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Dog Aggression – How To Calm With Cannabidiol

Dog Aggression – How To Calm with Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol has been used as a medical therapy for many health related conditions. This natural occurring compound also known as CBD, is extracted from the cannabis sativa plant and continues to grow in it’s use and popularity. CBD infused dog treats and CBD oil tinctures or CBD oil pills are administered in dogs and other pets to help treat various conditions related to stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, allergies, nausea & old age. There are also several chronic and acute diseases that can be treated using CBD. This has been proven through various scientific studies.


However, there has been controversy surrounding use of CBD oil. Some people feel that the use of CBD oil can lead to your dog feeling “high” and therefore resist from using it. This is not true since CBD oil is natural and Non Psychoactive and does’t contain THC which is the main substance that causes high feeling in marijuana. Therefore, people should feel free to give their dogs CBD whenever dog shows the first sign of aggression. Want to learn more about administering cbd oil for dog aggression? First let’s figure out what exactly dog aggression is what are the common causes…




What Is Dog Aggression


Aggression is one of the most common behavioral problems in dogs. It is important to seek professional help whenever you notice dog aggression symptoms in your dog. Although most animals are known to show aggression, it is a serious behavior in dogs and should be handled immediately these signs are seen. It is a common defense mechanism that animals will use whenever their territory is invaded, but this can be very dangerous to the dog owner and also the visitors coming to your home.


Dog Aggression can begin as a simple irritation sign but will lead to an attack that could turn out to be fatal. This is especially to your children who might not understand the symptoms and signs that the dog is getting agitated. It is therefore important to identify some of common types of dog aggression so as to deal with the issue before something serious results.


Types of Dog Aggression


There are various types of dog aggression, and the reality is that a dog might show various types. Therefore we cannot say that certain type of dog aggression is related to a certain breed of dog. In this case, the dog owners should be able to study their dog for the signs of dog aggression and be able to tell when the dog shows the specific type of aggression. Here are the various types of dog aggression to watch out for.


Owner Directed Aggression


This is the type of aggression that the dog shows to people it is familiar to. You will notice the dog lifting its lips, snarling, snapping or biting and also growling when it sees the owner or the family members. This common type of aggression is similar to dog-on-dog aggression since the dog will also show aggression to the dogs it is familiar to. This dog aggression is not caused by the owner, and therefore it is a dog problem. However, the owner could also contribute to continued aggression in the dog.


cbd oil for dog aggression

Dog Aggression Caused by Fear


Commonly referred to as fear aggression, this is caused when the dog is anxious or is scared. Weather changes are one of the common causes of fear aggression in dogs. Therefore during stormy weather, it is important to keep the dog indoors so as to help control this type of dog aggression. You will notice escape attempts and snapping whenever the dog feels scared.


Food Related Dog Aggression


These dogs that show this aggression are very dangerous and therefore you should avoid feeding the dog in areas where it will be disturbed. The food-related aggression will grow to become dominance aggression and therefore should be handled appropriately.


Play Aggression


This is illustrated when the dog barks, growls and also snaps while playing. This is very common in puppies especially when they are being introduced to playing. It is also common in dogs that are restricted or are not exposed to people often.


Maternal Dog Aggression


This is common in female dogs, and it is usually in protection of her litter. This is hormonal based and therefore might go after the period of pregnancy. Whenever the dog shows maternal aggression, it is important to move it wherever it will not be disturbed and especially by children.


When you notice any of the types of dog aggression, it is recommended that you look for a way of treating it. You can as well control it naturally by avoiding the causes of dog aggression. However, in cases where it is serious, you just need to treat the dog so as to get rid of dog aggression. Always consult a veterinary dog so as to get advice on the best method to tackle dog aggression. Don’t be surprised giving CBD Oil for dog aggression


Best CBD Products For Dog Aggression:

Border Collie-cross bitch cbd oil for dog aggression

Treatment of Dog Aggression


Treating dog aggression is not one of the simplest tasks, and therefore you need to commit yourself to it. Success of treatment will greatly depend on taking the right approach and also understanding how the aggression started. Therefore you need to be closely monitoring the dog to know what could be causing this aggression. For successful dog aggression treatment, it is recommended that you adopt a routine approach since this is an issue that is more of behavioral related. Therefore behavioral modification skills might be important in dealing with the issue. Using the wrong approach will lead to additional problems in your dog. You need to apply the methods that will give your dog relaxation, self-control, and stress reduction.


It is also important to concentrate on environmental enrichment and creating human-dog bond so as to control dog aggression. Studying the above methods, you will notice that it is important to involve services of a certified dog behavior modification trainer. This could be very expensive depending on your dog learning ability since these trainers might charge you per hour. Therefore, an alternative method such as use of CBD oil to treat dog aggression could be cheaper. Buying the CBD oil for your dog should be done in consultation with the veterinary officer so that you can get the right dosage.




Using CBD Oil For Dog Aggression


We have just noted that dog aggression management is a serious issue to the pet owners. Therefore it is important to look for a way of handling the issue, and as indicated, medication is one of the best methods. Cannabidiol has been used as a therapeutic treatment for several years. It is a method that gives a relaxation effect which is important to reduce dog aggression. Therefore using cbd oil for dog aggression has been found to be a safe and effective method.


You can add the foods that contain CBD treats to give the soothing effect associated with Cannabidiol to your dog regularly so that the dog will improve. Note that this method gives the calming effect to the dog. Therefore the dog does not respond aggressively whenever there is an attack. The use of CBD dog treats has been approved by the veterinary doctors after several treatment tests that have proven that it is the best method to use.


Whenever you are giving your dog, CBD treats it is important to do it on a fixed routine just like you do with the feeding. This way, the dog will learn quickly and therefore adjust effectively.


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