Subscription Program

Repeat Delivery (25% Off)

Delivery Options:

Every 2 Weeks

Stay ahead of the game by receiving frequent deliveries, ensuring your pup always has a fresh supply of treats and toys to keep them entertained and delighted.

Every 4 Weeks

Strike the perfect balance between convenience and variety, as this option provides a steady stream of surprises for your furry friend without overwhelming you with frequent shipments.

Every 6 Weeks

Embrace a hassle-free schedule that aligns with your busy lifestyle, allowing you to effortlessly maintain a consistent supply of goodies for your pup without the stress of frequent reordering.

Every 8 Weeks

Enjoy long-lasting anticipation and build excitement as you eagerly await each shipment, making it a delightful event for both you and your furry companion, while still ensuring a regular supply of delightful surprises.

Choose A Product

Embark on a journey of health and happiness by selecting from our premium CBD pet products. From delectable treats to soothing tinctures, each item is crafted with love and care to enhance your pet's vitality. Whether your loyal companion enjoys savory flavors or prefers a gentle rub-down, we have the perfect match for their unique needs.

And here's the exciting part – when you choose to subscribe, you unlock an exclusive 25% discount on your selected product, FOREVER! That's right, a perpetual discount tailored just for you and your cherished companion. Imagine the joy of treating your pet to the finest CBD wellness solutions while enjoying significant savings every time.

Subscribe & Start Saving

  1. Select Your Delivery Frequency:
    Choose how often you'd like your pet's favorite CBD products delivered right to your doorstep.
  2. Enjoy 25% Off Forever:
    By subscribing, you're not just making a commitment to your pet's health – you're also unlocking an exclusive 25% discount that lasts for a lifetime. Revel in the joy of providing top-tier wellness for your furry friend while enjoying significant savings every time.
  3. Automatic Deliveries, Effortless Happiness:
    No need to worry about running out of your pet's essentials. Our Subscribe and Save Program ensures automatic deliveries, so you can focus on creating precious moments with your four-legged companion without interruption.
  4. Flexibility at Your Paws:
    Life is full of surprises, and we understand that. Our subscription program is designed with flexibility in mind. Easily manage, modify, or pause your subscription at any time through your user-friendly account dashboard.

See The Difference!

Get ready to witness the positive transformation in your pet's well-being! Our Subscribe and Save Program isn't just about convenience and savings; it's about experiencing the extraordinary changes that come with consistent, premium CBD care.

Holistic Wellness Unleashed:
With each subscription, you're providing your pet with a daily dose of well-being. Our premium products are crafted to support their overall health – from joint flexibility to a calm and content demeanor.

Shiny Coats, Happy Hearts:
Watch as your pet's coat becomes glossier and their heart radiates with contentment. Our CBD-infused treats and tinctures are specially formulated to enhance their natural glow and promote a harmonious state of mind.

Balanced Energy and Vitality:
Say goodbye to sluggish days! Our CBD solutions are designed to invigorate your pet, infusing them with a renewed sense of energy and vitality. Experience the joy of a more playful, active companion.

Pause, Skip, Or Cancel!

Pause Anytime:
If life gets a bit hectic, and you find yourself with an abundance of treats or tinctures, no worries! With a simple click, you can pause your subscription. Take a break, and resume when you're ready for a fresh supply.

Skip a Shipment:
Planning a getaway or simply have enough supplies to last a little longer? Easily skip a shipment with our user-friendly dashboard. Your pet's wellness journey is in your hands, and you have the power to tailor it to your lifestyle.

Cancel with Ease:
While we'll be sad to see you go, we understand that circumstances change. Canceling your subscription is hassle-free – no questions asked. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we want your experience to be as stress-free as possible.