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Based on your answers, these are the products we think will work best with your pet…

 Horse pellets created using 100% natural ingredients and 3000mg of full-spectrum CBD. Rich in Omega 3-6-9 Fatty Acids. Each purchase includes free shipping and our 30-day money-back guarentee. Made in the USA. Guarenteed lowest price of CBD per mg.


“Our 12 year old thouroughbred had surgery for Colic problem. We used Holistapet CBD pellets to ease recovery. They seemed to lift Biscuit’s spirits and improve his appetite. He is better now and we still give him CBD for health maintinence.”

Carlos / Satisfied Customer

Crafted from 100% organic ingredients. This product only contains organic CBD and hemp seed oil. Absolutly zero GMOs, dairy, gluten, additives, or preservatives included. Pricing includes free shipping plus a our 30-day money back guarentee. Lowest price per mg of CBD guarenteed!


“Holistapet oil worked so well with our dog that we decided to get some for our senior Quarter. I am astonished by the improvements in mobility, energy level, and appetite. Tonto seems very youthful again, thank you from all of us!”

Sandra S. / Satisfied Customer

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