays - Why Do People Celebrate Cats?

Truthfully, it's not THAT hard to see why people celebrate cats. They're hilarious, playful, and strange. They also intrigue us with their intelligent, sneaky, and mysterious manners. Cats are our affectionate, compassionate best friends. Because felines are so central to our lives, it's important that we celebrate them whenever we can!

Cats have been respected, revered, and adored for thousands of years. In fact, the domestication process started over 12,000 years ago. We are constantly discovering more about cats' behavior and history.

Archeologists found a cat's jawbone dating back 8,000 years. That discovery in 1983 proved that cats were already domesticated long before the 19th century. In 2004, a site in Cyprus revealed a cat buried with a human, showing that cats were not only domesticated almost 10,000 years ago but that they were beloved. Then in 2007, researchers discovered that cats were domesticated in the Near East over 12,000 years ago.

Over these thousands of years, cats have served us as dedicated hunters and mousers. On top of that, they've been loyal companions and family pets. Cats are symbols of good luck, and their purring may even help us heal! Having a cat in the home could also lower our blood pressure. Yes — even the mischievous cats may be good for our health.




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Important Cat Holidays

The list of cat holidays is ever-expanding. Breeders, organizations, and individuals are continually creating more days and months to raise awareness of these special pets. Most holidays have impactful meanings behind them, although some are just excuses to get more cat cuddles.


Jan. 2 - Happy Mew Year for Cats Day

New Years isn't just about resolutions and wine, it's also about our feline friends — and catnip. Cats are their most active at night, so why not play with your cat at midnight, like our New Year's tradition? Make some resolutions with your cat, too! Vow to cuddle more often or maybe learn to trim their nails.

Jan. 22 - National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day

This holiday celebrates the ancient history of the domesticated cat, which dates back to 7500 BC. It's time to learn more about your cat — and their questions! Every time your cat meows, give them a heartfelt response. This holiday helps you understand your cat better, who can sometimes be a mystery to new cat owners!


Feb. - National Cat Health Month

This is a month all about your cat's health. It's also known as Pet Dental Health Month. Schedule a vet appointment for your cat. It's also time to take cat dental care seriously! Try giving your kitty some dental treats each day. This month is all about making sure your cat is healthy and happy.

Feb. 27 - World Spay Day

In Los Angeles County alone, there are about 3 million stray cats. When we don't fix our cats, we create more unwanted kittens. Unfixed cats also face numerous health problems, some of them life-threatening. If you plan to adopt a cat, ensure that get them spayed or neutered.


March 3 - National If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Can you even imagine? If your cat had thumbs, what mischief would they get into? We're thinking cabinets opened, canned food opened, doors opened, drawers opened... Basically, everything in your house would probably be open! But what else would your cat do? I know my cat would open a bag of treats and explore my closet.

March 28 - Respect Your Cat Day

Today is the perfect time to acknowledge everything your cat does for you. Cats are great for our happiness and health. Research suggests that purring can increase bone strength and stimulate bone fracture repair. Some experts believe it can also heal injured muscles and tendons. At 100 Hz, purring may even decrease pain! Time to snuggle with your kitty.


April - Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

Participate in this important cause by donating to the ASPCA and spreading the word on social media. The Humane Society estimates that about 1 million pets are abused or killed each year as a result of domestic violence. Another 250,000 animals fall victim to hoarders in the United States every year.

April 6 - National Siamese Cat Day

This is a day dedicated to Siamese kitties, one of the most popular breeds in the world. Even if you don't own a Meezer yourself, you can still use this day to learn more about this quirky breed. Watch YouTube videos to hear just how loud Siamese cats are! You'll also find out how smart, sneaky, and mischievous this cat is. If you own a Siamese, maybe do a photoshoot and share your favorite pics online!

April 25 - National Pet Parents Day

This holiday was founded by Veterinary Pet Insurance as a way to celebrate responsible pet parents. Spend some time with your cat today! Maybe bake them some cat treats to go above and beyond. It's time to really prove what makes you a great cat parent!

April 30 - National Hairball Awareness Day

This day is all about your cat's health, revolving around one very specific and common problem — hairballs. On this day, you can learn why cats have hairballs and how to prevent them. Your cat swallows loose hair when they clean themselves.

You can reduce the amount they swallow by brushing them daily. Regular grooming removes those loose hairs, which means fewer hairballs! There are also some effective hairball home remedies worth trying.




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June - National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

This month is all about finding your perfect feline companion at the local pound or shelter. The ASPCA and the American Humane Association dedicated this month to shelter awareness as they aim to inspire people to adopt instead of shop.

The biggest reason? There are too many cats in shelters. About 1.6 million cats are euthanized every year when they can't find a home.

