Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much? [And When Is It a Problem?]

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much? [And When Is It a Problem?]
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Have you ever noticed your dog sleeps for most of the day and has no remorse for it? Many dog owners want to know, "Why do dogs sleep so much?" Is your dog just lazy, or are you maybe feeding them too much? 


Dogs sleep a lot every day, and it can be stressful for owners that don't know why their furry friend is snoozing so much. Fortunately, there's no need to blame yourself because sleeping a lot is a very common behavior for canines of all ages, especially older dogs.



Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much? 

Dogs sleep so much because they do not go into full deep sleep. You can probably see this by how easily they wake up at the slightest sounds. Dogs end up sleeping about 8 to 14 hours (roughly 50%) each day. 20% of the day, they are awake, but they aren't active. 30% of the day, they are playing and active.


Dogs don't fully hit the REM sleep cycle when they sleep. The REM sleep cycle allows the body to relax and recover fully. If the body cannot fully recuperate, then it will be tired and sluggish throughout the day.


Some diseases or aging problems can also cause a slight change in sleeping patterns. Separation anxiety and stress are other reasons why your pet might be sleeping a little too much during the day. In most cases, though, dogs sleeping 12 hours or more a day should be no reason for concern.



fluffy white pooch sleeping on couch



Is Sleep Important For Dogs?

Sleep is very important for a dog's health. Your dog's sleep cycle allows its body to relax and regenerate for the next day to come. Elderly dogs and puppies also need plenty of sleep to allow their brains to process information, store memories, and recover energy. 


Sleep can even help puppies retain all the information they learned that day. This information may be vital, like potty, chew, or socialization training. If your puppy does not get good rest after a long day of intense training, it won't retain as much information.



How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need? 

In general, canines need around 12-14 hours of sleep a day. If you're worried about your pet not getting enough shut-eye, a veterinarian can work with you to establish a healthy sleep schedule. 


Sleep is especially important for puppies, though it also becomes more crucial as a dog reaches its senior years. Let's take a look at the specifics:



Just like human babies, puppies need more sleep than adult dogs. Newborns require 11-14 hours of sleep per day, while pooches one to two years of age need 18-20 hours every day.


Little breeds and puppies need more sleep than regular or medium-sized dogs. Small dogs need more sleep than medium-sized breeds so that they can relax and use their energy to grow. Developing pups also need sleep to retain the knowledge they've gathered over the day.



Adult dogs and sleep less than puppies, but they still need plenty of rest. Fully grown dogs will sleep for around 8 - 13.5 hours. Adult and small dogs often wake up very early in the morning and are recharged way before we even wake up. It may seem odd to look over at your pet once in the afternoon to see them back asleep, but those power naps are how adult dogs recharge their batteries!



Senior dogs, on average, sleep about 16 to 18 hours a day. The age that a dog is considered a senior depends on its size. These are the ages that different breeds are considered senior citizens:

  • Small: 11 years old.
  • Medium: 10 years old.
  • Large: 8 years old.
  • Giant: 7 years old.


Just like humans, dogs need more sleep with age. Though, older canines don't always need a full night's sleep as much as they need to rest. This simply comes with old age, as elderly dogs get tired more quickly and need longer to recover after playtime. 


Older dogs sleeping all day is not abnormal or unhealthy. Each pup has different sleep cycles. Keep in mind that sleeping habits depend on the size, breed, and health of the dog.



Can I Give My Dog CBD for Sleep?

Yes! CBD is a natural and low-risk option for sleep and relaxation. CBD is a great way to help an animal's nervousness or discomfort. It also has an incredible calming effect that can send your pooch off to dreamland in no time. 


Research has shown that pets have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) just like humans. The ECS helps regulate body functions like breathing, digestion, and general homeostasis (internal balance). CBD interacts with receptors in your dog's body. That interaction boosts the ECS, resulting in many benefits for your furry friend.


HolistaPet is a great online website to search and browse through many different kinds of pet CBD treats. Our CBD dog treats are made out of organic ingredients that even a human can digest. We at HolistaPet pride ourselves on quality and organic products.


HolistaPet's CBD products may relieve your pet's discomfort with little risk of unwanted side effects. Our products encourage overall well-being and comfort when needed. HolistaPet also has different kinds of CBD dog treats to focus on certain areas that may be uncomfortable. For example, we have treats that help with:



What Causes a Dog to Sleep More Than Normal? 

Dogs that are older or sick may experience changed sleeping patterns. Older dogs have less energy to go out and play or run around. Elderly dogs want to spend most of the day relaxing in their comfy spot. Sick dogs may act similarly to senior dogs. You may notice they don't want to move much and seem less excited for playtime.


Stress and separation anxiety is another big reason your pet might be sleeping more than usual. Stressed dogs usually try to get frequent sleep to avoid nervousness or worried thoughts. Dogs that are regularly stressed may also run out of energy more quickly because they are always on high alert and have difficulty relaxing. 


Overall, it is completely normal for your dog to sleep a lot. Even extremely active dogs might set aside a significant portion of the day to sleep and relax. Dogs use a lot of energy in their day-to-day lives, so be sure to give them time and space to take a load off!



What Can Impact Your Dog's Sleep?

Sudden and loud noises like fireworks and explosions may negatively affect your dog's sleep patterns. These sudden noises can wake sleeping pups and stress them out. When loud noises repeatedly wake up a dog, it might eventually be too worried to fall back asleep.


Another thing that can impact your pup's sleep is a new location. Whether you're bringing a new puppy home or moving to a new living space, dogs can have a tough time adapting to unfamiliar environments. Whenever you introduce your pet to its new home, give it plenty of time to rest. This will give your pet plenty of time to get used to its new home and eventually start sleeping normally again. 


Also, avoid letting a new puppy sleep in your bed with you. For the first few weeks and months, the pup needs to learn independence. It may be hard to resist those big, adorable eyes, but just remember that it's for your pet's own good!



cute jack russell terrier snoozing



Should I Be Worried If My Dog Sleep Too Much?

You should be worried if your dog's sleeping pattern changes, it is slow to wake up, or if it refuses to exercise. These signs are most obvious in otherwise young or active dogs. The signs could indicate health issues, mental stress, or general discomfort.


Both puppies and older canines need more sleep than average adult pooches. They also need more food to recover from the strain of a long day. Young and old canines can get more easily stressed out than adult pooches, so try to be mindful of their surroundings.


A dog's activity level has a significant impact on its sleeping patterns. If your pooch needs an hour-long nap after it walks across the room, something is likely wrong. However, if your dog needs to close its eyes for an hour after running around in the backyard, this is perfectly normal.


If your pooch is sleeping too much, but you're certain that a health issue is not the cause, consider using CBD to help their natural cycle. CBD calms the mind and relaxes the body, helping pets catch a few more Zzzs each night.



Final Thoughts - Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

Dogs have plenty of reasons for why they sleep so much. Sleep needs can vary depending on the animal's size, breed, activity level, genes, and many more factors. Your dog sleeping a lot should not be a problem unless they are inactive. If your pup isn't sleeping at all, we advise taking the animal to a vet. 


Sleep for a dog is very important and allows your dog to recharge. It is most crucial in the early stages of life, during which rest allows the puppy to make sense of the day and retain the information learned. When your furry friend gets enough sleep, everyone's happy!

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