Best Natural Pet Products & Gifts For Dog Lovers

Best Natural Pet Products & Gifts For Dog Lovers
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At Holistapet, we are dog lovers! We know many of the people who read our blogs and shop our products are dog lovers, and most likely there is someone in your life who is an all-out dog lover. With the holidays approaching and birthdays year-round you might be looking for something specific for the dog lover and specifically the person who wants the most natural and sustainable items for their pet. Let's take a look at the best natural pet products & gifts.


CBD Dog Treats - We couldn’t do a list of great natural products for dogs without mentioning our CBD Dog Treats! They are available in 3 flavors for immune care, stress & anxiety, and joint & mobility care. Our formula is non-GMO, vegan, organic, and gluten-free. We only use pure CBD oil from the hemp plant which is completely non-psychoactive.


Vegan Dog Leashes & Collars - We love these dog leashes and collars from Wigglywoos Natural Pet Wear. All of their collars and leashes are eco-friendly and come from a great company. Made in Los Angeles, California, each collar comes with a hand-stamped “You are loved” charm to embrace all pets and pet parents.


Organic Dog Bandanas - A great gift for anybody with a dog is a bandana, they are sporty and always come in great patterns and styles. CaliforniaPaws has a ton of really fun options available on their Etsy Store. All shipping in the US is free, the bandanas are 100% cotton, and 1% of proceeds are donated to animal rescue centers.


Weighted Dog Blanket - If your dog suffers from anxiety a weighted blanket might just do the trick. BonnieTheodora makes organic canvas weighted dog blankets to order specifically for the dog's breed and size. That kind of customization will be a great gift for any dog lover. And if you are thinking, “I want a weighted blanket” they have them in human sizes too.


Clarifying Dog Shampoo - A eco-friendly and sensitive skin friendly shampoo would be a great addition to a gift basket or bag for the dog lover in your family. ArtisanSoapByJC makes a wide range of homemade soaps, shampoos, and more. This dog shampoo is 100% organic and man-made and contains nothing but the good stuff.


Essential Oils Dog Tags - Essential oils are everywhere in the wellness community and there are actually quite a few essential oils that are toxic to pets. EssentialOils4Pets has created her own blends of oils that are pet-friendly and can aid in stress, anxiety, and many other issues that dogs can suffer from. The oils can be dropped onto the dog tag and they are absorbed and worn on the collar or clipped to your dog's crate. The store suggests not having the pet wear the tag for more than 8 hours.


We hope some of these ideas will make it on your shopping list and we are happy to support small businesses. We know that true dog lovers would rather receive gifts for their pets than themselves. Happy shopping!



What CBD oil should I buy?

Choosing the right CBD tincture can be a bit confusing at first. Understanding the dosage amounts and which makes the most sense for your pet's size and weight can be tricky. Here’s a helpful chart that goes over the pricing of the top brands and the dosages available along with the proper dosage amounts for your pet. Find more here.


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