June 4 - National Hug Your Cat Day

Some cats love hugs and some try their hardest to avoid them. If your cat loves cuddles, definitely wrap them up in a big hug! Give them some extra pets and scratches too. If your cat doesn't want to be picked up, make sure you still show them affection in other ways.

June 19 - International Box Day

This is a MAJOR holiday for cats! Boxes are very important for cats. They provide shelter and security, warmth, and even a place to play and scratch. Cardboard boxes make cats happier, reducing their stress and anxiety.

You should definitely give your cat various boxes to play and hide in. You can also try some creative projects if you're up for it. Viral kitties Cole and Marmalade are known for their fun box videos, including a maze made of 50 boxes and even a pirate ship made of cardboard!

June 19 - National Garfield the Cat Day

This lasagna-loving feline hit the papers in 1976. Since then, cat lovers have been obsessed with this sassy character. Celebrate the day by giving your cat some special treats and reading Garfield comics. Share some photos of your cat on social media if they are orange, capturing their most grumpy expression!

June 21 - National Take Your Cat to Work Day

This is a super easy holiday to celebrate this year since most of us are working from home. Move the cat tree near your desk so your cat can hang out while you work. You can even put their cat bed on your desk if there's room. Give them a fake laptop made of cardboard they can sit on — keeping your keyboard safe from their fluff.


July 10 - National Kitten Day

As if kittens didn't already get enough attention! If you have a kitten, play with them, cuddle them, and give them some special goodies. Buy them a new toy. Your kitten is still probably learning which toys it likes to play with best. If you have an adult cat, share some kitten pictures online to create a fun before and after.


Aug. 8 - International Cat Day

We love cats, no matter where they are from! Today, take some time learning the origin of different breeds. You probably gathered that the Maine Coon is native to Maine, but did you know that Snowshoes were created in Philadelphia? The Bombay is from Mumbai, and the Munchkin cat originated in Louisiana. You'll learn that many breeds have fascinating lore and mythology behind them, too.

Aug. 22 - National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day

Cats are good at hiding their pain and illnesses — that's why it's very important to bring our cats to the vet for annual checkups. We are responsible for their health and wellbeing. Take this day to schedule an appointment for your cat with a trusted vet.


Oct. 16 - Global Cat Day

This holiday is perfect for educating people on our best furry friends. Share some interesting cat facts on social media, letting people know some surprising information about the often misunderstood pet.

Oct. 27 - National Black Cat Day

Black cats need more love and respect! This cat has often been viewed as bad luck because of superstitions. Because of this, black cats are the least likely to be adopted in shelters, meaning they are left to be euthanized. But black cats are not bad luck! They are usually some of the friendliest and affectionate cats you'll come across — and very photogenic!

Oct. 29 - National Cat Day!

How could we forget National Cat Day? This holiday began in 2005 by animal welfare advocate Collen Paige to simply celebrate the love and joy cats bring to our lives. Spend this day hanging out with your cat, spoiling them with treats and love.

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Nov. - National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Kittens get a lot of attention — they're cute, small, playful, fluffy. But senior cats are often ignored at shelters despite all of the love they have to offer. The ASPCA proclaimed November as National Adopt a Senior Pet Month to raise awareness of these loving and wise elderly cats that need a home. Give them a comfortable and affectionate place to call their own.

Nov. 1 - National Cook For Your Pet Day

This is a fun one! From tasty breakfasts to healthy treats, making your own cat food allows you to meet your pet's specific needs and preferences. Bake some nutritious snacks for your cat! It will be worth the effort when you hear them purring away as they chow down.

Here's an easy one:

  • 4 ounces of tuna (without salt)
  • 1 egg (hard-boiled and chopped)
  • 1 tablespoon canola oil
  • 2 bone meal tablets (crushed)

Mix all of these ingredients together and serve immediately. No baking necessary! You can store them in the refrigerator, just warm the treats slightly before serving them to your kitty.


Dec. 15 - National Cat Herders Day

This is a silly holiday based around the hilarious concept of "herding cats," an idiom made popular by a Super Bowl ad in 2000. This phrase basically means something that's hard to control (since you can only imagine how hard it would be to herd a group of cats). So what can you do on this day? Maybe just have a good laugh and play with your cat!

Your Cat's Birthday

You'll also want to celebrate your cat's birthday! This is the day that your one-of-a-kind kitty came into this world. It can be tough to know exactly when your cat was born, but you can make an estimated guess. Kitten season is usually in the spring, so you can simply pick a spring month (April, May, June) and a lucky number!

Many people adopt their cats when they are about eight weeks old. So, you can count back eight weeks since you adopted your cat. Pick a date around that time and bake them a healthy tuna-flavored treat that day each year!

Some owners will also celebrate "Gotcha Day." This is the day they adopted their cat, which avoids the confusion of figuring out your cat's actual birthday altogether. This is a great way to celebrate the very moment your cat came into your life.

Whether you celebrate your cat's true birthday or the day you picked them, share your adoption story on social media and shower your cat with affection and toys. This is a day to remember when you first made a special connection with your cat that made you excited to take them home!

Cat Holidays - What Month is Cat Month?

September is known as Happy Cat Month! This holiday was created by the CATalyst Council with the mission of promoting cats' health and welfare. While we care about our cats and their health all year round, this month is a great way to show extra appreciation and care for our feline companions.

This can be celebrated in a variety of ways, including taking your cat to the vet, making sure you're feeding them a proper diet, and finding new ways to exercise and play with your kitty. We have more specific ideas below if you're still wondering how to plan for September!


Ways to Celebrate Cat Holidays

As you can see, there are MANY ways to acknowledge our cats and raise awareness for cats in need. Here are some specific ways you can celebrate every cat holiday on this list, no matter the time of year.

CBD Treats

We can't help but slip this one in — because we know your cat will thank you for it! Our CBD cat treats are not only delicious, but they help cats feel relaxed. They contain real salmon oil for a mighty flavor and a nourishing boost of omega fatty acids.

CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it won't get your cat high. Instead, it interacts with the receptors in their body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps maintain their well-being and mood.

You can also try some cat CBD oil. Drip some on their food each day to maintain a CBD routine. This will ensure your kitty regularly receives the benefits of this natural hemp extract. You'll notice an improvement in your cat's attitude, calmness, and discomfort.

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This one's a classic! Almost all cats love catnip, whether it makes them feel mellow and roll-happy or hyper and full of zoomies. Catnip is part of the mint family and is always safe for your cat to ingest, lick, and play around in.

Try some CBD catnip spray if you want to combine the benefits of CBD with the excitement of catnip. You can spray this product on their favorite toys and scratching posts without making a mess.

New Toys

We all know how it goes — your cat always prefers elastics and balled-up paper over expensive products from the pet store. But holidays are a great excuse to splurge and see if you can finally find a toy that grabs your cat's attention and keeps them stimulated. This is also a great excuse to play with them!

Make Your Own Treats

We discussed this a bit above, but we can't help mentioning it again. Making treats is a fun way to give your cat something healthy, unique, and bursting with their favorite flavors. You can even slip in CBD oil or vitamins! Doing something a bit extra for your cat will definitely make the day feel special.

Cuddle With Your Cat

As if you needed an excuse! Spend some extra time hanging out with your cat, whether it's cuddling under the covers or giving them a good petting session while they lounge on the couch.

Massage Your Cat

Find the spot your cat loves — maybe their head or chin — and give this area extra attention. You'll notice some cats like gentle petting while others love scratching. Figure out exactly what your cats like and spend some time doing that very thing!

Learn More About Cats

Cats are often thought of as mysterious and independent. But they are actually very friendly and social! It's important to read about cat behavior so you better understand how to relate to your own cat. This will ensure that you can interact with them successfully and meet their needs.

Volunteer at a Cat Shelter

Spend some time at a local cat shelter, giving the cats some love and taking care of them. This could be cleaning cages or scooping litter. It may not be glamorous, but it will have a huge impact on cats that don't have a home just yet. They need that extra attention and help.

Adopt a Cat

If you are looking for a new furry friend or your cat needs a companion, look no further than a shelter. There are many kittens and adults (including seniors and black cats!) that need a place to call home. Adoption will save them from euthanasia and give them the love they need to be happy and healthy.

Get in the Spirit

Cats are adorable — and so are the products made in their honor. Buy a cute cat stuffed animal to keep on your bed. Or maybe get a cat-themed adult coloring book. There is also an endless supply of super cute cat trinkets that will brighten your mood whenever you see them. Wear some cat ears and paint some whiskers on, too!

Share Your Love

Let everyone know how much you love your cat by giving them a special shoutout on social media. Share your favorite pic of your cat. Show them as a kitten for a fun before and after. Or maybe share a fun story. Encourage others to share their cat pictures and stories, too!


Final Thoughts - Cat Holidays

CBD treats, catnip, massages — feline love galore! Cat holidays are all about appreciating your cat and showing them extra love. There are dozens of holidays throughout the year that give you an excuse to pamper your cat in various ways.

Cat holidays also have a very important meaning — they help raise awareness for homeless cats, shelter cats, elderly cats, fixing, and vet visits. Whether it's adopting a senior cat or scheduling a vet visit for your furry friend, cat holidays remind us the importance of cats and all they do for us — and all we should be doing for them in return!


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